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Interest check: Live multiplayer BeamNG challenge?


If I can make my timezone become compatible with this competition then I’m all in!

I’ll be using a keyboard and thus crashing all the time, but it’ll be fun to give it a go!


if my timezone allows it then im in! i drive terrible even with a wheel so nobody should be worried lol.


In my very honest opinion, For beam ng, I think that wheel and controller are quite equal when it comes to straight up racing. Drifting? That’s quite hard in beam as it is, and automation cars don’t really work that well unless its either a truck or you edit it. The different leagues is a good idea, but I’d seperate it into keyboard and non keyboard.

Drag and circuit would be good I think. Lets not get too ambitious here.


I’m interested, but I can already imagine how unbearable the lag would be.


I’m interested in this depending on time.

EDIT: I’ve never tried the BeamNG multiplayer mod and my computer may not be able to handle it.


It would be fun but my 2014 hardware probably would not like it.


Don’t be too worried about lag and hardware- at least not for a first session. All I really want to do is see how well it works. I put together my computer (with fairly high end hardware at the time) around 2015 and I was on someone else’s server with similar hardware and 10 people online, it wasn’t too bad unless they were firing trucks out of the cannon or something. Even the crusher worked okay.

I’m going to have the server up tomorrow for a couple hours starting at 12PM US Central, or 6PM GMT just to test.

Depending on turnout I’ll figure out how I want to run the actual challenge. I can also host evening US time potentially, although it’s harder for me.


So that’s 1PM US Eastern. I’ll be available - I have the day off.


Wait where will this server be.
meanwhile I have forgotten how to set up the beam mp


This will be located US central. To run BeamMP just download the launcher from the site I linked and run it as admin. As long as you also have BeamNG installed it should work. The only other caveat is that you have to have joined their discord server, and be assigned a role, so you go to the rules channel and type “verify” or whatever.


So, when does it start and how do I join the session?


Server is called Automation Challenge. Should be up in a couple minutes. I’ll be in discord if people need further help, but you should be able to download the mod linked in the OP and follow instructions on BeamMP discord from there.


I am joined in and downloading cars right now.


@Marcus_gt500 get in here they’re shit talking your car


I just got knocked out - it says connection failed. It was fun while it lasted though! I definitely need to re-configure the controller to what I’m used to, but I was able to get a handle on driving with the stock configuration.


Looks like the server crashed! I’ll probably bring it up and down a couple times trying some other things. Hopefully we can get through a challenge without a crash. :wink:

It worked with around 6 people for 45 minutes, so I’d say it’s good enough to try a challenge. I will probably make the first challenge a single heat race. Just gotta decide on the first event. You guys favor a banger race on the figure 8, or a clean race on Hirochi or the Auto test track?


Indeed!™ :grinning:

Me personally, I’d rather go for a clean race. I like the Automation test track over Hirochi. But Road Atlanta above all else! LOL


Clean race with RTR cars


heck, looks like im gonna miss this. are you planning on doing something like this again soon?


You just missed the test, you can still join the main event. I managed to get one of the server mods working, which gives me a little control over what players can do. I put a limit on how often you can reset, and I can forbid using next car/previous car but I’m not sure I want to do that since if nobody is attached to a car that might make it impossible to delete a car. I can also disable ctrl+click to drag cars around, which I might do for races so nobody’s tempted to give their rivals a nudge. :wink:

I’m not sure what RTR cars are, but it looks like people are leaning for a clean race. I’m thinking something not to crazy to start, maybe something like 80’s hot hatch type cars with 1.5 or 2L engine displacement limit, and no turbos.