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JFM The Unicorn Company


If this isn’t how an early 50s coupe should look like, I don’t know what is. At any rate, with a V8 under its hood, this thing definitely has the muscle to match its looks!


Galea Concept 2010 Biturbo V12

6.0L, 750hp, Vmax 300 km/h, 0-100 km/h 4sek


Oh I can think of ways to make an early 1950s Coupe work without resorting to comical amounts of chrome. Quite the opposite and my preferred approach.


I played a little with design:

Centea Concept ´57

1900 80hp


I’m not 100% on the circular rear lamps but the rest is proper :ok_hand:


Somebody out there who want to drive the new Model E V8?


Here is the new 1980 C70

A little Coupe, 4,12m long, l4, l5 and V6 engines 1.8-2.8L, 85-230hp, 827-1263kg, FWD or AWD

On top the C70 turbo S quaddra, l5 2.3L Turbo 230hp, AWD

C70 turbo quaddra/C70 turbo, l5 2.3L Turbo 215hp, AWD/FWD

C70 V6 GT quaddra, V6 2.8L 160hp, AWD

C70 V6 GL, V6.28L 160hp, FWD, 5Gear-manual or 4gear-automatic

C70 2.3 GL, l5 2.3L 125hp, FWD, 5Gear-manual or 4gear-automatic

C70 2.0 L, l5 2.0L 100hp, 4gear-manual

C70, l4 1.8L 85hp, 4gear manual


These are some of the prettiest cars I’ve ever seen


Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:


The taillights on the Turbo.


The 1972 JFM L80 2800S

L6, 160hp


I´ve playing a little bit with fixtures…


That’s really a lot of good detail work. Can I get these two cars for a review? I really would like to compare them to my builds.


That would be tricky. I only have these models to test my new mods. They don´t have the right engines and the rest of the technology is not tuned.
I could give them to you, but some of the mods are not public available yet, so it won´t work for you. Sorry :wink:


Very good lookin’ sedans, especially the black one with the rectangular headlights.


some mod testing


The faceliftet GT-version

Testing for my colored badges and letters


Wow your most recent creations are massively better. Its great to see someone who’s design skills and style have progressed. Also thanks for the mods!


A car for everyone from 1966 to the JFM Tangenta 1900


The 1952 JFM 1904S deLuxe