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JFM The Unicorn Company


´48 JFM 1700

1.7 L, 55 hp

JFM 1900

1.9 L, 65 hp

JFM 2200

2.2 L, 6 Zyl Line, 70 hp

JFM 2600

2.6 L, 6 Zyl Line, 80 hp


Loving it. Not so sure about the paint choices always and the little assembly beneath the rear lights on the JFM 2600 and 2200, but it’s shaping up really nicely so far. The 1500 especially, front looks simple but timeless.


Here are the ´55 Allea

Allea 1000, 1.0 L, 40 hp

Allea 1300, 1.3 L, 50 hp

Allea 1300 L


The ´57 JFM Mantea

V8, 4.6 L, 165 hp

V12, 5.3L, 205 hp


The ´65 JFM Mantea

5.3 L V12, 270 hp


JFM 2800 ´48

2.8L L6 90hp

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Well damn, that’s your best looking car to date. Fan-freaking-tastic.


I have never seen a 40s classic like this one - it’s so gorgeous from every angle!

The '65 Mantea, meanwhile, reminds me of an Alfa meshed with an American muscle car - in a good way.


that’s… almost perfect… :heart_eyes:


Coupe ´52
4.8L V8




If this isn’t how an early 50s coupe should look like, I don’t know what is. At any rate, with a V8 under its hood, this thing definitely has the muscle to match its looks!


Galea Concept 2010 Biturbo V12

6.0L, 750hp, Vmax 300 km/h, 0-100 km/h 4sek


Oh I can think of ways to make an early 1950s Coupe work without resorting to comical amounts of chrome. Quite the opposite and my preferred approach.


I played a little with design:

Centea Concept ´57

1900 80hp


I’m not 100% on the circular rear lamps but the rest is proper :ok_hand:


Somebody out there who want to drive the new Model E V8?


Here is the new 1980 C70

A little Coupe, 4,12m long, l4, l5 and V6 engines 1.8-2.8L, 85-230hp, 827-1263kg, FWD or AWD

On top the C70 turbo S quaddra, l5 2.3L Turbo 230hp, AWD

C70 turbo quaddra/C70 turbo, l5 2.3L Turbo 215hp, AWD/FWD

C70 V6 GT quaddra, V6 2.8L 160hp, AWD

C70 V6 GL, V6.28L 160hp, FWD, 5Gear-manual or 4gear-automatic

C70 2.3 GL, l5 2.3L 125hp, FWD, 5Gear-manual or 4gear-automatic

C70 2.0 L, l5 2.0L 100hp, 4gear-manual

C70, l4 1.8L 85hp, 4gear manual


These are some of the prettiest cars I’ve ever seen


Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: