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Itachi Motors (2020 Itachi Zion)


_Itachi is a cheaper Brand Of Holts. Founded In 1988. Some of its cars is on the same platform or maybe use the same engine thats in a Holts. _Itachi Is a Japenese Company. Itachi Sells Cars From Subcompact All the way to Full size as well. Compact SUVs To full size as well as truck too. _Itachi Has Factories In Europe, South America, Japan, Asia And its headquarters in a State in Japan :jp:. We would love to give our drivers what they want from car to truck. Wide range to choose from. Axel was changed because Holts Is already expensive as it is, 40+k for a base trova. We wanted to make more affordable cars and CEO is the CEO of Holts. Wanted to start a new thread because Axel thread was a rough start and already has cars on it. i need to have better lore and brand image. im more of a new car person

Lineup As of now.


ItachiZinc- Compact Hatchback
Itachi Mars- Compact Car
Itachi Zion- Midsize Vehicle
Itachi Union- Fullsize Vehicle
Itachi Ping- Subcompact Hatch
Itachi Neo- Subcompact Car


Itachi OutSport- Compact SUV
Itachi OutRoad- Midsize SUV
Itachi OutVoyage- Fullsize


Itachi LanZios- Midsize Pickup
ItachiLanDeck- Fullsize Pickup.


Given that Holts is a premium brand in its own right, creating Itachi as a replacement for Axel makes perfect sense. I would expect their lineup to use at least some of Holts’ powertrains and platforms for economies of scale.


Itachi Mars

We are glad to have cars more affordable for customers who want an car and some holts identity in it. This car right here is the Itachi Mars an affordable compact car.

Engine & Chassis

The Mars uses is Galvanized Steel Monocoque chassis with partial aluminum panels. Suspension setup are Double wishbone front, Multi link rear. Comfort dont need to be to compromised for the price. The Mars uses Progressive Springs, Twin-Tube Dampers and semi active sway-bars. The Mars score a 37,3 score in comfort. The Mars uses a 1.5L turbocharged Engine with 148HP and 168lb-ft of torque. The engine is connected To A 7-Speed automatic Gearbox helping it get 41MPG combined


The Mars uses Incandescent Headlights as well as tail lights. The trim you are seeing right now is the Base Edition (BE) And dont come with sunroof or fog lights. Plastic trim going around and hubcaps covering the wheels.

Interior & Safety

The Mars Uses a Analog Instrument Cluster with a 5- Inch Screen in the middle. Seats are Cloth In this price range. Infotainment Wise it uses a 8- Inch Diagonal Screen With Backup cam support. Climate are analog and no auto climate nor dual zone climate comes with the BE. The Mars comes with 6 Airbags for saftey. (I dont know anything about airbags).
The Mars start at $26k+

SE (Sport Edition)

The SE (Sport Edition) Is the sportiest out of all of the Trims that come with the Mars.

The SE ads a little more to the MARS, Premium Interior, Park assist, Body kit and a 2.4L Naturally aspirated Engine.

The Engine is a Naturally Aspirated 2.4L Direct injected putting out 191HP at 7000RPMS. The SE comes with a auto or a Manual (Save the Manuals) The SE does 0-60 In 7.7 Seconds With the manual and still gets a decent 28MPG

Market (suspension was fixed)

Market Scores for the BE

2020 Itachi Zion
The New Itachi Zion Is Here and is ready to win your choice of midsize car.

Standard Midsize Vehicle


The New Zion is more wallet friendly and is way more affordable than before. We had to cut cost in specific places to get it down to this level
Driving The Zion


So don't expect too much luxury out of the Zion. Well the model your seeing is the Premium Model. In the Zion, you can get standard springs or progressive as options. All Zions come with Electric Steering helping you to an easy drive. Gauge Cluster is Analog With a screen In the Middle.The Zion gets best in class* Non Hybrid Fuel economy at 41MPG average
Chassis & Suspension


So as a standard Midsize car, you should expect standard chassis and suspension. The chassis is a Partial Alu Galvanised Steel. This setup saves a lot of money and reduce cost to the customers as well. You can get 2 Engine options From a 4cyl turbo to a V6 turbo. AWD only with the V6.

(Click For Bigger Image)
(V6 Is actualy 278HP Not 280)