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I wonder if the entire MUH PUSHROD FREEDOM contingent which appears to be a solid half of the entries gets the :wastebasket: :joy:


i4 i5 i6 motor or nothing XD


Even though I got binned, as I promised the winner as a bonus prize gets a limited edition version of my “entery”


I dont think anyone, let alone the winner would ever want a limited edition of what you sent in.


Why would anyone not want that piece of art?


The limited edition version is painted gold, wheels are painted emerald, quality is set for +5, it sells as a GT and GT premium


https://youtu.be/rK9dMesYVFU Hey guys, new video went out about the disqualified cars of the JDM Sport Icon challenge.


Embedded link for the lazy (use the full URL @ELBruno :wink:)


I knew about the video could be shown in this form, but I couldn’t wrote in the same post.


Although for most the link to the English feedback under the video is probably more relevant that the Portuguese…

You should probably rather post that feedback rather than the video here, basically.


lmao you did not even review the cars fully in english at all, unlike this entire thread and the parts of your discord i’ve seen from others.
EDIT: Just noticed how butthurt @ElMenduko made you, great work!

EDIT2: I just noticed something regarading your Kuruma V6 critique:
If you had sent me the normal car it probably would be in the competition, but this tuned version is very distant from be a sport car like the examples or other participants. I understand the idea but this camber make it the worst car to drive, and isn't the idea of a sport car.
Yet here is your banner pic and vid thumbnail (Which I would assume contain examples for us to follow after) :thinking: image
Not exactly what I would call stock, yeah?


its only the disqualified cars, the rest will come later


Before you complain about getting “troll” entries. You never specified that cars would be disqualified for literally any of the scores. I, and so many others sent our cars in the way it was because your rules allowed for that, and in your past challenges, you didn’t discard cars for that, so how were we supposed to know you changed it? you didn’t specfiy that.
Did you also notice how many “troll” cars you got? that was because the rules of what “jdm” is is so vague that it literally went down to your personal opinion of what’s “Japanese” enough. Which I can only assume means you’ve seen one too many episodes of inital D and think you alone can be the determining opinion on that matter.

You might think you have a pretty good handle on JDM cars, which is fair enough, but you discarded more than one entry which met the requirements solely because you took personal insult to it. Which is clear evidence that you can’t run a challenge with no bias. If it meets the requirements and does good, you should withold personal bias and enter it. You CLEARLY said this was a numbers based challenge, not a CSR round where you can be picky and choosy.

You got so many troll entries, ask yourself. Do you really think that many people have a personal vested interest in ruining your challenge or do you think the rules allowed for that, and you weren’t at all clear what the cutoff requirements were, how many cars would be allowed to race, and so much more. If I were you I’d take this as a learning opportunity for future challenges, should you choose to hold any.

Edit: And before you claim I’m just salty that my entry didn’t get accepted, I easily could have made an AE86 if I wanted. I didn’t, and neither did a majority of others. We all just wanted to watch you try and drive cars that were borderline impossible to control because we thought it would be funny and the rules allowed it.

And after a bit of examination, you probably updated your game, which changed ET/PU calculations, and blamed it all on the cars for not complying. Absolute genius move there mate.


I thougth the challenge was about SPORT jdm cars…:roll_eyes:


Sorry mate, I thought my car had the required 60 reliability. Could’ve sworn it did last I checked, would’ve been very easy to fix if you’d let me know beforehand. Apart from that I wasn’t aware I’d broken any other rules, there weren’t any saying how the car should look or perform besides vague suggestions in my opinion.
Sorry if I offended you with what you thought was a troll post. I’m a rather new player and I was attempting to focus more on making the car cheap and powerful (as much as I could with my limited ability and experience) than spending hours on bodywork to make a clone of an existing car. Fuck me for trying, right?
Evidently beauty isn’t in the eye of the beholder and if it doesn’t drive like a GTR it doesn’t count.

It’s probably a good thing I don’t speak Portuguese. Good luck to the rest of the entrants.


This is the video of the disqualified cars, I will not lose time review them. About the Kuruma, the car got disqualified because of how undriveable it is, not because is tuned.


First: you made a car who don’t follow the rules, I open your car hours after you send me, if I’m in other version of the game I couldn’t even open your car, isn’t my fault. Second: the challenge name is JDM SPORT ICON, you see? SPORT ICON. A K car isn’t a SPORT ICON, a big van FWD with an 1946 big V8 isn’t a SPORT ICON and the other people broke the rules to get disqualified. Or people, and you, don’t understant minimally english, or they don’t read the title or they create a troll entry, is not my fault. I have 2 entries who I should disqualified if I were as bad as you say, a minivan, much better than your BTW, and a truck. Pay more attention the next time you attend a competition.


.> the challenge is in fully English language
.> the review is in Portuguese where all of the participants in this challenge is English users


Well that’s all fairly accurate… oh wait, actually, none of that is.

  • You can indeed open cars from previous versions. I already stated this isn’t about that but if you think it is, I can’t change your mind. I don’t really care about my own entry. I’m quite annoyed with you about cars like the Aphrodite TurboStreet S6. You say rally cars aren’t JDM, but what about Overlap between the two? STI? Celica GT-four? Lancer Evo? All both rallying and JDM icons. It was literally about your own personal tastes and you never disclosed it would be. A KEI car isn’t a sports car? What about the Honda beat? Honda S660? Suzuki Cappucino? Autozam AZ1? None of these are sports cars?

  • They didn’t break the rules. You didn’t specify what a “JDM Icon” is. They were well within their rights to send limos and minivans. What is a “JDM Icon”? You never defined it.

  • I don’t understand english? I’d check your spelling and grammar there myself buddy. I do applaud you for learning a second language, because that’s more than I can claim, but english is indeed my first language and I think I have a fair grasp on it.

  • We all paid VERY close attention to the rules, or, should I say, lack of rules. You didn’t specify no limos. You didn’t specify no vans, no trucks, no Kei cars. There are no hard definitions for what a “JDM Icon” is. Or, at least, you didn’t set any, other than it couldn’t be mid engined. Most of these entries were well within the limits. And I do feel the need to emphasize…

If you are on the most current version of the game. It changed how EU/PT Are Calculated. Thus changing the stats on the cars that were sent in. Not recognizing this is not only ignorant, but blaming on the contestants is quite dickish as well.


it isn’t, I have some brazilian entrys who understands me, ok they are not the majority but my idea from the start is make the challenges for the brazilian public who don’t have challenges like the english public have, I post here to get more entries and make the challenge better and I make the english notes with the summary of what I said.