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Name: Thomas (you can call me Tommy)

Occupation: Motorbike and car mechanic (but I work mainly on bikes)

Location: Italy, north-western part (very near to french and swiss borders)

Interests: Motorbikes, cars, videogames, music

Vehicles Currently Owned: Suzuki GSX-R 600 K1, VW Polo 9N3 (1.6l 105hp petrol)

Dream Garage Vehicles: Toyota GT-86, Mazda RX-8, Aprilia RS 125 track-use-only, Aprilia RS 250, Yamaha YZF-R1 1st gen… and maybe a dirt bike too!

Previous Vehicles of Interest: Aprilia RS 125

How did you find us? Google (I was looking something similar to Car Mechanic Simulator)

I always had a passion for motorbikes, when I was about 14yo my dream was an Aprilia RS 50 (a two-stroke italian sport bike; even if by laws it’s considered like a moped, it’s very fast and funny to ride!), but unfortunately I didn’t earned enough money to buy it, so I waited 16yo to buy an Aprilia RS 125.

I became an high-speed and knee-dragging enthusiast, and unfortunately I begun to snub cars. Please consider that here in Italy we cannot drive cars until 18yo and for the first year after getting the driving license there are very very strict limits (even my cheap Polo would overstep them!), but at 16yo I was riding a little monster that could get to 200 kph… so I think it’s kinda obvious why, at that age, I considered cars “just useless”.

In the meantime I’ve developed a passion about mechanic, so, I’ve became a motorbike mechanic and started to dream about owning my own bike workshop. Then, a few years later (when I was 19) I met the one who eventually became my best friend, that had my same dream and feelings, but… cars-oriented. Thanks to him I’ve became interested about cars, and he became interested about motorbikes thanks to me.

The same year I got my first car; I wanted a 5th gen VW Golf, but because it was too expensive, I’ve bought a 4th gen facelifted Polo, that is very similar. Two year passed and my beloved RS 125 started to be a little too “tiny” for me (even after tuning her): I wanted something more powerful. So, when I was near to my 21th birthday (the age when you can get the “unlimited motorbike license”) I started to search for a new ride.

I wanted a bike “old enought to be almost electronical-s**t free” (as many bikers does, I really hate ABS, TCS etc etc), but at the same time “new enough to have EFI instead of carbs”, cheap, reliable, comfortable enough while driving in traffic but also enjoyable during track days, and with an “old fashioned” look. Pretty hard to find something like this, isn’t it? :laughing: Well, I eventually found it: I’ve chosen a 2001 600cc Suzuki GSX-R.

When I was looking for my next bike, I saw a GSX-R that was nothing more that a piece of junk ready for the scrapyard; I cannot explain it clearly, but I felt very sad when I saw her: she was kinda… begging for help. I bought her a few days later for a small sum, and I started to fix her: it took me about six months, working during weekends and free time, but I did it.

And then, well, for me a bike (and also a car) in stock condition is nothing more than a blank sheet of paper with a bunch of coloured pencils aside it. You can create a masterpiece with those elements, but you need to spend a lot of time and hard work! :smiley: So, I begun to tune and spice her… and now, after about three years, the work is not over yet. I have no rush :slight_smile:

Sorry for being so verbose :slight_smile: Hope you liked my personal story!

PS: I’m sorry for mistakes, but English is not my native language and at school it’s not teached so well (we’re forced to study French instead… duh…), so I’ve had to self-taught me… and I’m not a good teacher :laughing:


**Real name: **Sebastian [you can call me Seb]

Location: Poznań, Poland

Occupation: Basicly a call center :neutral_face:

Interest: Computer games, football aka soccer and motorisation.

Vechicles: I don’t have neither a driver’s licence, nor a car. But I travel to work by a tram or bus…does it count :question: :wink:
My father had a Fiat 126 since I was a small kid (about 1990 or '91…my memory is very rusty :stuck_out_tongue: ), changed it to Fiat 125 around 1999. Sadly in 2003 it had an engine failiue that was too expensive to be fixed. Since then we had no cars in the family :frowning:

How did you find us? Googled Car Tycoon

I don’t have any ideas what else to say here, but in case of questions, just ask.


