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IMSA Automation GT Challenge '78


Nohda 500V “IMSA”

‘Race Spec’

The Nohda 500V is the very best that Nohda had to offer. With two 2.5L V6’s from the Nohda Assent Sport combined together to form a formidable 5L V12, the 500V was specifically designed from the ground up as a racecar.

The chassis is a steel monocoque chassis with front and read dual wishbone suspension. Utilising a lightweight fibreglass body, the 500V is light, giving the car a decent power to weight ratio.

The 5L V12, formed from 2 V6s, is a reliable mechanically fuel injected engine providing close to 500hp without a turbocharger. The V12 also uses an full aluminium construction, further reducing the weight of the car.

‘Homologation Spec’

The complete afterthought that was the Homologation spec is fitted with a detuned V12. Using a more reliable and cost efficient fuel injection system, the Homologation spec only has 350 or so horsepower at it’s disposal, along with a more premium interior. While this increases the overall weight, the homologation spec should still be a capable sports/track car.


Update on entries:







If your car hasn’t passed the regulations, I will contact you about the issue and ask for it to be fixed. I will bring more updates.

1 hour left! If you haven’t submitted, now is the time.


Sorry for the double post

THE DEADLINE IS HERE! Any cars submitted after this time will not be accepted.

The final list of contestants:

  1. Madrias
  2. HighOctaneLove
  3. Vri404
  4. stm316
  5. TheElt
  6. DeusExMackia
  7. BailsMackenzie
  8. Detsikeulii
  9. strop
  10. Rk38
  11. ramthecowy
  12. Mythrin
  13. AirJordan
  14. Leonardo9613
  15. Mr.Computah
  16. gridghost
  17. EnryGT5
  18. Zabhawkin
  19. Dorifto_Dorito
  20. Stryfe
NOTE: I didn’t tag anyone in this post because I thought it would become annoying after a while with all the updates. A more professional list of contestants will come.


Nice! A proper 20-car lineup for mass insanity.


According to preliminary calculations, I should be about 50 laps behind at Daytona… this is discounting RNG. Anyone else got fun facts to share?


Fun Fact: I actually tested four different cars before deciding fun was more important than stats. That said, the land barge is almost as fast as my other choices.


Mine has a 500km range, but is probably too slow to matter. The production model can be equipped with 4 wheel drive as per DMA norms


Mine is made using the most OP body for this challenge. If I am first or second, you should ignore me.

Approximate figures: 500bhp. 45 drive. 31l/100km. 2:05 on ATT


Fun fact: my car is utter crap. Low power, bad handling, low fuel economy. It’s only saving grace is that it looks okay.

Or maybe I’m just bluffing. Who knows?


I suspect this may be the only time in this event that I make it into the top 10 :joy:


Unable to get to main computer at the moment, so please excuse lack of Automation car in this post.

1977 Holden Torana A9X

Created to dominate local touring car racing, the A9X came from Holden with a 400-odd horsepower 5L V8. The car was updated through homologation packages in 1978 and 1979 and famously won every bloody race it entered, killing Australian touring car racing for two years until new regulations banned the A9X package and forced drivers to race with the stock LX Torana Hatchback.

1978 Holden Torana A9X IMSA

In 1978, Bob Forbes, a Sydney based racing driver, started a campaign to build a twin-turbo A9X and, with a group 5 bodykit, race the car at LeMans, nowdays he thinks it was a stupid idea, but people got behind it and 13 lightweight A9X shells were produced before the project was canned, with the cars going to other A9X running teams.

My entry is a direct copy of the planned figures for the A9X IMSA project, with a 600hp Twin Turbo V8 and aluminium panels, if the car comes anything other than last, I will be highly suprised!


It may prove to be a stupid idea. But it sounds brilliant.


I’m thinking i will be dead last, as i went for durability, economy and driveability instead of pure power and speed :slight_smile:


Damn, I’ve missed this one!:persevere:


Smooth Racing presents ===>>>

Contrary to my early comments, this is NA beasty. Reason is simple, I had very limited time to build and tuning turbo to get goodish drivability and good time gain takes too much of it. So here it is, 4.0 V12 and a spare tyre wing :smile:

Judging by quite big entry lists in past few racing competitions I would say we miss brc…


Well, I only saw this competition a bit over an hour before the deadline. So this thing is far from optimized. But here we are

1978 Stryker Scimitar


When is the first race? Or maybe just cars presentation.


Expect it to come out sometime next week, I’ve been playing around with the calculations to make it a bit more realistic, but what I have right now seems to be good and should be ready very soon.


You’ve made three racing competitions thus far and have managed to never get to doing a single race on any one of them. Perhaps instead of playing BeamNG you should focus more on doing your challenges. And pawning them off on your co-hosts does not qualify as doing the work you promised.


Right it’s best to be completely transparent about this, no white lies, no sugarcoating and I’m not blaming anyone. It’s both of our faults. Here’s exactly what’s happened.

Russell got all entries, announced an ETA for the results of 7 days. By this point school has started up for me and I’ve become relatively busy, something I didn’t tell anyone. Russel also left on vacation to a place with basically no internet, again not informing anyone. About 5 or so days later I proposed sharing the workload with Russell but I didn’t understand the spreadsheet and Russell wasn’t around. So 7 days passed, people get restless and here we are. As of right now, scrutineering has been completed and all but one car has run Daytona, full credit to Russell for that. I think I can say we’re confident that this challenge will run to completion. Hopefully by the end of today we’ll have the introductory stuff out. If anything we’ll be making sure to communicate better with each other and with you all. Let’s all cheer up now, rest assured, I won’t be letting this challenge die. When the first results come around, feel free to RP teams or cook up some juicy liveries :smile: