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Jinan Qingqi QM50QT-6 aka chineseshitmoped


This is my Jinan Qingqi QM50QT-6 or Digita50 Euro4, crazy how the same vehicle has many names.

The paintjob adds 10hp

I paid 1250€ in dealership for it and it has 1 year warranty, once the warranty is over it’s going to be sold. If this thing lasts a year it’s a miracle.

I like to call it chinese shit moped because it’s always broken and also needs a shit ton of oil. It has a 49cc engine. 5,5l fuel tank and I need to refuel it once every 65km. It goes whopping 40km/h (25mph) although it’s supposed to go 45km/h (about 30mph).


you have bought a two-stroke moped

it drinking oil is to be expected


No it’s 4-stroke.


huh… i stand corrected then


Got bored and googled it. Came across this bit of absolute poetry from the manual regarding the oil:

Homeless people: Can’t find any food? Just eat some better food.


It makes fun sound when the plastic scrapes on every right turn.

White stripes. right?


Today I met angry van driver.

Van Driver: “There’s plastic scraping the ground on your moped”
Me: “Fuck you”

So, I fixed it.
Here’s before and after photos.




Fixed it for ya


As the winter is coming and I couldn’t find warm place for my chineseshitmoped to stay in, I am selling it. I was going to sell it after winter but this became better option.

It’s currently listed for 800€. Fair price for scooter that has been used for less than a year and is mechanically in good condition.