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I'm having game crash & some annying thing (for convertible)


As I have a clone of one model to make another trim with different body type (in its family) the game has crashed and it’s quite annoying to redo the whole thing.
There is another issue regarding to convertible type, when I’ve chosen the “convertible type” but the market shows “Body Type Penalty 20%” which is quite strange.


Not quite sure what you mean with the first issue you are describing, could you elaborate?

Which body was that? If you give us the body thumbnail name, then we’ll fix it :slight_smile:


Hi, sorry for quite long reply.

Regarding to first problem, is when you clonned the trim (with fully loaded fixtures) if you morph any new selected body in second time the game will crash. (quite often and I’ve send those errors quite often)

2nd thing about convertible body, here is the attached pictures.


That is a mod body, so out of the control of the Devs.

You’d have to make the creator of that mod aware.


Thank you for mention this, I’ll send to the mod creator as well.