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I managed to make a 380hp I6 so it’s absolutely possible to make a good engine with the current rules. Granted I needed to do a lot of fiddling to get within the reliability and mpg limits but it’s possible. Git gud and compromise :3


Not price limit, only those rules above.


2000 Gomorrah TZZ

Wait a minute, this doesn’t look JDM!

It has fender mirrors

Is it quick

I hope so


6L OHV V8, ladder chassis, meets requirements I think


2000 Kawasu Mamushi SP1m

Is it practical?

Hey, 4 seats, no waiting.

Is it comfortable?

It includes such amenities as seats!

Does it have vents?

You know, some.

Displacement? Other stats?

Kind of a bit. More than you’d drink in one sitting certainly. Just think of all of those mountains of TORQUE though. It may be king of torque mountain.


2000 Nohda Super Bop!


If you’re over 25 and have a wife and two kids to feed - your life is not over, thanks to CMT!


2000 Kyu Juichi Puro SR

That’s a Porsche

Puro SR, please read.

Is that JDM?

Absolutely, just look at how Japanese that name is.

Is it fast?

399… err, 280hp I4, 1110kg, RWD. Probably yes when you don’t crash.


Nagoya NO-XS

What is that?
Based on Nagoya’s Osprey platform, the NO-XS takes it to the next level, being 300 kg lighter, and tuning the Naturally Aspirated 2.5 liter Box4 to 172 kW and 240 Nm, and mating that to an aggressively geared 6 speed all wheel drive transmission; with a geared LSD and ABS, making it a load of fun to drive.

Tell me more! Tell me More! About this fun little car!
It is a 2+2 coupe with racing seats, 375 mm magnesium rims and sport grip tires. It will get you to 100 km/h in 7.0 seconds, while getting 6.7 km/l. The suspension is tuned tight, but not too tight; you could easily pull 1.03 g’s.

Is that JDM?
Why yes! it is sold in Japan. Oh! you mean culturally? I don’t know. But it sure is stanced like one.


Wrong challenge.

Uh, no? This fits in all the stated ruleset?

It looks like a FATI.

This IS a FATI.

As I said, wrong challenge.

No. The FATI is the greatest automobile the world has ever seen. It can literally do everything including beating the world of JDM sports car.

It’s not JDM.


Come again?

Is it capable of at least 60mph?


Is it Communist?

Yes. And you Capitalist pig dog better hide.


2000 BT Motors Ceyx by BTR and Strop


This is a repost.

From Sideswipe’s VIP challenge, yes

You lazy bum.

Yes. I wasn’t even the one who modified it to fit this ruleset (that’d be our resident horsey Stig, @strop)

That's hardly a stock vehicle from the factory

Never said it had it to be.

Is it fast, at least?

I dunno, Strop tuned it. It’s probably quite rapid.


2000 Atera Hakone VS-T

Boring minivan? Pass.

Now hold your little horse there. It's not your typical soccer mom's minivan. You would be suprised if you check under the hood.

Oh, show me then.

Yes, the one you are currently looking at is a 3.0L turbcharged V6, producing up to 276hp with 337nm of torque.

Is it AWD?

Yes it's AWD, Jimmy. Now, you don't have to worry the understeer in this minivan with an impressive acceleration of 6.7s 0-100km/h.


Um, JDM so that means it goes BRAPAPAPAPSTUTUTUTUT
Damn right it does.
2.5L I4 Turbo making nearly 300hp
Thats the only fact you need to know. Oh and that it looks amazing of-course.


AWD? What’s that?

Deja vu
I’ve just been in this place before
Higher on the street

As most came out with specs - its an RWD four seater coupe (four real seats, more Celica than Supra) and a 155 hp 2000ccm four-cylinder engine.
I was afraid its the slowest but it should keep up with a Fati 126.


Was that a motherducking CSR 92 reference?


Scarab Flare GT-X24

It’s a 2.4 l tranverse straight 6 w 320 HP into an AWD system w geared differential to get most out of the power.
The car sits on stiffened suspension and anchors to the road through 225/40 R17 sporttires.

It makes the ATT in 2:12 standing start (2:14 in game)

So, it’s sporty, JDMish and fast


2000-2004 Blaire Tsunami MXR

The highest Blaire trim from 2000-2005 but maybe it might be re-introduced :thinking:

I couldn’t give it it’s I6 because cloning :frowning: but I made a I guess better I5 maybe. I guess it looks JDM but it is made for the Japanese and European market soooo. And I stared back and forth from my phone and my pc to get the specs right. So I didn’t throw in some old car. Actually the specs are a bit under but i’d assume that’s good.


GEC GSR2 2.0

Is it JDM?

Certainly. And not just because it has a wing and splitter.

What about the specs?

2L turbo I4, RWD, geared LSD - seems like the perfect recipe for an affordable sports coupe? With 240 horsepower and a six-speed manual, plus vented discs at each corner, it sure is.


It does 0 to 60 in under 6 seconds and tops out at 144 mph. And it can pull over 1g on a skidpad.


'00 Tengu RC2.

Wait a minute, yellow lights? Is this car French?

Yes, it’s actually a French car in disguise N-no, I swear it’s a Japanese car through and through. What makes you think of that :sweat:
(Yellow headlights are legal in Japan btw)

…It’s missing an engine.

The engine is in the rear side of the car?

Great, another rear-engined death trap.

Please don’t sue us for that.

Does it abide by the Gentleman’s Agreement?

NoYes. Yes, it does.

This sounds less and less like a JDM car.

Well it has a huge wang in the back, is that not an indication for a JDM sports car?


2000 Shinonome Hakase

“that car got into mommy’s pills in the medicine cabinet it looks like”

“it’s really, really happy”

-Expert’s Testimonial

Did you ever want to literally RIDE an anime girl? Welp, your dreams have come true

Hold the fuck up is that a van?

Fuck yes it is

Is it Japanese?

Search the name up u dummo of course it’s japanese :triumph:

Is it sporty?

It’s rear wheel drive for your inner weeb. you watched initial d for the cars and don’t care that the series is actually pretty fucking boring. admit it

Wait a sec. I searched the name up. Why the fuck is this professor 8 years-old, and why did she engineer a sentient robot?


It’s such a cute little car…from the front…