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Name: Addax.

Occupation: Retraite.

Location: France.

Interests: Informatique, Simulation Games, Photographie, Musique Classique.

Vehicles Currently Owned: none.

Dream Garage Vehicles: Porsche 911 Carrera 4S.


Name: Jacob “Slippery Jake” Hotvedt

Occupation: Student

Location: Wisconsin, United States

Interests: Games, Programming, Cars, Computers, Firearms

Vehicles Currently Owned: 1994 Buick Century

Dream Garage Vehicles: Ariel Atom V8, Lotus T125, Mclaren F1. (Will add more when I have time

Previous Vehicles of Interest: This is my first car

How did you find us? Cannot recall

About: Not a typical American. I prefer European cars over American cars, because sometimes roads have turns in them :slight_smile:
(Will fill in when I have time)


After over a year, i never did one of these <.<

Name: Seth “Rain”

Occupation: Mechanical Engineering Student

Location: Ohio

Interests: Games, Cars, Computers, Firearms, History of War, General Tech

Vehicles Currently Owned: 2000 Saturn sl2, 98 Silverado z71 5.7 R code

Dream Garage Vehicles: 2014 Corvette Z06, 70 Camaro SS 396, E36 M3, E60 M5, C63 AMG 6.3, S15 200sx SpecR

Previous Vehicles of Interest: Gokart(lols)

How did you find us? Through some like minded friends

About: Just your average college student with a love for whats posted above.


Name: .

Occupation: Student

Location: Original Germany, Now, USA

Interests: Games, Programming, Maths, Jeremy Clarkson, James May, Robot Wars, Top gear, Speed, “POWERRR!!!” -JC.

Vehicles Currently Owned: None, although I am learning to drive in a Ford Fiesta ST of my brother

Dream Garage Vehicles: BMW M5 E60, BMW M3 E92, Dodge Charger R/T 440 1969 in Plum Crazy Purple http://fourwheeldrift.files.wordpress.com/2006/09/chargersmall.jpg , Koenigsegg Agera R, McLaren P1, Porsche 918, Lexus LFA.

Previous Vehicles of Interest: None

How did you find us? Well, we are us, but how did u find us? Failrace (Youtube)

About: I love almost anything with an engine.


Hello to everyone from Florida! Here is a little about me.

Name: Matt or “Hat” (I always wear a hat)

Age: 31

Location: Northeast Florida, USA

Interests: Cars, racing,working on cars, games

Vehicles Currently Owned: I currently own a 1964 Ford Falcon “Prostreet” and a 09 Honda fit as my daily driver. (American Ford Falcon)

Dream Garage Vehicles: Toyota corolla TE21, 1959 Cadillac Coupe Deville, 1964 ford Fairlane Thunderbolt 427, and an original style Morris Mini or Cooper from the 1960’s, all 4 highly modified of course.

Previous Vehicles Owned: Starting with my first car: 1970 VW beetle, 1995 chevy S10, 1963 Chevy Nova SS, 1968 VW Notchback, 2006 Mini cooper S, 1995 Mazda Mx5, 1963 VW beetle, 2009 Honda Fit, 1964 Ford Falcon “Prostreet”.

How did you find us? I played a car game online a while back called “Motor City Online”. It was a great game but slightly ahead of it’s time as it struggled with online server issues and the fact most peoples PC’s at the time were not really meant for high-end online gaming. So…I was surfing the web to try and find some sort of PC car game to play and stumbled across this. Yay!

About: I am what I like to call a car enthusiast. I like all sorts of cars from the old to the new and from the domestic to the imports. If it is a good car then I can show respect. However I do have my favorites. I also like to work on cars and build projects with my father as a hobby. We recently finished a 6 year project turning an old rusty 1970 Ford Maverick into a ground pounding prostreet to the streets with. hahaha

Here is the Maverick that is finished, and the Falcon that is still being worked on.



For my 1,000th post, I’ve decided to finally introduce myself (properly) to the forums.

Name: Jack

Occupation: Renewable Energy Technician

Location: I am originally from Smolensk, Russia, but have since moved to the East Coast of the US.

Interests: Motorsports, cars, computers and electronics, hockey.

Vehicles Currently Owned: I have a 1995 Mitsubishi 3000GT SL, which I use as my daily driver. I also have a 1994 Mercedes-Benz S600, which is garaged, and will probably stay that way for quite a long time.

