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JCM Corporation


JCM Corporation is an automobile manufacturer founded in Spain in 2019. Our main objective is to create safe, modern and efficient cars. We will share with you all our creations.


JCM Compact - 2.0 Turbo 200 hp - 7 speed dual clutch gearbox - RWD

JCM Compact ECO - 2.2E Turbo 163 hp - 6 speed manual transmission - FWD - 2,7 L/100 km

JCM Excellence - 6.0 V12 560 hp - 9 speed torque converter gearbox - AWD

JCM Trackripper - 3.0 B6 810 hp - 7 speed dual clutch transmission - 0-100 in 2,0s - top speed 357 km/h


JCM Cross - 3.0 V6 250 hp - 8 speed torque converter transmission - AWD


JCM Project S - 4.6 I6 315 cv - 54,40% Thermal efficiency - 3,3L/100 km - 1360 kg
Top Safety - Handmade Interior - 7 speed dual clutch transmission - AWD


JCM Project R, 3.0 litre 6-cylinder boxer, 810 hp. 0-100 in 2,0s, top speed 360 km/h.


JCM Excellence Cabrio (prototype)


JCM Project Efficiency. Prototype with a 2.2 165 hp Turbo engine, 430 kg of weight and a incredible average fuel consumption of 1.3L/100 km.


very basic use of fixtures, but not necessarily in a bad way.

most cars are (compared to other three-fixture-“wonders”) pleasant to look at

the JCM Project Efficiency is very bare though


The whole lineup… is a case of minimalism done right, for a change. Very straightforward, but surprisingly, very effective - and futuristic - as well.


Thanks for the feedback guys!

The JCM Project C has received some mechanical and aesthetic improvements during the testing process.
It is already completely finished and its mass production has begun. The definitive name is JCM Compact.

JCM Compact - Hatchback.car (27.1 KB)


The development of the JCM Project R is over. He has received some aesthetic touches, but the mechanical part has not changed.

Introducing JCM Trackripper, the ultimate sports car:


We are not fan of the SUV, but there is a great demand and we can not stay out of that big market.

The JCM Cross, with a powerful and efficient V6 engine.