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International Motor Show - Frankfurt 1985


1985 MTC Python, Dingo, and Koala

Melbourne Trucks and Cars is excited to announce. in anticipation of the 1985 Frankfurt Auto Show, our intentions to launch a trio of rally-themed sports cars into the mainland European market.

From left to right: the Python supercar, the Dingo muscle car, and the Kaala roadster.

More information coming soon. Hint: expect V8s. Expect turbos. Expect AWD. :rofl:

Python specs:

6.4 twin turbo SOHC 24v V8, 564 hp@5400 rpm, 605 lb ft torque@4700 rpm. Forged internals, 7.5:1 compression, journal bearing turbocharger with 20.1 psi of boost. Multipoint EFI with single throttle body, premium fuel, 5800 rpm. AWD layout with 5 speed manual gearbox and automatic locking differential. Medium compound P245/55R15 tires with alloy rims. 3 piston vented discs, 12 inches in front and 10 inches in back. Offroad underway, premium 2 seat interior and cassette player, variable hydraulic power steering, ABS, advanced 80’s safety. Progressive springs, gas mono tube dampers. Top speed of 168 mph, 0-60 of 3.8 seconds, curb weight of 3301 lbs, MSRP of $36600.

Dingo specs

Steel ladder frame construction, double wishbone front and solid axle coil rear. 3.9 liter SOHC 24V V8 with all cast construction, 7.5:1 compression, , journal bearing turbo with 10.1 psi of boost, six pack carb setup(unchanged from the car’s introduction in 1981),
regular fuel. 262 hp @ 5600 hp, 298 lb ft @5800 rpm, redline of 6000 rpm. AWD configuration, 5 speed manual, automatic locking differential. Medium compound 225/60R15 specs and alloy wheels. Solid 3 piston brakes all around, 11 inches front and 9 inches back. Offroad underway, premium 4 seat interior with premium 8 track, Variable hydraulic power steering with advanced 80’s, progressive suspension with gas mono tube dampers. Top speed of 134 mph, 0-60 of 6.43 seconds.Curb weight of 3580 lbs. MSRP of $22000.

Koala specs

Steel monocoque double wishbone front and rear. 2.2 SOHC 24v V8 with all cast construction. 7.0:1 compression, journal bearing turbo with 14.0 psi. Mechanical fuel injection, single throttle body, performance intake, premium fuel. 153 hp@5400 rpm,160 lb ft@4800 rpm, redline of 6000 rpm. AWD configuration, 5 speed manual with an all-new for 1985 viscous LSD. Medium compound 175/65R14 tires with alloy wheels. Solid 3 piston brakes all around, 11 in the front and 9 in the back. Offroad underway, basic 2 seat interior with basic 8 track, Standard 80’s safety, progressive suspension with gas mono tube dampers. Top speed of 125 mph, 0-60 of 7.9 seconds. Curb weight of 2305 lb, price of $26600.


All say “Terve” to the new SuoKanAu Syntrex TurboTron II TwinCam EFi GT

Powered by the new “Astaria DOHC TurboTron II Injection B” 2.0L inline-4, the new TurboTron II GT is the latest iteration of SouKanAu’s most popular car, the Syntrex. Like the regular TurboTron II, the GT version has RWD, a stainless steel body, a digital dash, and the TurboTron II System, that allows the driver to control every single aspect of the turbo and of the intercooler, like reducing the pressure in the turbo, spraying the intercooler with cold water, get the maximum boost with just the push of a button and shutting the turbo off entirely, making your engine a regular 16V 2.0L NA.
The new GT is offered with a bigger front splitter and a new exhaust system.
Why buy a Saab when you can get a SuoKanAu?

SuoKanAu. Spooling up your life


Turbos? Ready for production.
AWD? Finalized.
FAAL Olympia? Facelifted.
WRC Group B? Entered.
Hotel? Trivago.


In Sweden, we have Turbocharged car for the market for hauling IKEA stuff.
But we, Mostima AB. would like to deliver a “Turbocharged car” to get you to IKEA’s discount as fast as possible.