Dream Garage Vehicles: This is really asking for a long list, but I will try to keep it as short as possible.

[ul]]1965 Jaguar E-Type/:m]
]1966 Shelby Cobra 427 Super Snake/:m]
]1967 Alfa Romeo Spider/:m]
]1970 Ford Mustang Boss 429/:m]
]1989 Ferrari F40/:m][/ul]

Modern Cars
[ul]]1997 McLaren F1/:m]
]2014 Alfa Romeo 4C/:m]
]2014 Koenigsegg One:1/:m]
]2014 McLaren P1/:m]
]2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat/:m][/ul]

Previous Vehicles of Interest: I had a 1983 Toyota Camry for a while, but basically ran it into the ground.

How did you find us? I was looking for an in-depth car tycoon game, and I am happy to say that what I found greatly exceeded my expectations.


I’ve always been a car person. Always. From the moment my father let me “drive” his Audi, up to this day, I have been in awe of the concept of internal combustion, and the wonderful machines that have resulted from it. There is no better feeling that to get in a car, regardless if it is a high-performance sports car, or the most sluggish of ecoboxes, and drive as it was meant to be driven. I have had a lifelong fascination with cars, their engines, and how it all works together to operate the best type of transportation on this planet. I have always wanted a game like Automation to exist, especially as I still was very disappointed by games like Detroit and Car Tycoon. When I found that this game existed, I just had to buy it on the spot. I don’t do much, at least officially, to help this game. I am not a beta-tester, and certainly not a moderator or developer. But I do try to stay active on the forums, and if someone needs help with something, I will gladly assist them. I hope that, in the future, I can not only help make this great community what it is, but also do whatever I can to contribute to the success of Automation.


Hi everybody,

Name: Tim

Occupation: bank employee

Location: Stuttgart, Germany

Interests: Games, Economics, My wife :slight_smile:

Vehicles Currently Owned: Ford C-Max

Dream Garage Vehicles: VW T1, Alfa Guilietta, DMC DeLorean

How did you find us? Steam Greenlight




Hi guys, am new here :slight_smile:

Nationality : French/Moroccan

Occupation: Student

Location: Morocco

Interests: Games, Racing, Football

Vehicles Currently Owned: No cars yet

Dream Garage Vehicles: Porsche 911 964 RWB, Muscle cars, many other cars

How did you find us? Someone talked about it on the GPRO forums



Hey everyone !


Occupation: Civil servant (sorta)

Location: currently: right now: Paris, France, in the very near future: Baku, Azerbaijan

Interests: Cars, video games, shiny stuff, music

Vehicles Currently Owned: Renault Clio initiale 1.6 16v

Dream Garage Vehicles: Bugatti Veyron supersports, Touring superleggera Disco volante, Toyota GT86, Paramount Marauder

Previous Vehicles of Interest: McLaren F1 LM, Ford GT90, Lotus Esprit V8

How did you find us?: Gear city on sale>check the review>“if you want car building, try Automation”>check Automation>change pants

Disco volante


whats going on

Name: Adam

Occupation: Welder / security

Location: currently: Washington state USA, Northwest USA below Canada

Interests: Cars, video games, the woods

Vehicles Currently Owned: 01 Ford Explore 4x4 v6

Dream Garage Vehicles: 1974 Ford Mustang fastback, 92 Z24 ( for a sleeper car had one I loved It) 2014 Raptor SVT or Boss 302


Name: Jamie “CosworthClown”

Occupation: Chef

Location: The North Of England, Originally Scotland

Interests: Games, Vehicles, Car history, Music, Computers, cooking. DONE!

Vehicles Currently Owned: WIP lol still doing my driving lessons

Dream Garage Vehicles: Ford Sierra Sapphire Cosworth, Dodge Charger 426 Hemi, Volvo 245 Turbo, Mitsubishi Evo VI TMI,

How did you find us? a dude on FB on the Car Throttle Page

About: i get confused alot, im fluent in sarcasm so dont get annoyed, i constantly want to talk about cars or lorries, i hope to become a long distance lorry or coach driver one day.


