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[IN DEVELOPMENT] Engineering Compromise Race Series



So I’ve been throwing this idea around in my head for a few weeks now and I think it’s at a point where I can share the outline of it with everyone. This is by no means finished, but I’d really appreciate any feedback. Please leave any comments, suggestions or ideas below!

The Challenge

Everyone knows the “Race Series” type challenged on here: Lots of rules & restrictions to keep it close, best suspension tune tends to win. What I wanted to create was a way to open up some of the the less often used options in the game, still in teh form of a race series. Also, anyone who’s ever worked in engineering will know that in the real world it’s all about finding compromises.

So with that in mind here’s the idea:

Each choice you make when designing the car is assigned a points value based on how good or bad (I think) it is at making a fast car. Really good parts are worth 2 points, ranging down through 0 (average parts) down to -4 (you put that on a race car?!).

Other than a few restrictions (see below) you can choose any combination of parts, but the total points value of your car has to be 0 or less.

I think this could lead to some really interesting design trade-offs and variations. Want a 5 litre turbo V12? Fine! But you may have to balance it out with a ladder chassis and a 4-speed auto box.

The cars will then be put around a variety of tracks (TBC) and times compared. There’s also potential for stat comparisons and, if a couple of tame test drivers can be found, hotlaps in BeamNG.

The Rules:

  • Year is 2018
  • Points total for the vehicle must add up to 0 or less
  • Total quality of the vehicle must add up to 0 or less
  • Interior quality is fixed at 0.
  • Car must have: Basic interior, no infotainment, hydraulic steering, no traction aids, standard 10s safety.
  • Max. of 2 aerodynamic fixtures
  • First muffler must be set to “None”. Choice of second muffler is free (subject to points)

I’ve started to pull together a point system on an Excel sheet (see attachment) which you can have a look at to see what you make of the challenge (and my scoring system so far).

Calculator - Now working in Google Sheets


This seems like a pretty cool idea, it’d be interesting to see the approach people take with it. The fact that you already have a calculator designed and programmed for us makes it all the more enticing, although I would like to know what values you have already since those don’t seem to be implemented yet. I’m in.


I really like this idea. Your “Data” Google Sheet is a little cramped and words are cut off on a lot of the columns. Also your calculator doesn’t seem to work unless I download it and upload it to my drive.
I have a few suggestions on what I would change or look further into (If you haven’t already)

Engine Placement:
Mid-engines vehicles will have better handling characteristics due to better weight distribution (for the most part). That’s why F1, LeMans Prototypes, and Porsche went to Mid-engine for their GT cars.
My proposal for their Points would be
Front: 0
Mid: 1 or 2
Rear: 0 or 1 (maybe even 2)

Drive type (Column BM)
RWD should be better than FWD. I feel like this was a typo because the reason should be self explanatory (You don’t see FWD sports cars for a reason). And RWD in my opinion should have the same value as AWD as they both have their up and downs.

Rear suspension (Column I)
You are missing MacPherson Strut

Cylinder Configuration
Boxer engines are going to have a lower center of gravity due to their flat design, giving the car better handling.

Exhaust (Column BG)
Turbos have short cast, not cast log.

I am really looking forward to entering a challenge like this.

Also just saw there is only one space for a muffler on your calculator, there should be a second muffler option. or at least state that the first muffler will be “none” so there is no confusion.


All good points! I’ll probably try to put out an update over the weekend that should address some of the stuff I’ve missed. Engine placement and cyclinder configuration will definitely be added in.

One of the rules was meant to be that the first muffler should be set to ‘None’ and the choice would be for the second muffler, I’ll update that.


You forgot Nissan GTR LM 2015 with FWD.
And are lot of sports cars with FWD.
For example Honda Accord coupe , Honda Civic Type-R and others.
And front wheel drive cars aren’t worser than RWD and AWD.
Fwd has understeer but AWD has also understeer , and FWD cars aren’t too oversteering.Sorry for my english.Playing too much Gran Turismo 4 and beating records in FWD cars without any helps.


That car was also a Failure, that’s why it’s not racing anymore, it was way off pace to the other cars.

The Honda Accord and Civic are family cars, not a sports cars. The Type-R being a Hot hatch still won’t be competing with Corvettes, Porsche 911s, Vipers, Mustangs. And if you start giving a FWD car tons of horsepower you won’t be able to put the that power down. Because when you accelerate the front end wants to lift up reducing grip. There is a reason why track record holders are RWD or AWD.

I’m not going to agree to that statement but I’m also not going to disagree. Just because AWD cars will most likely have understeering characteristics doesn’t mean they are on par with FWD. An AWD car just beat the Nurburgring record yesterday, if the car had a lot of understeer it wouldn’t have beat the record.


Setup of car mean lot.
And driver skills also.
Yes , FWD cars can’t accelerate fast to 100km/h (It’s almost impossible to get under 5,0s).
And I know about that record.
I think all drive types have the pros and cons.
And don’t kill FWD nation.
I know they can’t be too fast and rwd and awd are record holders but look sometimes on times when 310hp FWD car beats 500hp Gallardo on Nurburgring.
Also technique mean lot , downforce , gears setup , time change , suspension , camber of tyre , differential , traction control (I hate it) and others.
I think all drive types should be allowed but i know that isn’t possibru (Like MF car(Or maybe ))
Sorry If I attacked you.


No worries, I know you didn’t intend to attack. (But let’s not go too far off topic)