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I'm Bored (a pilot test for the 2nd FITE ME)


so basically all it really needs is the bare necessities of a car, grille, headlights, indicators etc. to be accepted?


yeah. I mean if you make it really pretty then I like that but I’m more interested in testing the mechanics of the exporter.


good thing that i opted out. the beta still has a long way to go.


Oof if it break the mods, I better not download the stable version :frowning:


so try to abuse the values?

Got a nice mid engine turbocharged race car in the rules. Will crash and die the second it hits BeamNG though


I wonder if I can make some insane go anywhere type thing that will pass muster.


it was for Boost’s challenge at first. well, modified for boost’s challenge. then i think i gave you it to try… which then i made a nuts out race version that broke the sound engine. which you still have.

btw… i haven’t tried again, but does the sound still breaks when you rev out the race version?


If it crashes and dies on export it’s obviously going to be no good to me and gets :wastebasket: ed. That said what on earth are you doing for it to do that?


I have already made several candidates for submission in the stable version; I just have to decide which one I want to use.


The Sommet 250s just barely has 150hp/metric ton. It’s perfect.


I think once I re-exported it the sound came good. I can’t find the non-race version but I remember the race version had ridiculously good handling. Any chance you still have the export file for the one that would fit this challenge?


I’ll try to find both. But there’s a good chance at least 1 fixture will be gone due to the updates

i have the updated open beta version tho

update: found the old export file. i dunno how they would react with the updates tho

Grehet - Reviva Si RaceTrim.car (33.3 KB)

and then the original car…

Gen12-koolkei - Grehet Reviva.car (30.2 KB)

aaaand sadly i think i don’t have the version i submitted to BaE


verrry low ride height.


I think i have an AWD beast with “276” hp in the sandbox somewhere, that would fit this challenge nicely :slight_smile: It might even be a Flare :smiley:


eyyyy good, coz I don’t have any AWD cars yet. Obviously they do tend to be a bit more expensive and heavy but a well sorted “Skyline” or “3000GT VR4” would be a welcome addition to testing.

I had a mule of my own but I don’t have any lore companies that actually do that kinda car so I’ll rely on others to fill the gap


I’m working on a suitable Armor car right now. Thinking 1st gen Eclipse AWD kinda thing
I might call it Space Horse


I have the car for this challenge… This is the top-of-the-line trim and it is still under $12000. This was actually made before this challenge was even posted. This is the 4th generation 1992 Tanaka Aventis 2.0 TR. It is supposed to be a competitor to the EK9 Honda Civic Type R. The only revision I made to this car is a slightly quieter exhaust to make it under 50 loudness. I drove the car with a keyboard and it was good fun. I wonder how it feels in a steering wheel…

All you need to know is that this car produces 167HP and weighs 987kg.


okay so far I have entries from:


Aaron’s is sitting in my inbox but I’m yet to open it because I don’t have time.

For those of you who are unable to test in beam I’ve provided some basic feedback so you have some idea on how to adjust to suit your tastes. It can be hit and miss but the suspension tuning definitely makes an impact.


you will make a video testing the cars?


Hello, I want to take part too. here is my car

A little beast 2.5L 5cylinder turbo giving 300 hp, with 1060 kg of weight, 4WD, viscous LSD… all of this for 9996$, 4 under the 10k so you can buy a candy for your children. Ah, it also comes with a cassette, in case you dont like the 5cyl music