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Nickname: Hipiracing, also often Hipination or just Hipi

Occupation: Student of Sales Engineering und Product Management

Location: Bochum, Germany

Interests: Gaming, Drums & Percussion, Music, Handball, Photography, Motorsports

Current Car: 2010 Skoda Fabia Hatchback, 44kW

Dream Garage: Porsche 991 GT2, Porsche 935 “Moby Dick”, Porsche Super N 308, Jaguar E Type, Corvette C7, Corvette C3, BMW M1, Ferrari 550, Ferrari 365 Calfornia Spyder (and many, many more…)

How did you find us?
I googled for engineering/ management games, found the YouTube channel and the Steam page, and decided to buy the game

I’m an engineering student from the “Ruhrgebiet”, Germany. I was always intersted in vehicles of any kind (cars, planes, ships, planes, etc…), so i decided to study sales engineering with a major in automation and production. I hope to finish my B. Sc. this year and start with the masters.
When I have some time spare I play the drums and a bunch of other percussive instruments.


Occupation: Warehouse Operative/Shop Assistant
Location: United Kingdom

Interests: Gaming, guitar & music, digital art, cars, anime, engineering.

Current Car: 2016 Vauxhall Mokka

Dream Garage: To name a few:

  • Skyline R-34 GT-R
  • Toyota 240z
  • Mk4 Supra
  • '73 Skyline 2000 GT-R
  • '71 Skyline 2000 GT-R
  • Toyota 2000GT
    Call some of them mainstream, but it’s what I like :slight_smile:

How did you find us?
I can’t remember exactly. I’ve been following the game for a while now, and only recently purchased it. It could possibly have been through the FailRace YouTube channel, but I think I might have discovered the game before that.

I’ve been into engineering most of my life, and I’m looking to go into it as a full time career. Funnily enough, automotive design (especially using CAD) is probably the area I’d most like to go into. In my spare time, I like to play games, play the guitar, watch anime, and dabble in some creative hobbies such as digital art and content creation for games.


Name: Jack “NavJack27” Mangano

Occupation: Unemployed / Disabled / Tech Reviewer

Location: Corning, NY

Interests: Computer Hardware

Vehicles Currently Owned: I don’t drive :frowning: but I am quite into knowing about cars

Dream Garage Vehicles: Buick GNX

Previous Vehicles of Interest: -

How did you find us? YouTube / RegularCarGuy

About: Way too long to get into honestly. If you wanna know about me check out my lil website or my youtube


Name: Mattias Johansson

Occupation: Forklift driver

Location: Sweden

Interests: Everything with wheels and an engine, history, technology overall, forestry and farming, reading, politics

Vehicles Currently Owned: 1940-something Willys Jeep, 1965 Volvo PV544, 1968 Opel Rekord, 1973 Mercedes-Benz 220D, 1975 Opel Kadett, 1985 Mercedes-Benz 230E, 1985 Datsun 720 King cab, 1997 Volvo S70

Dream Garage Vehicles: Mercedes 300SL, AC Cobra, Mercedes Geländewagen, 1967-72 Chevy pickup, 1971-73 Buick Riviera

Previous Vehicles of Interest: 1954 Willys Jeep, 1961 Crescent 2000 scooter, 1962 Volvo PV544,1962 Austin A60, 1965 Opel Kadett, 1971 Hanomag F20, 1971 Saab 96 V4, 1971 Volvo 142, 1973 Volvo 142, 1973 Volvo 164, 1974 Volvo 142, 1974 Volvo 145, 1974 Volvo 164, 1978 Volvo 245, 1981 Volvo 245, 1983 Opel Kadett, 1985 Opel Ascona, 1986 Opel Kadett, 1987 Volvo 744, 1988 Ford Sierra, 1989 Volvo 745, 1990 Volvo 744, 2001 Mercedes-Benz C180

How did you find us? Don’t remember, I know I had an early demo version in 2012 but after that my computers have been too crappy to play on…bought a new computer now and quickly got Automation.

About: 32 year old gearhead that according to my grandmother knew most of the car brands at the age of 3… :smiley:


Name: HC for short if you hate complete names…

Occupation: Unemployed at the moment (Foreign Languages and Cultures graduate)

Location: North of Portugal

Interests: Games, reading, music, cars, Japan in general (from anime to culture, no discrimination here!)

Vehicles Currently Owned: '01 Volkswagen Polo 1.4 TDI (co-owned with mother)

Dream Garage Vehicles: Way too many to list, but let’s divide into two coin sides; Dreamboat City: Lamborghini Miura SV / Buzzkill Money Need Town: Renault Twingo I or Daihatsu Charade Gtti

Previous Vehicles of Interest: So many you’d probably need two whole Pentagons to house them! :laughing:

How did you find us: If memory doesn’t fail me, through a forum that had an Automation thread (somewhere during the Kee days), then FailRace… Possibily a combination of both.

About: A car fan since I could speak in Babbling-ish. I own countless car-related objects, from magazines all over the world to scale models, and even pieces of WTCC cars! Avid reader since 1-and-a-half-years-old, I dream of one day releasing a book of my own material. The other dream is visiting the mesmerizing city of Tokyo…


Name: Archjoa (I prefer being called Archy as that’s my go to nickname, but it was taken here)

Occupation: Unemployed, I’m studying in university, following a career in music. (Composition, some engineering, some history as well too.)

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Interests: Cars, music, talking with people, learning about mechanical things, different countries/cultures.

Vehicles Currently Owned: Nothing, sadly!

Dream Garage Vehicles: Oof, what a question. I have way too many, however if I have to pick one… Porsche 911 Turbo, a 930 or 964.

How did you find us: I heard about this game a year ago or so, but then I kinda forgot about it. Some days ago I was watching RCR and I decided to check it on Steam to get it, so here I am now!

About: Well, I’m a 19 years old dude from Argentina, been a car fanatic since I have memory. Guess it all started when I was 4 and saw a red 911 on a parking lot, haha. I’m far from someone with massive knowledge really and I’m always looking to learn some more, that’s why I tend to ask stupid questions sometimes really, I just have a curious nature. Life dreams? well… I just want to make money doing something I enjoy and leave my country for a better one, I’m kinda simple. I like other games, by example I really like Pokemon, but I don’t really game a lot to be totally honest, even if, I won’t lie… I’m getting a bit addicted to Automation!


Name: Alec “DukeOFhazards” Bowland

Occupation: Student

Location: UK

Interests: Cars, Games, Sport

Vehicles Currently Owned: JQ racing buggy

Dream Garage Vehicles: ford GT40, porsche 911 GT2, Dodge charger General Lee, Plymouth Superbird, audi RS7, audi quattro and a Mercedes 190E

How did you find us: Saw some YT videos and decided to buy the game for christmas, mostly to do car shopping challenges and stuff

About: I guess I liked cars since i was born, and when i was younger i would repaint matchbox or hot wheels cars, but now i prefer to race RC buggys and build cars in automation or beamng. i would like to have an interesting car one day and to rally.


I’ve been active here for a while, so might as well introduce myself.

Name: Adi

Occupation: Unemployed/College student someone please employ me I really need money

Location: If you hang around in Automation Discord, you’ll know where I live.

Interests: Games, Memes, Fun stuff that distracts me from being sad.

Vehicles Currently Owned: 2012 Suzuki Raider R150, 2005 Suzuki Wagon R, 2008 Toyota Corolla 2.0 V.

Dream Garage Vehicles: Ducati Panigale, A custom-built café racer motorcycle, A custom-built track car using a bike engine, Toyota Hiace camper van, a Harley or a Honda Goldwing, and maybe a nice, comfortable and low-maintenance minivan for daily commute.

Previous Vehicles of Interest: '98 Dodge Viper GTS (dropped it since the government doesn’t allow import of used cars)

How did you find us? /o/, back in 2011 (hence my very old account age), lost interest around 2012 because most content is blocked by a paywall, bought the game on Steam mid-2016 and returned to the forum late 2017 once I discovered Automation’s Discord server.

Overall I’m an uninteresting 23 year old guy in person. Shy, has really weird interests, doesn’t understand mainstream topics such as football (both variants) or DotA. But talk about cars and bikes with me and suddenly we are the bestest friends in the world.

I love cars, yet I don’t have an engineering background. That merit is reserved for my grandparents, my uncles, my parents and my siblings. I’m the only one in the family that’s breaking the tradition by taking Fine Arts. Life is pretty good being a Fine Arts student. but it gets pretty depressing once you realize that you are far less productive than your classmates

Usually I hang out in Discord a lot more than I do in the forums.


Name: lillian foodliker

Occupation: i volunteer in a shop and aspire to one day be a badly paid office temp

Location: UK

Interests: photography, silent cinema, fashion, traditional and computer rpgs, literature, history and playing factorio until my eyes fall out

Vehicles Currently Owned: 2011 vauxhall corsa (exciting, i know)

Dream Garage Vehicles: Tatra 603, 1954 Chrysler New Yorker, v12 Lagonda, 1919 Renault EU, a whole raft of other things i like weird old cars a lot

How did you find us: bought automation probably in 2014? and decided to look around for a discord server last year and eventually got talked into joining the forums.

About: 26 year old graduate school dropout dingus


Name: David "MadMechanic"Carter

Interests: Games, Vehicles, Weapons

Vehicles Currently Owned:Any

Dream Garage Vehicles: Renault Safrane V6 Quadra,Lancia Thesis 2.4L,Nissan Skyline R32 “Godzilla”

How did you find us? Steam


Just a random guy with a big love for Cars and performance enjoy :slight_smile:


Never noticed this post before.I think I should do it now.

Name: Law Cheuk Nam Paul “Gren Paul”
Occupation: Secondary Student
Location: Hong Kong
Interests: Games,Cars,Firearms,Universe,biology,computing(maybe),baking&cooking
Vehicles Currently Owned:None
Dream Garage Vehicles:Koenigsegg Regera,Pagani Zonda F/Cinque,Toyota Camry 2018
How did you find us?:Google search:Make your own car
About me: I’m a Chinese lazy student who almost fails at everything which isn’t academic and probably suffers from Depression and Anxiety(Haven’t check because I don’t want my family know and worry about it)