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JFM The Unicorn Company


These are some of the prettiest cars I’ve ever seen


Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:


The taillights on the Turbo.


The 1972 JFM L80 2800S

L6, 160hp


I´ve playing a little bit with fixtures…


That’s really a lot of good detail work. Can I get these two cars for a review? I really would like to compare them to my builds.


That would be tricky. I only have these models to test my new mods. They don´t have the right engines and the rest of the technology is not tuned.
I could give them to you, but some of the mods are not public available yet, so it won´t work for you. Sorry :wink:


Very good lookin’ sedans, especially the black one with the rectangular headlights.


some mod testing


The faceliftet GT-version

Testing for my colored badges and letters


Wow your most recent creations are massively better. Its great to see someone who’s design skills and style have progressed. Also thanks for the mods!


A car for everyone from 1966 to the JFM Tangenta 1900


The 1952 JFM 1904S deLuxe


2012 JFM Denea 3.0 V6 BiTurbo 4x4 Sport, 300hp, V/max 264 km/h


1965 JFM Sport S, 100hp, 0-100 km/h 8,1 sec, Vmax 174 km/h


the 1972 JFM Giftzwerg

855 kg, 270hp

0-100 km/h 4,2 sec, 80-120 km/h 2,53 sec

if he is too strong, you are too weak

to have soon …


The 1950 JFM 1500 deLuxe


The 1952 JFM 2500 Crown


Played a little with my new body :slightly_smiling_face:


The 1976 JFM AL100 GTZ, a little car with a big heart and 100 horses