(In case of running away from seeing someone is opening “Surströmming” as fast as possible)

Introducing Mostima’s second-generation 130 MX Turbo, the hottest “Mosti” for the road.

Based on the second-generation of 100 Series, the Mostima 130 MX Turbo comes with a Turbocharged Electronic Fuel Injection 1.3 liter engine, producing 90 horsepowers.
This little red rocket propels from 0-100 within 9.5 seconds while having the top speed of 200 km/h, a truly breathtaking performance from such a little hatchback.

More of press medias


1985 OLSSON Vortex Concept

I5 2.6L 216hp AWD


The Hampton Peregrine is back!

Hampton Motor Group of Warwickshire, England is proud to present the all-new 1985 Hampton Peregrine, marking the return of a storied nameplate after a 10-year fuel crisis-enforced hiatus.

Powered by a highly tuned 250-horsepower, normally aspirated 3.5-litre straight-six driving the rear wheels via a five-speed manual gearbox and a mechanical limited-slip differential, our flagship sports car is available as a two-seat fixed-head coupe or soft-top convertible, with a full premium interior and sound system as standard. Fully independent double-wishbone suspension front and rear, tuned for a sporty yet comfortable handling balance, bestows excellent road manners in all conditions. And its sleek, aerodynamic styling is guaranteed to turn onlookers’ heads from Monaco to Miami Beach.

Expect to see the all-new Peregrine in Hampton dealers from the first quarter of 1986.

Price List

  • Peregrine 3.5 GT Coupe - from $31,100 AMU
  • Peregrine 3.5 GT Convertible - from $32,500 AMU

Hampton Motor Group (HMG) [Generations II]

If I have to be honest, the Pergerine is a bit too ahead of it’s time, design-wise.


The 1985 FAAL Frankfurt Auto Show Lineup

The Mesaia II, introduced in 1984, still comes back on the FAAL stand without anything new.

Back then, it introduced FAAL’s first inline 4 204R engine series ranging from 1.3L to 1.8L, electronic fuel injection (single point and multi point) and 4 valves per cylinder on an all new (for FAAL, anyway) transverse layout. Since then, it sold 187,000 units.

The 1985 Auto Show will see two and a half “new” models. Understand: Facelifts with brand new engines.

Up to last year, FAAL has been using nothing but boxer 4 and 6 engines on their lineup. Last year, the Mesaia launched the engine that was gonna eventually replace all Boxer 4 engines. This year, FAAL announced that they stopped the production of all Boxer 6 engines in favour of an all new Inline 5 family, the 255R engine, and also announced the end of all Boxer engine production next year when the new facelift of the Syronia Van (not present on this show) releases.

1985 FAAL Foreia / FAAL Stemma

The couple of Standard sedan / Executive sedan sees its bumpers buff up, its interior improve, and its engine lineup change entirely.



If both cars still share the same chassis (and most of their body), production has been split. The Stemma will be the only car produced in Sélestat (where both Foreia and Stemma were produced up until now), and the Foreia will be manufactured in a brand new factory in Geneva, Switzerland. This is to ensure proper production output and quality cars.

As for the engines, the Foreia will be offered with either a 95hp 1.8L inline 4, or a 120hp 2.1L inline 5. A drastic improvement over the 67hp 1.6L Boxer 4 and 90hp 2.0L Boxer 6 from the pre-facelift. The Foreia remains FWD only.

The Stemma, though, sees its power decrease. Previously moved by a 2.6L Mechanically fuel injected Boxer 6 putting out 150hp, its only engine option is now a 2.5L MPI Inline 5 with 140hp.

Though, the new Stemma is also fitted with a brand new S-Tronic 4 four speed automatic gearbox with driving modes, mated to the brand new All Wheel Drive TETRA™ System, meaning despite the power loss, performance is on the same level despite the engine being much tamer (and quieter!).

