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Juice It Up! [ Round 1 ]


Welcome to the first round of Juice It Up!

Rules can be found Here : Juice it Up! [ Rules & General ]

To clear up why there are some differences between what is in rules and what is here, this is a testing round, thus is limited to some sections.

It’s year 2007, and summer is coming closer and closer.
For many students it would be time of relief, but for students at this Racing Academy it is troubling.
The academy SC-R are no longer fit for racing, by condition as well as by safety requirements.

Thankfully, local automaker Anhultz provided them a lot of Mimas IX-C, which gave them at least a spark of hope, one, however, quickly extinguished.
The 1.8 Turbo in the Mimas is made for city and economical use, not racing, and would need a major upgrade, or complete replacement.

So, the academy sent out invites to various known tuners and companies, with request to Juice the engines Up.
Meanwhile they got the rest of the cars ready.

Car File for Download

Anhultz - Mimas IX-C RT.car (72.6 KB)

Objectives for this round :

Modify only the Engine, and the Transmission gearing in a way that it is good for racing.

  • Remember, choose optimal figures. This is racing academy, not high-pro racing circuit.

Modify the color (optional - but good colour can earn you lots of points)

Budget for the modifications is $15,000. (How the price is counted is explained in the general rules)
Lowest allowed reliability is 50.
Service costs should not exceed $1,400 ( Starting service costs for the car are $832 )

Rules :

  • The general rules for JIU!
  • Modifying something else then parts mentioned in objectives results in bin.
  • Name format is [ (Your username) - Mimas IX-C RT (Your username [If engine was swapped, otherwise leave as it is]) - (Engine name [+ your username, if the engine was not swapped]) ]
  • Anything sent in with incorrect naming will be ignored.
  • Testing will (only for this round) be done on local Airfield track, so you can test the tune beforehand. Time limit is 1:35, anything slower will be disqualified
  • Changes in trasmission are funded, thus they will not have impact on the values, however, it is not allowed to change quality or type of transmission.
  • Post an informative teaser with the color you chose for the car, and the engine.
    (Do it for dem likes)
  • You can change fixtures, as long as it does not impact Aero of the car

Use “Clone Trim” to prevent overwrite, any car that will not do this will be disqualified.

Deadline :

Deadline is 30.7 18:00 Central European Time
Send me your cars into PM.
Submissions open 24.7 12:00

Big thanks to GetWrekt, Kobacrashi, and Elizipeazie for help with this challenge


do you have a modlist? I have a lot of mods but i still can’t get this to load with all the fixtures.


i can try to compile a list of all the mods used

will follow in an edit to this post once done.

here is the list

L5’s Shameless Clone 4.21

L5’s MDHL 4.21

L5’s The Fog Light 4.21

Bumper Bar Trim Revamp

Country Flag Decals

Trueno (3D font)

Chassis Mounted Spoiler

those should be all of them


During the calculation of the modifications’ price do we have also to sum up only the prices of the parts we haven’t changed or we take only the replaced ones? Could we change the block and head’s material? And could you explain again the name format, especially what you want in each trim and variant slot in the game please. Thanks in advance for the clarifications.

  1. Only changed parts are counted.

  2. Changing body/head of engine is something i am not sure myself about how to count it, but so far i am leaning to new engine, since you basically redo the whole engine.

  3. Name format is pretty simple.
    Car name - your name
    Trim - car’s name
    Engine - your name (if changed)
    engine variant - variant name + (your name, if unchanged)

I will go clarify it


There’s definitely some kind of mod missing. I imported with missing fixtures and it looks fine, but Automation insisted something was up.

Also, when it comes to turbo size, is the price per side or just based on whichever side is bigger?

ALSO, is race fuel available?

ALSO, how is compression ratio judged? New pistons?

  1. Try getting as many workshop mods as possible, if problem remains, pm me with pic of your car and i tell ya what you missin.

  2. Based on whichever size is bigger.

  3. Yes you can run race fuel.

  4. Yes, i wanted to implement something like that, but it would come down to extremes, so as long as you do not blow the engine out of hood, you can raise compression as you like. (This will stay only until i figure out exact measurements for it, likely gone next round)


does that mean you just are not allowed to move/ replace the lip/ wing, or do vents/ grilles also count as aero?

how will gearbox changes be handled price-wise?

  1. Parts that actively contribute to the Aero curves.

  2. It is mentioned, it is funded, but you cannot change quality nor type.


More questions!

Changed cams and timing count as mods, so how are they priced? Is that a new top end and new fuel system?

also, when I change exhaust diameter, are the cat and mufflers considered new, even if they’re not changed?

  1. Yes, after you go over the limits, it counts as new head. If i forgot to include those in sheet, please remind me.

2.Yes, as fitting on differently sized pipe is rather hard operation, it makes more sense to swap them.


Straight pipes it is then!

Alright, so I have a design that’s putting out a healthy amount of power but it’s waaay under budget. Is there any consideration for affordability, or is it just a matter of performance and reliability?


In my engine build I’m using the vvl and when I try to import the stock car to compare the two engines the game recognizes that they are two trim clones of the same family and removes the vvl. Is it going to be a problem for you during the judgement phase? I wouldn’t want that the game messes up my engine when you import it.


are you aware of the stock engine not having VVL?

since i would classify aftermarket VTEC as damn near impossible unless you engine-swap a VTEC engine in


so is it supposed to be:

Anhultz - Elizipeazie
Anhultz - I4-18DIS-DOHC4TCe
[whatever i want] - Elizipeazie


Anhultz - I4-18DIS-DOHC4TCe Elizipeazie


Of course affordability matters!
But on the other hand, a more expensive car can heavily outclass you. So it is about finding a good balance


I’m still getting missing fixtures. Open beta, or stable?


Open Beta


In addition to this, what if we change the racing number on our entries to differentiate them further?