Name: Matheus , but you can say only “Matt”
Occupation: Cyclism

Location: Paraná state , Brasil

Interests: Everything that have cars involved

Vehicles Currently Owned: I own a 335i and a Schwinn Mesa 7K500 .




hey, I go by my screen name of cpufreak101, im very noob to automation with a HP 2000 series laptop for hardware, i dont know everything on cars but with my stepfather being a mechanic i learned alot, the virtual car company i have i named Galt automotive, combined the words gold and salt, both luxuries in the ancient world, i am 14 so i dont own a car yet, but ill be getting my moms 2006 chevy trailblazer (hopefully) when i get my license, and i learned a bit just playing around, i got better at optomizing my engines and setting goals in the 4 months i owned automation, i will hopefully make a thread in the engine designs area for 76 octane or lower engines, and im basically, youngest serious automation player i know of, and sorry if this was stretched or TMI or NEI

Edit: ok i found out how i should do it
Location: New york, United states
interests: Computers, video games, aviation, engines, cars, and a small bit of programming, well, learning how to program that is
cars: im 14, dont own any
dream car: 1986 Chevy Silverado with Diesel engine swap, R34 GT-R Nismo
about me: look on top, noobish mistake sorry


Name: Jordan Constantine

Occupation: Bartender

Location: Cleveland Ohio USA

Interests: Cars (Duh), Gaming, Music, History, and Science

Vehicles Currently Owned: Two 1991 MA70 Toyota Supra Turbos one is my baby, One once was but was wrecked and has given away all of its soul so my other could live :laughing:
Also a 2001 Toyota Solara V6

Dream Garage Vehicles: Lexus LFA, Lotus Esprit V8 turbo, A 427 C2 Corvette, And a Daihatsu Move L602 kei car

How did you find us? Did a Google search for Initial D engine stuff and found a YouTube video of Automation, Bought the game that day.

I’m just a kid in his 20’s living in the mid west :blush: I work on my car and like to go fast. I bought the game so I can recreate engines I like, But I also will make so stuff through my in-game company TSG unldt. There isn’t much more of interest I can think of to mention.


Name: Łukasz

Occupation: law student

Location: Lublin, Poland

Interests: Cars of course, history, computer games, football,

Vehicles Currently Owned: Alfa Romeo 156 '02

Dream Garage Vehicles: Alfa Romeo 159 + Camaro + Dodge RAM3500/Ford F450

How did you find us?: YT video.


I’m 24 years old and I don’t know what else i can tell about myself.


Name: Jenda Beeran

Occupation: production operator

Location: Olešenka, Czech Republic

Interests: weapons, cars, beer

Vehicles Currently Owned: Ford Fiesta 1.25l 16V (1999)

Dream Garage Vehicles: Lancia Delta HF Integrale, Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG, Ford Focus RS 2015


Name: Phil Reynolds

Occupation: Retired

Location: Edgartown, MA

Interests: Indoor activities

Vehicles Currently Owned: 87 Buick Regal T-Type, 84 Regal T-Type, 1997 Harley Davidson FLSTC - my daily driver is a 1997 Plymouth Breeze.

Dream Garage Vehicles: One less Buick, one additional Jaguar…


Hi All - just joined because I saw the game on youtube and then steam! and wow, im already addicted!

Name: Jan

Occupation: Mechatronics Engineer/Technical Officer

Location: Sydney

Interests: Cars, Racing, F1, Games

Vehicles Currently Owned: 2003 Stage 2 Subaru Impreza WRX, 2007 Porsche Cayman S

Dream Garage Vehicles: Porsche 911 GT2 RS, Mclaren F1/P1, Honda NSX (old one), Porsche Carrera GT, Honda HSV-010 GT (best sounding car in my opinion) and theres more but it’ll just go on and on.

How did you find us?: I saw the game on the smoking tyre channel on youtube. and then steam and now i’m hooked!

I’ve always loved cars, you know, the usual car nut childhood.
Grew up with posters on the wall, played with matchbox cars, learnt to drive at a really young age, helped dad out with his cars and now I love tinkering in the garage.
I love going to race days and coming home a little deaf (like the old f1s).
Wrote off my first car (toyota with the much loved 4age but not the 20v), revved the crap outta my second car (civic -b16 that loved to rev like crazy and was the most reliable car ive had), got into boost with my 3rd (WRX running 22psi for about 3 years now and still going strong) and yea loving the balance of and sexy hips/rear of my 4th (cayman), but i still find myself missing the days of revving the tiny 4 bangers to crazy high revs.

I love how the game has so much potential and yea I can’t wait to see whats next!


hi all


Name: George

Occupation: Retirement

Location: Waxahachie TX USA

Interests: Games, Kids, Cars, and tinkering.

Vehicles Currently Owned: 1942 Caddy, a Kia, and a couple more.

Dream Garage Vehicles: 1969 Pontiac GTO Judge, 1974 Trans Am, and a Veyron would be nice.

Previous Vehicles of Interest: 1979 Firebird with the 455 cid big block, a couple more firebirds… not as fun. And some I’m not even proud enough to mention.

How did you find us? Steam


Retired from government work. Love cars, and to fix old things. Love the concept of the game. Can’t wait for all of it.


Hi everyone !

Name: Pierre “Andiron” Henry

Occupation: Student

Location: Paris, France

Interests: Games, History, Planes, Cars, Electronics

Vehicles Currently Owned: None, but I share a Peugeot 207 VTI 95ch

Dream Garage Vehicles: Mini Cooper S Works 1999, Lotus Exige S1, old stuff

How did you find us? Steam


Studying to be an electronics engineer, living with friends near Paris.
I discovered car universe when I was 12, thanks to my best friend’s father, a car enthusiast : he owns a Renault 5 Turbo, a Jaguar type E and a Datsun 240Z.
He brought us twice to the “24h du Mans” race and it was really cool. Recently, I had the opportunity to drive a caterham on the spa-francorchamps race track in France.

I like somehow old, small, coupe cars.
I am restoring my grandpa car (a Peugeot 504) which was rusting slowly in my grandma house since my grandpa’s death in 1987


Hello all.

Name: Timothius Wilbert

Occupation: Student

Location: Indonesia

Interests: Cars, engineering, anime(somewhat), 80s culture

Vehicles: My legs

Dream Garage: FD RX7, ZR1, SLR Mclaren, Dodge Viper, Eunos Cosmo

Places to find me: wmexpressway.net (Don’t bother with facebook and the sort.)


Sawasdee Krub (Hello in Thai)

Name: Surachet Thaipradit

Occupations: Freelance (mainly as linguist specialist)

Location: Thailand

Interests: Automotive, Aerialcrafts, Cycling, Anime (preferred in mecha ones)

Vehicles: Honda Civic (ES 7th Gen), Volvo 240 Turbo, Bicycles

How did I found this? Via stream.
I’ve played free demo for while ago until I’ve decided preorder as supporting the developer.
Technically I’m car guy as I involved with automotive since I was young, learnt from my dad who owns car care business from ordinary cars to racing machines.


Name: Corey

Occupation: Truck Driver

Location: Maine, USA

Interests: Cars, Sports, My Family

Vehicles Currently Owned: 94 Ford Mustang, 07 Ford Freestyle

Dream Garage Vehicles: 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429

Previous Vehicles of Interest: Any 60’s and 70’s muscle cars!

How did you find us? Facebook and Steam

About: I’m a married man and father of two that loves Mustangs! I’ve always been on the look out for a good car creation game and nothing compares to this. I just can’t wait for the full list of features to come around.


Name: Gaz

Occupation: General dogsbody for Auto Electric Supplies

Location: Shropshire/Worcestershire border

Interests: Cars mostly

Vehicles Currently Owned: 2002 Suzuki GS125, 2001 Mazda MX5, 2000 Rover 45, 1996 Suzuki GS500E, 1975 Ford Transit, 1967 Landrover 109

Dream Garage Vehicles: Changes on a daily basis

Previous Vehicles of Interest: 1967 Volvo 131 (Amazon)

How did you find us? Car Throttle via Faceache (Though I’d of probably spotted it on steam eventually)

About: Car was my first word (seriously) and I haven’t looked back. Currently doing my DAS so I can get the GS500 on the road for the summer :smiley:


Hi everybody

Name: Lorenzo a.k.a. ReverendoDylan

Occupation: hippie

Location: I’m italian but i live in New Zealand

Interests: Games, Programming, Vehicles, photography, nature, green energy and too many more, i would need a whole page for all my interests.

Vehicles Currently Owned: '82 VW t3 (tuned up from 1550cc to 2000cc), Honda XLV750r (still under restoration), Piaggio vespa pk125xl (a little tuned up) and many other more if i have to list also tractors diggers and other things with an engine

Dream Garage Vehicles: VW beetle with SYNCRO transmission from a T3 (or an old golf) running on ethanol or biodiesel

Previous Vehicles of Interest: that would be a long list, i’ll choose just my 3 favourites: Cagiva Elefant900, Ducati Monster 620, Aprilia rx125 2t

How did you find us? Steam


Moved from Italy to NZ a few months ago, i’m still trying to get a 2nd visa and start a business here, i start driving motorbikes when i was 7 and cars when i was 13, i fixed my first moped when i was 11 and after that i just kept doing more more and more, i also have a degree similar to mechanical engeneering (it’s complex to explain it), now i live in a hippie commune enjoing nature and animals and fixing stuff in my free time :slight_smile:


Name Damian
Location: Adelaide

I havent even finished downloading the EXE file and the updates yet and I already know Im not sleeping for a week. Im just about to order a key for my bro who will love this.

We have been looking for a game that has this level of engine build detail but incorporates a drag racing element. Until then this is clearly going to be awesome. I hope its as good as the videos and reviews…

Car: WM Caprice GENiV
Dream Car: 1971 XY GTHO III & Some type of american barge with lots of button, Big fan of 70s caddys (Tripple Black El Dorado would be awesome


ATTENTION BUILDERS! My hair is designing cars!

Name: <-------------

Occupation: Driver, Tech Support

Locarion: AMERICA!

Interests: Engineering Things

Vehicles: A Corolla

Previous: 2003 Cavalier, 1993 Civic

How Find? regularcars on Youtube

About: I like designing things, I play KSP and SE and so on, because I like to build things, but I am a poor person IRL with no resources to do anyrhing for reals.