Standard Equipment and performances:

Foreia BL:
  • 1.8L inline 4 engine (95hp)
  • FWD
  • 5 speed manual
  • 165/70/R15 steel wheels with hubcaps
  • Vented discs front, Drums rear
  • Standard cloth seats
  • 2x15w AM/FM radio with non reversing cassette deck
  • Power steering
  • Progressive suspension
  • Vmax 165km/h
  • 0-100km/h 11.2s
  • Fuel consumption 9.9L/100km
Foreia GL:
  • 2.1L inline 5 engine (120hp)
  • FWD
  • 5 speed manual
  • 165/70/R15 alloy wheels
  • Vented discs front, solid discs rear
  • Half bucket, height adjustable cloth seats
  • 4x15w AM/FM radio with reversible cassette deck
  • Power steering
  • Progressive suspension
  • Vmax 191km/h
  • 0-100km/h 9.78s
  • Fuel consumption 9.4L/100
Stemma GLS
  • 2.5L inline 5 engine (140hp)
  • 4 speed auto w/ drive modes
  • 170/60/R16 alloy wheels
  • Vented discs front, solid discs rear
  • Power adjustable leather seats
  • 4x30w AM/FM radio with reversible cassette deck, two way speakers and equalizer
  • Power steering
    -Hydropneumatic, self leveling suspension
  • Vmax 191km/h
  • 0-100km/h 10.7s
  • Fuel consumption 12L/100

All Press Photos:



1985 FAAL Olympia

Oh this is where the fun at.

The FAAL Olympia 2 seater Coupé also sees a facelift, the new inline 4 and 5 engines, and a huge improvement in performances. Oh you have no idea how huge.

The previous models was moved only by engines from other cars: The base model (S) had a 1.6L high cam, mechanically fuel injected Boxer 4 making 100hp and coming straight from the Mesaia GTI. The upscale model (GT) had the 2.6L 150hp Boxer 6 from the Stemma (see above).

On this facelift, the S and the GT come back with basically the same idea. The S inherits the Mesaia II GTI engine except this time it’s a 1.8L inline 4 with 130hp. The GT has an engine derived from the 140hp 2.5L inline 5 from the Stemma, except tuned to 165hp.

All of this bumps up the top speed to 214km/h and 0-100km/h to 6.8s. But wait, there’s more

A new trim level, the Olympia TETRA (simply badged as the FAAL TETRA) adds up on top of the GT, with amazing numbers. The TETRA is, obviously, fitted with FAAL’s new AWD system, with a central Torsen diff. But it is also moved by a 2.1L inline 5. Same as the Foreia, but with a single ball bearing turbo and ITBs, pushing the power to an amazing 220hp.

Performance increases to a top speed of 225km/h and a 0-100km/h of 5.6s.
And yes, with that engine size, that drivetrain layout and that obnoxious sportiness, it is pretty clear, but I am still gonna make the announcement: Yes, FAAL Enters WRC Group B for the 1985 season with the FAAL Tetra!

The rallye car has been developed at the same time as the facelift, and pushes 525hp out of the 2.1L engine with roughly the same internals. Testing is currently being conducted at the FAAL Saint Dié factory.

And to celebrate this, OH LAWD SHE COMIN

FAAL doesn’t really need a Group B homologation special because the regular FAAL Tetra is close enough to rallye spec to act as a homologation car. But, consider this a… very limited production run of a special edition made to commemorate FAAL joining the WRC, instead.

The FAAL TETRA Tour De Corse is a stripped down version of the FAAL Tetra that takes design cues from the incoming rallye car. … Or rather, a Rallye Car re-engineered into a street legal Tetra. It is 100kg lighter than said regular Tetra, and is moved by a tuned up version of its engine, with the power pushed to a mad 275hp.
Which gives the car a top speed of 241km/h and an obscene 0-100km/h time of 4.6s.

Only 200 Tour De Corse will be produced: 50 of each available colour (Rouge Ardent, Blanc Banquise, Gris Columbo, Noir De Jais). Likely all orders will be taken right there on this auto show so don’t be late!

