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Info on a rudely regarded topic


how i got it isnt something i feel like giving away as im broke and cant pay for much in the way of games via steam. i have and know exactly where to get an up-to-date version of automation, beam.ng, and the like. it updates every time the base game does and is run through steam so i can use the workshop. why am i posting this? i have no clue. i created this account about 10 minutes before posting this, but i digress. if anyone has questions, feel free to ask.


Are you trying to justify pirating games from indie devs or am I misunderstanding something?


bragging about pirating games isn’t gonna make you a badass, just letting you know






You’ve chosen an interesting way to get yourself banned quickly. Just FYI, if you didn’t know - this is the official forum of this game, run by the devs. I think you should get it now.


big brain pirate