Name : Adiyatma Kevin

Occupation : Student

Location: Indonesia

Intrests: Cars,Engines,Computer stuff

Vehicles Currently Owned : Honda Mobilio CVT

Dream Garage Vehicles : Ford Sierra Cosworth, Honda Civic EG6, Volvo V60 Polestar, BMW M5 E28 - F10, and many more


Name: Scott

Occupation: IT “jack-of-all-trades”

Location: Somewhere in CT, USA

Interests: Games, Programming, WWII Stuff, American Football

Vehicles Currently Owned: 2007 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT, 2009 Yamaha V-Star 950 Tourer

Dream Garage Vehicles: 1969 Dodge Charger, 1995 Ford F-150, Pontiac GTO

How did you find us? Through Killrob’s video on YouTube: youtube.com/watch?v=go0dtHPDSIY


I’ve always dreamed of restoring a classic muscle car. Someday, I hope to make that dream come true. After seeing the video above, I decided to try the demo for myself. Once I started playing around with it and trying the scenarios, I was hooked! So I’ve already pre-ordered and I plan on eventually taking part in some of the challenges posted here.

I do have a decent background in software development and testing. I would be happy to offer whatever services I can provide to assist in making this game as awesome as possible!


Name: Colin

Occupation: Student

Location: Los Altos, California

Interests: Video Games, Cars, Engineering, Robotics

Vehicles Currently Owned: 2004 Lexus RX330

Dream Garage Vehicles: Datsun 240z, Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR, Ford RS2000, Lancia 037, Ford GT40, Lancia Delta, The Audi Sport Quattro S1 E2, Morgan +4

How did you find us? I think I Googled “Car Company Tycoon”

About: I am a member of my high school’s FRC (robotics team)!


Name: Duarte Silva

Occupation: Mechanic

Location: Portugal, Porto

Interests: Cars, bikes, engines etc…

Vehicles Currently Owned: Honda civic vti

Dream Garage Vehicles: Ferrari 458 italia, Pagani Zonda, Ford escort mk1 Engine BDA, Caterham, Ariel atom , Yamaha yzf 426, DRZ 400, YZ 250 2 stroke

Previous Vehicles of Interest: Honda Civic, S2000, ITR…

How did you find us? Well, we are us, but how did u find us? Facebook


Name: Boban Docevski

Occupation: University student (Studying general and comparative literature)

Location: Kumanovo, Macedonia

Interests: Games, Literature, Alternative Music, Movies, Obscure Cars

Vehicles Currently Owned: Citroen Saxo :slight_smile:

Dream Garage Vehicles: 1955 Buick Special convertible


Olivier Demers, 33, Quebec City, Canada

Fan of motorsports of all kinds since my childhood


Name: Richard Rizzo

Occupation: Designer/Artist

Location: Florida USA

Interests: Classic cars, Architecture, gaming

Vehicles Currently Owned: Dodge Neon

Dream Garage Vehicles: pretty much any vehicles from the 1950’s through about 1972.

Previous owned Vehicles: 1968 Camaro SS/RS 396ci, 1969 Impala SS 427ci convertible, 1954 custom Ford Sunliner 302ci.

How did you find us? A brief mention in the Steam forums.


Name: Abimael Garcia

Occupation: Mechanical Designer (pursuing my Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering Science)

Location: Connecticut, USA

Interests: Motorsports (WRC, F1, WTAC, LeMans, ALMS, MotoGP)

Vehicles Currently Owned: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X GSR & 2003 Acura RSX Type-S (GF’s car)

Dream Garage Vehicles: Way more than what is reasonable!

Previous owned Vehicles: 1991 Acura Integra GS, 2002 Acura RSX


Name: Martin Sydnor

Occupation: unemployed (i’m 16 do you expect me to have a job lol)

Location: Virginia, United States

Interests: many things but my main things are cars, sim racing, performance tuning and just generally overpowered stuff

Vehicles Currently Owned: 1985 jaguar XJ6, 76’ Alfa Romeo spider (some would call it a parts car, i call it a project)

Dream Garage Vehicles: 1970’s porsche 911, volkeswagen beetle (old), jaguar E-type, Maserati Gran Cabrio MC in dark red with black wheels and the carbon fiber and performance packages and any other cars i would own

Previous Vehicles of Interest: none

How did you find us? On steam greenlight, waaaaaay back when it had just launched another game i follow was trying to get greenlit and i was intrigued by the animated thumbnail

About: uhhh i’m 16 and i spend more than enough money on my cars and i’ve been following this game since the beginning and i just recently bought it