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To be real, I imagined your car to be the first place. Your car looks more aggressive, in power, than the medist for me, but in Automation and BeamNG any adjust can make a lot of difference in lap time


If i recall correctly i actually snuck in a front wing in the bodywork, meaning it could take high speed corners quite aggressively. Maybe I’ll record a lap to demonstrate (not to nitpick but I noticed for example you were going full lock into Bavarian but that just makes the car understeer horribly as it could any car).


I do the laps in the same way with all cars, mainly in Automation Circuit. I only change how I drive if the car don’t have the appropriate configuration in some case. For example, you said your car have understeer on Bavarian with full throttle, it normally is a characteristic of heavy cars, it can be some configuration who could be better tuned but don’t effected much in the lap time, for me.


Sorry man but you cannot say this does not affect lap time much. Seconds were there… and don’t you dare say it’s my tunning, cause it ain’t and we know it :sweat_smile: I my be a lazy (lousy, potato-tomato…) designer but you hardly find sweeter tunnes around.

And I’m not being salty here because I knew with not going turbo my lap time will not shine. Just be honest.


I think doing it on controller does make it hard to make precise steering inputs. Some people say that driving with a wheel in Beam is harder, which in some ways is true because you have to do funny things with the centering spring strength to get it to behave anywhere like what it should (whereas in FFB focused sims like Ass Co you can actually just set it up like you would think it behaved IRL).

At any rate I’ll definitely be posting my own lap here not to continue sniping this challenge, but just as a demonstration of what I mean. I’ll edit this post when done.

EDIT: here’s the recording, with annotations.

Actually I also happened to receive the Libellula, and I think I have a pretty good idea of why ELBruno finds it so good to drive…


I find all high-speed stuff impossible on a controller now that my wheel is in the works.

Low speed works fine and rally might actually be a bit more comfortable though.


Yeah for rally you really need less turns to lock. In fact I was having trouble getting RBR to not use full 900 degrees and believe me that was a giant PITA…