Standard equipment and performance:

Olympia S
  • 1.8L inline 4 engine (130hp)
  • RWD with Torsen diff
  • 5 speed manual
  • 185/60/R15 front, 195/60/R15 rear, alloy wheels
  • Vented discs front, solid discs rear
  • Half bucket, height adjustable, half cloth half leather saets
  • 2x15w AM/FM radio with non reversible cassette deck
  • Power steering
  • Standard mono tube suspension
  • Vmax 201km/h
  • 0-100km/h 7.51s
  • Fuel consumption 11.7L/100
Olympia GT
  • 2.5L inline 5 engine (165hp)
  • RWD with Torsen diff
  • 5 speed manual
  • 195/50/R16 front, 205/50/R16 rear, alloy wheels
  • Vented discs front, solid discs rear
  • Half bucket, height adjustable, half cloth half leather saets
  • 2x30w AM/FM radio with reversible cassette deck and two way speakers
  • Power steering
  • Standard mono tube suspension
  • Vmax 214km/h
  • 0-100km/h 6.78s
  • Fuel consumption 10.9L/100
  • 2.1L inline 5 Turbo ITB engine (220hp)
  • AWD with Torsen diff
  • 5 speed manual
  • 225/45/R16, alloy wheels
  • Vented discs front, solid discs rear
  • Bucket seats, height adjustable, with holes for a race harness
  • 2x30w AM/FM radio with reversible cassette deck and two way speakers
  • Power steering
  • Standard mono tube suspension
  • Vmax 224km/h
  • 0-100km/h 5.59s
  • Fuel consumption 11.8L/100
Tetra TDC
  • 2.1L inline 5 Turbo ITB engine (275hp)
  • AWD with Torsen diff
  • 5 speed manual
  • 225/45/R16, alloy wheels
  • Vented discs all around
  • Bucket seats, height adjustable, with holes for a race harness
  • No radio
  • Power steering
  • Standard mono tube suspension
  • Vmax 241km/h
  • 0-100km/h 4.6s
  • Fuel consumption 14.9L/100


All Press Photos

Olympia S:

Olympia GT:


Tetra TDC:


The actual WRC Tetra will not be at the auto show, but here are some spy shots:


Introducing the 1985 Hampton Valiant.

1985 Valiant range - selected variants. Above, left to right: 3.0 Prime Wagon, 3.2 Deluxe Sedan, 3.2 Deluxe Convertible, and 3.5 Sprint Coupe with Performance Pack. Below, left to right: 3.5 Supreme Coupe, 3.5 Sprint Sedan without Performance Pack.

Now in its fourth generation, the Hampton Valiant has been a mainstay of our lineup for three decades, providing a comfortable motoring experience for our more upwardly mobile customers. The 1985 Valiant range, now available in Hampton dealerships worldwide, is as follows:

Prime - Our entry-level model doesn’t skimp on creature comforts, with genuine leather upholstery, woodgrain trim, AM/FM radio and cassette tape player all fitted as standard. Available in all four body styles (4-door sedan, 5-door wagon, 2-door coupe, and 2-door soft-top convertible) and powered by a 3.0-liter straight-six engine.
Deluxe - A slightly more upmarket trim with extra features, such as an enhanced safety suite, additional speakers for its audio system, and optional anti-lock brakes. Also available in all body styles, and powered by a 3.2-liter version of our DOHC straight-six.
Supreme - The flagship of the regular range, with standard ABS, a slightly sportier suspension tune, and powered by a 3.5 straight-six engine. Also available in all body styles.
Sprint - Our high-performance Group A homologation special, also with standard ABS, but powered by a more highly tuned version of our 3.5-liter straight-six, and available only as a coupe or sedan. This trim is not available with the 4-speed automatic transmission offered as an option on all other trims. However, an optional Performance Pack (which includes high-performance tires, a shorter final drive ratio, and additional oil coolers) can be ordered on any Valiant Sprint.

