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Juice It Up! [ Round 1 ]


Yeah, you can do that, will be a nice touch.


I’ve some little question to do:

  1. Can we add vvl(I’m using it now beacause it’s present in the aftermarket parts’ list with the rest of the top end parts)? If we can, could this other aspect be a problem for you:
  1. If I’m running the stable version will my car be 100% compatible(without changes) with the current beta(I know this was possible in the past but I haven’t played automation for a while so I’m not sure)?


I do think there is currently no difference between beta and stable.

Also, The VVL is in the price list in case somebody would want to upgrade theirs.
Swapping VVL on a car is rather matter of installing whole new engine.


So we can add vvl but you’ll consider it like an engine swap. Is it correct?




Looks like some mods are beta only, I still get missing fixtures. I will just mod the powertrain and color. Apologies if the exterior is broken when I return the file. I can put the engine in a featureless wonder if you like (call it a crate engine)?


Well, only in bare limit.
Also, if missing minor features, reolace them by what ya have


I’m missing the chassis mounted wing, and you said no aero mods. You see the box I’m in.


Then i will add the wing back.


Sorry for all this questions, I know I’m becoming really annoying. Anyway I have another one: are you going to test cars only on the airfield in automation or also in beamng?


Dw, you are actually helping a lot by asking.
This round is testing one.

Well, it is going to be only in Automation, no Beam involved


I cant download the car file


More questions!

RPM and fuel mixture, are they free for adjustment?

Higher RPM leads to lower reliability but the mod reliablity is based on just the mod penalty to the base car. What restrictions are there on this? As it stands I can aggressively overrev the engine and cause massive damage without penalty.


Related to that, engine RPM is generally cam limited, but not controlled. I suggest (for judging) that a cam advance/retard alone count as a mod, but that a change in lift, count as a part swap. If you change lift, and advance that would just be a part swap. Changing redline is a programming tweak (ecu, no part, but you may need parts to support it) as would be mixture, but not compression or boost (most blow off valves are mechanical).


Also, are we going to be penalised on wheel spin?


Regarding engine swaps, are stock swaps alright? i.e. the engine is untouched from the donor car?


Swapping in a stock engine is alright.


So no need to change the exhaust system to suit the new car?


What is dis?

This is the tuned Anhultz Mimas that was ordered.

Who did dis?

Coincidentally, mostly Anhultz engineers with some outsourcing to other companies, especially in terms of design changes. (Credit to @Ryan93 here)

Wat dis do?

Go fast... -ish? At least fast enough to be fun but not fast enough to be overwhelming to the academy trainees.

How'd u do dis?

  • New lightweight forged conrods and pistons.

  • New camshafts with higher lift and duration for MÖRE PÖWER.

  • New, bigger Turbo and intercooler at one full bar of boost.

  • New intake runners with ITB’s and performance air filter.

  • New ECU with richer fuel mix and slightly altered ignition timing.

  • New exhaust of increased diameter to accomodate the bigger turbo

  • New dearbox and differential to support the higher torque output and use the engine’s potential.

Me have a go?

Please refer to the associated driving academy for driving lessons.


Just to clarify, I could do a completely different front bumper design as long a the splitter is intact, is that correct? I want to do a new bumper but scared to change anything and get dq’d… :sweat_smile: