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Interest check: Live multiplayer BeamNG challenge?


Jesus christ you literally got binned in rtr…
Although with that said sport versions of our rtr cars would be nice. In fact I have 3 variants of them.
You might want to get into contact with Mad Cat for this if you decided to go ahead.


Ah, Riches to Rags, the acronym didn’t click with me. That’s not a bad idea for theme, although that (and most contests for economy cars) leaves a LOT of tradeoff between sportiness, and actually being competitive in terms of price, reliability, and fuel economy. Just setting your suspension to obliterate comfort ratings will almost certainly get you better track times. I also wouldn’t want to be directly dependent on someone else’s challenge rules/entries. However, I can probably come up with a spec that allows most RTR entries to be re-used, or at least trims of them.


I was knocked out pretty quickly, and couldn’t enter back. It also said connection failed.

Also, nobody asked, but the Brasilia I’ve sent is a replica.


I knocked you out multiple times with an ETK 856


Nah that was me, Aisha!


I’m feeling overwhelmed by all this bumpin


I’d definitely be down for something like this! I’ve got a wheel and have been thinking about playing beam again. I should give the mod a go too. I definitely would appreciate a 24hr lemons like challenge or something that gives a boost to keyboard players, as a wheel/gamepad is definitely much easier to drive with.