All Valiants have 4-wheel independent suspension and 4-wheel disc brakes as standard, for improved comfort, handling and braking in all conditions. With a rigid corrosion-resistant steel bodyshell and chassis, the fourth-generation Valiant is built to last, with build quality matching that of its closest rivals.

Price List

  • 3.0 Prime - from $25,000 AMU
  • 3.2 Deluxe - from $27,800 AMU
  • 3.5 Supreme - from $28,500 AMU
  • 3.5 Sprint - from $31,500 AMU

Hampton Motor Group - Bringing the Best of British Motoring to the World Since 1948

Hampton Motor Group (HMG) [Generations II]

Coming soon.



Here at Gatto Motors, we have decided to show 6 cars, 4 of which we have already displayed at the 1985 Geneva Motor Show, a fully-new car and a prototype.

Gatto NapMaster “G6”. The 6th generation of Gatto’s best selling car is finally here, in its all-new form for 1985. As always, it’s available as a sedan, as a wagon (CargoBox configuration) and as a coupe, with 3 engine configurations (1.8L inline-4, 2.0L inline-4 and 2.5L inline-6 only available on the Coupe, all with electronic fuel injection) and 2 trim levels

Gatto RoCat “F3” by GattoWorks. 1985 is the year of the return for Gatto’s most beloved supercar, discontinued after the 1973 oil crisis, and thanks to the GattoWorks’ treatment, now it’s ready to compete against the global market, and win with a big margin.

It’s powered by a state-of-the-art 4.5L 48v NA V12, capable of 395hp and 435Nm, that pushes the 1170kg of the compact aluminium body from 0 to 100 in 4.1s, reaching a top speed of 295 km/h. The ABS and the advanced safety equpment make the new RoCat the safest supercar ever made

Gatto Baffo ZWR85b “Q5”. Gatto’s entry for the 1985 WRC season is the new Baffo “Q5”, now with a mid-engine configuration for maximum rally capability.

The car is powered by a turbocharged 1785cc inline-5 capable of 586hp and 519Nm, with the power sent to all four wheels via a 5-speed manual transmission and a geared LSD. The aluminium body guarantees a weight of only 971kg. Of course we also made a road-going version, but we won’t show it here

Gatto CatNose “B2” 1.6 by GattoWorks. Gatto’s first hot hatch got the full GattoWorks treatment, with a multi-point electronic fuel injection, 1.6L 16v inline-4 capable of 114hp and 135Nm. This power can push the 920kg of the small hatchback from 0 to 100 in 8.5s, reaching a top speed of 194km/h. It come standard with a 5-speed manual transmission, a mechanic LSD, alloy rims, vented disc brakes in front, a catalytic converter and power steering.

Aimed straightly at the Peugeot 205 1.6 GTI, it might be not as comfy and luxurious, but we are sure that the superior performance will make up for it

Gatto FluffBall “A2”. The 2nd generation of Gatto’s smallest car is finally here! In the highest trim option is powered by a very economical 1.0L with electronic single-point injection. It can achieve a very good fuel economy and it’s very cheap. If you think that it’s still to expensive, you can go for the CatPaw “O2”, the cheaper 2-door version

Gatto Zukunft Turbo by GattoWorks With this special prototype Gatto Motors wants to show the capabilities of turbocharged engines, that’s why this car uses a 1.3L 16v inline-4 capable of 200hp and 210Nm. The engine is paired with a 5-speed manual transmission, a viscous-joint LSD and AWD. The aluminium body guarantees a 1115kg.

Gatto Motors. Made For You


Turból at Frankfurt, 1985

Getting these out before I switch to 4.24 and lose them


The newest member of the Turból line is better than ever for 1985. This dedicated two seat sports car is equipped to make the heart race. Electronic Fuel Injection is now an available option on 3.0 V6 12v and 4.0 V8 16v models, and is now standard on 4.0 V8 24v and 5.0 V8 24v models. A 5 speed manual replaces the outgoing 4 speed unit, and the 4 speed automatic remains available, as does Turból’s 4xAll All Wheel Drive system. On display here is a GTZ model, the top of the line, with a luxurious interior, T-Top roof, and the 195kW 5 liter V8.


Centurion receives new styling for 1985, including more intergrated, body colored bumpers, and larger turn signals in the style of the Cutela. All Sedan and Coupe models are available with three engine options; the 3.0 V6 12v, 4.0 V8 16v, and, new for 85, a 2.7 liter turbodiesel inline 5, producing 97kW@4200 rpm and 286nm@2100 rpm.

The high performance 4.0 ZR Coupe features a 4.0 V8 24v, with advanced multipoint electronic fuel injection, producing 175kW.

Special Order Models

These models are made in low numbers to exclusive patrons. Please contact your local Turból distributor for more information.

The Turból Loncil GT has persisted as the pinnacle of luxury for two decades.

The bespoke, hand-made, exotic LCm79/80 are produced by request.


Presenting the 1985 Hampton Vanguard and Ferret.

Above: 1985 Vanguard Sedan 3.5 Supreme (left) and 3.2 Deluxe (right). Below: 1985 Vanguard Coupe 3.5 Supreme (left) and 3.5 Sprint (right).

The 1985 Hampton Vanguard is built to deliver the kind of timeless, stately luxury that only the British can provide. Its refined, tasteful styling conceals a sumptuous interior trimmed in the highest-quality genuine leather and woodgrain, along with some of the most advanced technology found on any car of its type, from self-leveling hydropneumatic suspension, electronically controlled four-speed automatic transmission, and anti-lock brakes, to a four-speaker stereo incorporating a cassette tape player and AM/FM radio, and climate-controlled air-conditioning, all in the name of comfort. All of this equipment is standard on all Vanguard variants, ensuring an enjoyable ownership experience for our customers.

Price List

All models are available in 2-door coupe or 4-door sedan configuration, with the exception of the Sprint, which comes only in coupe form.

  • 3.2 Deluxe - Entry-level variant powered by a smooth, torquey 3.2-liter straight-six mated to standard 4-speed automatic transmission. Base price: $34,500 AMU.
  • 3.5 Supreme - Upscale trim with a more powerful 3.5-liter engine, plus uprated brakes and viscous limited-slip differential for improved performance. Base price: $35,400 AMU.
  • 3.5 Sprint - Special high-performance variant available exclusively as a 2-door, 4-seat coupe. Limited annual production. Base price: $37,500 AMU.

Also new for 1985 is the mid-sized Ferret, now in its fourth generation, and available in the following trims:

  • 2.2 Prime - Entry-level trim for the budget-conscious, powered by a 2.2-liter straight-four engine and fitted with a standard interior and audio system.

  • 2.8 and 3.0 Deluxe - Mid-range trim with premium interior and sound system incorporating a cassette tape player, powered by a choice of 2.8-liter or 3.0-liter straight-six engines.

  • 3.2 and 3.5 Supreme - Flagship trims with more features and a sportier suspension tune for enthusiastic drivers, powered by a choice of 3.2-liter or 3.5-liter straight-six engines.

All trims (except for coupe and convertible) are available in all body style, and all trims will be offered with either a 5-speed manual or optional 4-speed automatic transmission. Please note that the Coupe and Convertible are not available in Prime trim.

The 1985 Hampton Ferret range, from left to right: 2.2 Prime wagon, 3.0 Deluxe sedan, 3.2 Supreme coupe and 2.8 Deluxe convertible.

The new Vanguard and Ferret will go on sale in Hampton dealerships worldwide from the fourth quarter of 1985. Please contact your nearest dealer for test drive inquiries and pricing.

Hampton Motor Group - Bringing the Best of British Motoring to the World since 1948

Hampton Motor Group (HMG) [Generations II]


Quite possibly the brightest car in the show… and also the cheapest.


A little feature showcasing the predecessor of drivers.com, Drivers for Asia - once Malaysias 32nd best selling automotive-themed magazine.

