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JFM The Unicorn Company


that’s… almost perfect… :heart_eyes:


Coupe ´52
4.8L V8




If this isn’t how an early 50s coupe should look like, I don’t know what is. At any rate, with a V8 under its hood, this thing definitely has the muscle to match its looks!


Galea Concept 2010 Biturbo V12

6.0L, 750hp, Vmax 300 km/h, 0-100 km/h 4sek


Oh I can think of ways to make an early 1950s Coupe work without resorting to comical amounts of chrome. Quite the opposite and my preferred approach.


I played a little with design:

Centea Concept ´57

1900 80hp


I’m not 100% on the circular rear lamps but the rest is proper :ok_hand:


Somebody out there who want to drive the new Model E V8?


Here is the new 1980 C70

A little Coupe, 4,12m long, l4, l5 and V6 engines 1.8-2.8L, 85-230hp, 827-1263kg, FWD or AWD

On top the C70 turbo S quaddra, l5 2.3L Turbo 230hp, AWD

C70 turbo quaddra/C70 turbo, l5 2.3L Turbo 215hp, AWD/FWD

C70 V6 GT quaddra, V6 2.8L 160hp, AWD

C70 V6 GL, V6.28L 160hp, FWD, 5Gear-manual or 4gear-automatic

C70 2.3 GL, l5 2.3L 125hp, FWD, 5Gear-manual or 4gear-automatic

C70 2.0 L, l5 2.0L 100hp, 4gear-manual

C70, l4 1.8L 85hp, 4gear manual


These are some of the prettiest cars I’ve ever seen


Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:


The taillights on the Turbo.


The 1972 JFM L80 2800S

L6, 160hp


I´ve playing a little bit with fixtures…


That’s really a lot of good detail work. Can I get these two cars for a review? I really would like to compare them to my builds.


That would be tricky. I only have these models to test my new mods. They don´t have the right engines and the rest of the technology is not tuned.
I could give them to you, but some of the mods are not public available yet, so it won´t work for you. Sorry :wink:


Very good lookin’ sedans, especially the black one with the rectangular headlights.


some mod testing


The faceliftet GT-version

Testing for my colored badges and letters