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Name: Stephen “Dildoplocus” Benedictus

Occupation: Music Producer & Sound Technician

Location: Bretagne, France

Interests: Creations of all types : Music, Movies, Scripts, Drawings (Cars especially)

Vehicles Currently Owned: …a rotting broken '98 Peugeot Expert…

Dream Garage Vehicles: Getting back a VW Golf II :smiley: maybe the Offroad version, '70 Dodge Charger R/T, a house-converted Mercedes Unimog, and a large luxury sedan, like the '81 Lincoln Continental/Town Car, or a '17 Mercedes S Class (not quite the same^^). And still looking for THE car from the future of the 80’s^^

Previous Vehicles of Interest: '69 Chevrolet Camaro SS, Lamborghini Diablo, Jaguar XJ220, and I once desired a basic Renault R5…

How did you find us? Via videos I was watching years ago about BeamNG Drive (that I discovered on videos too), so YouTube and your players !


Just found what I really wanted to do with my life, and that is music (recording, production, mixing, almost mastering…). But I’m really not a workaholic, so… Let’s say I have plenty of time to do many other things :slight_smile:

I created a car brand (Shyliann) on paper when I was a child (for my country, the Tibchini… Please don’t comment those names, I remember I was a child^^).
So, when I discovered Automation (maybe 2 years ago ?), I dove back to my childhood and ran into the sandbox to create many different cars… With Billet Steel cranks and all the quality sliders at +15…
I just had the time to do the challenges to get more and more accurate in what I was doing, and my graphic card just died. So I was enable to play anymore…

From that moment, I really got into the mechanics in real life (still in theory unfortunately, I don’t have a garage, and even no home most of the time), coupled with tons of videos watched about engines and everything…

So when I found another computer to run Automation, I began to make cars that are (too me) really good, and doable. Of course always tried in BeamNG. So now, I estimate I can come here and participate legitimally !

If you want to listen to a part of my work : Dildoplocus