For the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1985, the magazine produced a VHS tape to be distributed among writers who were not able to attend the show, showcasing info about models on the show floor.


1985 Blaire Automotive of Europe Showcase

(took me 20+ game crashes to get these damn cars)

Blaire has finally brought it’s new batch of vehicles to the European market! With the beloved Albatross with it’s 4th generation, and a new model named the Utah Ute. A tiny “utilitarian” ute pickup. Blaire is also welcoming some new dealerships and trim levels with the MXA trim level which turns the vehicle into an Adventurous offroader, and the MXS trim level which adds a bit a sport in the mix.

Mk. IV Albatross

The all new Albatross has arrived in Frankfurt today and it is packing. The popular small hatchback offers contemporary design with practicality, reliability & efficiency. The Albatross comes with the newest tech for the youngsters making this a good first car for parents looking for a safe and efficient vehicle for their child.


Now the Albatross’s designing isn’t as exciting as it may be, but this lack of design is made up for it’s overall quality. But the all new Albatross offers…“some”…plastic, and an extendable rear window offers more airflow into the cabin. A five door option is also offered with the Albatross. Offering a sunroof option, two mirrors, and a cassette radio, and a coupe model is rumored to be in the making.

Oooooh sedans

The Albatross isn’t just a sedan anymore. The Albatross is now offered in a sedan model offering ass all the bells and whistles. with a newly offered Standard interior and a standard cassette radio. Some rumors say that leather seats may be offered but that was not confirmed. The Sedan model also offers a 2.8L I5 making 112 horsepower and a 0-60 time of 9.7 seconds and an MPG rating of 37 miles per gallon.

The 1985 Albatross comes in 3 models. . .

  • 3D - 3-door option
    1.5L AE15E I4
    98hp - 103lb-ft
    0-60: 13.9s
    MPG: 41.2

  • Standard Features:
    Basic Cloth Interior w/ Basic 8 Track Sterio
    4-speed Auto/4-speed Manual
    Basic Manual Climate Control
    Manual Windows/Seats/Locks
    Spare Tire (underneath vehicle)

  • Options:
    Basic Cassette Radio
    Auto Locks/Windows
    Aid Kit
    Roadside Assistance Kit
    Cigarette Lighter
    Cloth Patterns

Price: $6,500.00 ($15,488.18 in inflation)

  • 5D - 5-door option
    2.0L AE20E I4
    100hp - 111lb-ft
    0-60: 12.5s
    MPG: 40.4

  • Standard Features:
    Basic Cloth Interior w/ Basic Cassette Radio
    4-speed Auto/4-speed Manual
    Basic Manual Climate Control
    Manual Windows/Locks/Seats
    Spare Tire (underneath vehicle)

  • Options:
    Standard 8-Track/Cassette Radio
    Auto Locks/Windows
    Aid Kit
    Roadside Assistance Kit
    Standard Cloth Interior
    Cigarette Lighter
    Cloth Patterns

Price: $6,900.00 ($16,441.30 in inflation)

  • SE - Sedan Model
    2.8L AE28E I5
    112hp - 123lb-ft
    0-60: 10.8s
    MPG: 39.5

  • Standard Features:
    Standard Cloth Interior w/ Standard Cassette
    4-speed Auto
    Standard Manual Climate Control
    Manual Locks/Seats
    Auto Windows
    Spare Tire (underneath boot carpeting)

  • Options:
    Auto Locks
    Aid Kit
    Roadside Assistance Kit
    Cigarette Lighter
    Cloth Patterns

Price: $7,700.00 ($18,347.54 in inflation)

(Utah Coming Soon)


Thank you everyone for your participation in this event. We hope you enjoyed taking part.

The next event will be the 1994 New York International Auto Show , on July 3rd.

Please do not unveil any more cars. Press may still write about these reveals if they wish.

(Sorry a bit late this time, and also didn’t give mine a proper release but oh well, things happen.)


That’s awesome! I love the format