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The 70s and early 80s was kind of a low period design wise, with many models getting lots of criticism for being just bland or downright ugly. That is going to change in around 1982…at least I hope so.


it will.

when the euro licence-builds roll around :stuck_out_tongue:

[self-promo intensifies]


On the other hand, when looking at one model that would have been a competitor to the Pandora…

And one that would have been a competitor to the Commuter…

Maybe the ugliness of those models are a bit…excused.


the lower one is not that bad imo


Maybe I’m just tired of seeing them then, living near to the finnish border, with early 90s Finland being crowded with examples in (most often) mustard yellow, rusted to pieces and not washed in 10 years… :smiley:

But that’s a different story.


Whatever the reason, tastes differ.
I like it (at leas the lower one), you don´t.

[sits down and continues waiting patiently for 1984]


The 3rd-gen Celestia’s taillights are too modern for its boxy 80s body - they look more appropriate on something from the late 90s/early 00s. Ditto for the front bumper vents.


Ansichtssache. Round tailights were always round.


Yes, I agree with you to be honest, the whole design became sort of too modern for 1982 in the end. I probably wouldn’t have used this body either if I did this car today, rather some of the boxier 70s bodies available as mods, but there was a little fewer of both bodies and fixtures to choose between before I knew how to download the mods, and always a fiddling between what’s looking good and what’s period correct.

Regarding the taillights, I was not really clear what to do with the first generation, using the Cortina inspired body, with its slanted fins that was a bit hard to do something with, so finally I decided to put some round lights in a vent of this shape, it looked quite good and not out of place, and I decided that it would be something of a styling trademark for future generations, but somehow I agree that they became a bit too modern here too, strangely enough.

But, 1982-83 was the time when streamlining was coming at a steady pace with Audi 100, Ford Sierra etc. - and in a parallell universe, this could have been done in 1982, it isn’t completely unrealistic. In our world, however, I wonder if the market would have been ready for it?


Did not expect the gearbox to survive for that long.
that thing has real long gearing iirc

how is it gonna move with 107hp compared to a (potentially) significantly stronger Mimas?


Let’s just say it was some fiddling with the gearing done in the same basic box… :wink:


Could work.

The software applied is not affected by not knowing the gear ratio values.
Instead, it uses parameters (vehicle speed, throttle position, engine RPM) to determine the best usable gear.

This might send it into a weird pattern if the spacing between gears is too long.
Then it basically is like:

“Engine is getting fast… gotta shift up a gear”
[shifts up]
“DAIM… now we lost all the power, better restore it by downshifting!”
[shifts back down again]


  • gears abothe the affected one are almost useless as well
  • it cannot accelerate past said gear at rev-limiter


not trying to pressure, take all the time you need, but i would like to claim my prize of winning the challenge at some point in time :stuck_out_tongue:


Much to do at work last week before I get some weeks off, massive brainfog in the evenings… :confused:


As i said:
Take all the time you need.
Was kinda worried the thread would die off like my lore thread did lol.

And 8 days of nothing seemed unusual soo…


At least, there is only one model left for 1983 and then it’s 1984…


Nice car! Do you mind if i try to give you some competition?


I would love it. Automobile industry would be nothing without it.

But if you’re talking about the Mimas, it’s just a captive import and @Elizipeazie and the Anhultz corporation is the one that should have credit (and competition)


iI personally have no problem with you competing.
That is the reason technology is as advanced as it is.
Just tag me in the post of said car and you are good (i wanna know what you come up with)


Must be a typo - it should be 11.72L/100km.