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IMSA Automation GT Challenge '78


It was like a big turbo:

First the mighty lag, organisers struggle and a DNF in first race… but than it spooled like a mofo :wink: I’ll take that morale victory with 4 firsts in a row.
Nicely done guys.

The truth strop is simply you can’t beat a V12.


A great big thanks to everyone that participated and stuck with us despite the ups and downs in the running of the AGTC. To address @HighOctaneLove, I suppose a spreadsheet breakdown of the stats with visual hints to show which stats played the biggest role in making a competitive car, together with a comparison of all of these across all cars entered would be a good idea but I’m not sure I’ve the time. @strop, that is correct, I was not directly involved in the writing of the calculations, I merely plugged in lap times and stuff into the spreadsheet to get race results. Again, all questions on that topic must be directed to Speedemon. As you say, though, this should again serve as a good opportunity to reflect upon and improve the workings behind the numbers.

Personally, I don’t know if I will have the time to host a second round or even regularly participate in the CSR anymore. The ABL being another one of those things that will need to be passed on because it does seem like people on the forums enjoy a good racing mix-max session every once in a while, so it would be a shame if that were to completely die out. We’ll see, I suppose.


Nah, that’s cool, I was hoping you’d noticed something glaringly wrong with my entry but I don’t want you to do a massive, in-depth, analysis of the whole field! :smile: