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Hey guys, just trying to see which version I pre-ordered! Was quite a while ago and don’t remember…


Name: Rayan

Occupation: Sports, some software tweaking

Location: Paris, France

Interests: Computer (especially hardware), motorsports (NASCAR, Indycar…) and girls xD

Vehicles Currently Owned: Some diecasts :stuck_out_tongue:

Dream Garage Vehicles: Gumpert Apollo, Gillet Vertigo, Dodge Viper ACR-X and the Hennessey Venom GT

How did you find us? : ModDB :smiley:


Name: Matthew

Occupation: Maintenance Director

Location: Cazadero, California

Interests: Computers, cars, outdoors, animals

Vehicles Currently Owned: '06 Acura RL, '04 Chevy 2500 and a '89 Thunderbird Super Coupe

Dream Garage Vehicles: Tesla Model S, Acura NSX, '55 Thunderbird, '53 Corvette, Diesel Excursion, '66 Bronco

Vehicles of Interest: Ford Raptor, Evo X, '13 Lincolin MKZ, Nissan GT-R, Grand Cherokee Summit

How did you find us? Steam Greenlight

This game is a great concept and I’m looking forward to seeing it come to fruition. Brovo to the devs for creating everything with such a small team.


Name: Rory Scanlan

Occupation: Science Student

Location: Essex, United Kingdom

Interests: Computer games, Computer science, cars, girls, beer, smoke

Vehicles Currently Owned: Legs

Dream Garage Vehicles: Veyron, Aston, Caterham, Lotus.

How did you find us? : I cant remember think i was just searching for engineering games.


Name: Erik “Garage Gnome”

Occupation: School, part time feed store worker to fund “Jeep habits”

Location: Massachusetts, USA

Interests: Old (pre-1970) Jeeps and cars

Vehicles Currently Owned: 1948 Willys “Jeep” Cj2a

Dream Garage Vehicles: Alfa romeo 4c, 1944 MB, 1950 Willys Truck, Icon Bronco

How did you find us?: Another forum (BeamNG) I think

I got hooked on old stuff at about age 14 when I got my Jeep. Now three years later I’ve restored it, some 1920s hit and miss engines, and am now working on a 48’ ford 8n tractor.


Name: Sebastian

Occupation: Lawyer

Location: Forchheim, Upper Franconia - Germany

Interests: Cars, beer and cigarettes

Vehicles Currently Owned: 1984 Opel Rekord E2 Berlina 2.0S, 1993 Mercedes S 500 W140, 2000 Alfa Spider 3.0 V6, 2002 Lancia Thesis 3.0 V6

Dream Garage Vehicles: Mercedes SL-class W129, Mercedes S-class W222

How did you find us? Searching on car tycoon games via google


Name: Tim, also known as Earthhhh

Occupation: Can’t hold a job

Location: Southern Ohio in the States

Interests: Gaming, building, training for pretty much anything, and watching people.

Vehicles Currently Owned: None, but I’m looking at a Scion FRS and I own a motorized Schwinn Stingray Chopper.

Dream Garage Vehicles: 1999 Nissan Skyline(R34) V-Tec, Nissan Cube, Chevy Camaro Copo, 2007 Chevy Z06, 1969 Ford Boss 302, 2006 Mazda RX-8, 1995 Mazda RX-7, 1963 Buick Riviera, 2006 Nissan 350Z, 2008 Audi RS4, 1987 Buick Grand National, 1971 Lamborghini Miura SV, 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T, Lamborghini Veneno, and a 1998 Nissan 240SX. Long list, I know.

How did you find us? I found you in 2011, but never planned on buying the game until after it came out, so I never signed up. Then in May of this year, my hard drive screwed up and lost 4 years of files. Along with those files was Automation and I forgot all about it until a video popped up in my YouTube feed about a week ago. Now I remember everything and plan on pre-ordering when my PayPal account gets a high enough balance.


Name: Austin, some call me Stephens

Occupation: Employee Development (fancy for I teach people how to do their job) for an Auto Insurance Company, Full time student

Location: Alabama, USA

Interests: Cars, Music, Motorsports, Rod Knock

Vehicles Currently Owned: 2013 Scion FRS, 1991 Nissan 240sx Coupe (aka bastard)

Dream Garage Vehicles: Ferrari F40, R31 Skyline, Eunos Cosmo, JZX100 Chaser

How did you find us?: OMGdrift’s Facebook page


Name: Thomas Doolaard

Age: 51

Occupation: Quality Inspector

Location: Biervliet, Netherlands

Interests: F1, cars, aeronautical stuff, old stuff. Quite a lot actually

Vehicles Currently Owned: '08 Ford S-max, '13 Suzuki Splash

Dream Garage Vehicles: I’ll just take the dream garage and park my S-max in it.

Vehicles of Interest: Sportcars from the 50’s and 60’s

How did you find us? Saw a Google ad about Automationgame. It works!


Name: Saif <-- Literally means sword

Occupation: Government Relations at Honda in Dubai

Location: Dubai, UAE

Interests: Automotive, Games, Photography, Filming

Vehicles Currently Owned:
1997 Nissan Patrol 4dr with TB48 and full 2002 mechanicals + tiptronic gear :smiling_imp:
1997 Nissan Patrol 4dr manual (TB42 FI)
2007 Honda S2000 (F20C1)
2012 BMW Z4 sDrive35is (N54)

Dream Garage Vehicles: 1991/2005 Honda NSX NA1/NA2 - 2015 Honda NSX - 2014 Alpha Romeo 4C - 2014 Lotus Exige S - 2013 SRT Viper GTS - 2014 Porsche 991 GT3 - 2014 Aston Martin Vantage S - 2013 McLaren 12C … its a dream garage right?

Previous Vehicles of Interest: Nissan GT-R R35 is dead to me

How did you find us? I just searched google for an old game I used to play which I could not remember and I read about this game somewhere in a blog, I downloaded the game, was very excited so I don’t really remember the blog name otherwise I would’ve mentioned it and gave it credit.


Petrol head

thanks for making this game :slight_smile:


So, I was over at Abandonia reading the Detroit forums looking for some tips and came across a post of a video of this game. It looked interesting, so today I downloaded the Demo. Somehow my paypal came up and pre-ordered the game…I was just minding my own business playing the demo…honest! Anyway, this is an interesting concept. Obviously I wanted a car design tycoon game, since I was playing, of all things, Detroit.

My name is Kristina and I live in Atlanta, GA, USA. My father was a hobbyist and he infected me with this most expensive bug with his constant asking for screwdrivers, box wrenches, and what-have-you. I curse him to this very day for it, but I digress. Computer simulations are much cheaper than the hobby sitting in my garage, so I try to divulge in them more often, because, well, I’m not made of money you know!

I work in IT doing network design and implementation along with some security functions and software programming, mostly related to database UI’s and backends. Yes, this is another one of my father’s infections, but it pays the bills! Someday I will own a boat on the ocean with no internet or phone, and only a generator, so the suits can’t find me. Until then, here I am.

So far this is pretty interesting. I can’t wait to see the tycoon part of it, though. A bit curious about how exactly it is going to work, especially with an online environment. My other addiction is, of course, Forza Motorsports series. What can I say. I love cars and computers! Anyway, it’s nice to be here. I hope I can finally learn something about cars so that thing in my garage can finally be finished. HAHAHA

DISCLAIMER Before someone gets all up in arms about my opening, I intentionally paid for the game. You know how these interwebz can get… /DISCLAIMER


Name: Jess-Avery Julius Affentranger

Occupation: Student

Location: Norman, Oklahoma, USA

Vehicles Currently Owned: 2010 Kia Soul

Dream Garage Vehicles:
2014 Saab 9-3 Aero Sedan
2014 Volvo XC90 R-Design
2014 Chevrolet SS
2014 Morgan 4 Seater
2014 Rolls-Royce Phantom Extended Wheelbase
2014 Bentley Mulsanne

How did you find us? Google


Name: Kris

Occupation: Auto/Transmission Mechanic - do a lot of different automotive stuff, but our bread & butter is semi-truck transmissions, diffs/power dividers, etc

Location: Wisconsin, USA

Interests: Cars, Saltwater aquariums, beer!

Vehicles Currently Owned: 09 Pontiac G8 GT

Dream Garage Vehicles: Too many to list, from old stuff to new

How did you find us?: Was thinking about the old pc game Detroit so googled car tycoon games


Name: Daniel

Occupation: Med Student / Translator

Location: Bremen, Germany

Interests: Aircraft, cars, simulations.

Vehicles Currently Owned: Porsche 911 Carrera S (997 Pre-Facelift)

Dream Garage Vehicles: Too many to list!

How did you find us?: Discovered this just yesterday…really hope this project comes to fruition, seems like an awesome idea!


Name: Frank Garcia

Location: Beaufort, SC

Occupation: US Marine

Current car: 2007 Dodge Ram 1500 red w/ blacked out badges and rims.

Dream garage: a whole bunch of Hondas with swaps in them.

Interests: This game! I’ve been waiting for something like this for years. Got addicted to
LFS then the wife got pregnant so I had to play less. I hope that I can beat test or help out
In any way! You all are doing an outstanding job with this game!


Name: Nick Wilson

Occupation: “Sh*t kicker” at mechanic workshop.

Location: Bendigo, Australia

Interests: Games, Cars, Motorbikes.

Vehicles Currently Owned: 1948 Ariel Square Four which is currently in pieces all over the floor.

Dream Garage Vehicles: My Ariel Square Four, '65 Pontiac GTO, 69 Charger and many others.

How did you find us? Was looking around on Youtube looking at Street Rod and Gearhead Garage videos and one of your videos came up, Purchased the game about 2 hours later.


Name: Jakub “dach” Stachurski - my friends call me “dach” (english: roof), cause my car is very light and it almost always roofing while braking (very strong front brakes) at top speed.
Occupation: Student
Age: 14 years
Location: Kraków, Poland
interests: cars, programing, guns, motorboats, motorbikes, most motor sports, old games, new games, hacking
Owned vehicle: turbocharged fiat 126p with liquid oxygen cooling, race cage etc., now its waiting for roof repair and new cage. (driving it on old abandoned airport)
Dream garage vehicles: ford shelby gt500 super snake 1967, lamborghini veneno, and more.
How did you found us?: accidentally i made mistake while typing in google, and it sended me to this site


Name: Herman “UltimateBMWfan” Chung

Occupation: Still studying.

Location: Germany

Interests: Formula 1, Cars, Computers, Model Cars, Games, etc.

Vehicles Currently Owned: 2008 BMW M3

Dream Garage Vehicles: BMW F82 M4, BMW M3 E92 GTS, BMW E46 M3, BMW E36 M3, BMW E30 M3. (Seeing a trend here?)

About: My nationality is Chinese, although I was one of the lucky ones who was born in Hong Kong. After going to an International school there for a bit, My family and I moved to North Carolina, USA. There, I stayed for a few more years, before finally moving to Germany. Looking forward to staying here for a bit, since I’ve got a house here now.

When I was younger, my dream was to own a yellow Porsche Boxster. I just loved the looks of the thing. As I grew older, my dad influenced me into loving BMW’s, annd I’m staying true to BMW. My dad’s car history: A Ford Laser (Him and my Mom were quite poor). Then, he bought a poo brown Toyota Corona. Afterwards, he bought a second hand E30 320i. Thus, the BMW addiction began. He went on to buy an E36 328i, an E46 320i, and then an E90 328i. He then handed his 328i to me. He went and bought a BMW M3, which coincidentally is the car I drive today. He’s moved on to other things now, he owns a BMW X3, and takes public transport.

My father and mother both still work, although they’re in quite a senior position now. My mother has never “officially” owned a car, although her company gave her a Toyota Highlander for our stay in North Carolina. My mother now has a driver (provided by the company) to drive her to work and back, so I get to see a lot of interesting vehicles, although they’re mostly Audi’s, BMW’s, Mercedes’, etc.

My other passion would be computers. This was a more recent love. One day, I was walking through a shopping mall, and happened to come across an AMD processor. I suddenly had an urge to find out more about how to build computers. I soon researched a lot about computers (I gain most of my knowledge online), and was ready to build one.

I put together an i7 2700K with a GTX 580. A few months later, I decided to add another. So my finished rig (That I still use right now) Looks like this. i7 2700K @4.7GHz, 16GB ram, 2x GTX 580 super clocked. Hopefully I’ll gather some money to upgrade soon.

I also enjoy watching Formula 1. My favorite driver is Fernando Alonso. He’s done so much in the past few seasons with a terrible car. Hopefully 2014 will be a turning point in Ferrari and he’ll be able to win a 3rd Drivers Title, or maybe even a 4th if he’s lucky. Best of luck!


Name: Scott

Occupation: Freight railroad conductor, remote control locomotive operator

Location: York, PA

Interests: Trains, Model Railroading, Cars, Tractors

Current Vehicles: 1988 Mercury Grand Marquis LS, 1994 Ford F150 XL, 2008 Chevrolet HHR 2LT AA5, 1981 Honda CM400 Custom motorcycle

Dream Garage: 1957 Mercury Turnpike Cruiser, 1981 DeLorean DMC-12, 2004 Mercury Marauder

About: I’ve been interested in trains all my life, so after high school I decided to work for the railroad. But, I’ve always had a passion for cars, especially the old land yachts. I made sure my first car was an older boat and I still drive my Marquis daily, except during winter months. When I was younger I was always drawing my own custom trains and cars and thought I had a potential future in the field of graphic design and animation, but decided to go another direction. Then I found out about Automation while searching for the older Car Tycoon game, and had to pre-order it. This gives me a great way satisfy the creative car nut in me.


Name: Marwin/Marv666

Occupation: Student (Automotive Engineering at the Rotterdam University of Applied Science), parttime: driver

Location: Didam, The Netherlands

Interests: (Classic) cars and motorcycles (especially Japanese and Korean), Games, Motorsport

Vehicles Currently Owned:
1983 Mitsubishi Galant 1600GLX
1993 Kawasaki GPX600R (the first Kawasaki-model that is nicknamed Ninja)
2005 Hyundai Accent 1.3 Active Version

Dream Garage Vehicles (Too much to list, but these are the ones I would want most if I had the means):
1969 Isuzu Bellett 1600 GT-R (preferably the orange color with black hood and black striping)
1970’s Mitsubishi Galant GTO MR (preferably the white color with red striping)
1960’s Lamborghini 400GT (with the double headlights)
1980’s Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary (only in white)
1980’s Mitsubishi Debonair AMG
1992 Bimota YB-8 Furano
2011 MV Agusta F4 RR

How did you find us? I was searching for Car Factory Tycoon on Steam and instead found this great game.