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Juice It Up! [ Round 1 ]


One of three judged has passed so far, I like my odds for a 1v1 face off.
*Suddenly thinks of The Simpsons *

I know your ISP was down, but the suspense is killing me.


Yeah, sorry about that.
It will not be today, but i had some looks on the cars already. So it will be very quick tommorow.


No, I get completely it, my (ISP supplied) router just drops out randomly. Quick reboot and it 100% for a few hours/days. Getting it replaced Tuesday. Technical difficulties are what they are, and at the end of the day this is a video game contest for fun. But I’m seeking validation from strangers on the internet :upside_down_face:.


Sorry for the long wait.
But hey, here are the cars, the decision will come tommorow.
I also decided to try shorter versions of ratings.

Juice it Up 1- ( Car 4 & 5 )


Green and Mean, with a mean V6 Up front. The wheels were a nice option, causing many instructors to recall their days with Manga. This car was overall a very strong contender, getting into the minimal reliability by a hair. The engine swap was interesting option, and provided the car with new attributes. High speed, lots of torque, slightly increased fuel consumption, and heavier nose.
Likely due to that, it did not excel that much over other cars, setting the time 9s over expected.
A big plus, however, was the low price of the modifications.

The curves were sure well done on the engine, allowing the racers to bring the engine’s full potential on the track.

Passes into the finals


We all surely already heard of “Stopping when the red goes bright”.
But what if the red starts to go candy-like. What then?
Well, the answer is simple, open the hood and hope for good engine.
Yet, we were left disappointed on that. While the engine was particularly well built compared to some others, the tune was not what we would want on a race car, shifty torque with big drops, and only decent power gain compared to other cars.
At the track it did not perform any miracles either, scoring nice 1:28.

This car was sadly to be checked off the list, simply because it did not excel in any of the needed values, while some other cars did.

Does not pass into final decision


Letter from Keika performance officials

Dear [insert name of Academy owner],

we would like to provide a few arguments to convince you to choose our modified Anhultz engine over the swapped one.

Based on the information we formally recieved through the reviews of the respective vehicles, we became aware of the relatively high purchase price of our package compared to the engine swap. While not advantageous, we did not spare any effort in engineering and adapting well-crafted quality parts to the original engine block to ensure safe and reliable operation in every situation it might encounter. We also discovered natural aspiration to be benifitial to driveability through a more predictable engine response, yet we still decided to keep the turbo installed for two reasons.

  • Efficiency: Having the turbocharger installed increases thermal efficiency of the engine and thus reduces running costs through reduced use of fuel.
    Paired with the superior reliability, our package certainly will be less expensive in the long run.

  • Technology: Engine technology is getting more and more advanced at a quicker and quicker pace. The forced induction allows your academy to have a headstart in progress. While major racing series’ are still using naturally aspirated engines, it is not certain for how long they will stay.

Whichever package you might choose in the end, we (as the team of engineers having worked on this project) would appreciate the use of our package. But even if you decide to use the competitor one, it still was a valuable time of learning and team-building.
P.S: It deffo was more fun than making boring-ass family cars for years :stuck_out_tongue:

Best Regards,
Antonio Chase


Aww, all that to find out I made the power band too narrow. Tried to keep the power down (as in going to the wheels) in the middle gears for the short track circuit. At least my engine didn’t explode. Oh well. Congratulations to Kyuu77 and Elizipeazie, time for the swapped vs modded faceoff.

Do we have times for the five cars (the original post said four trucks, so I assumed four cars, and part 5 was the finals).


Dear [insert name of Academy owner],

We would like to thank you for taking our submission in to further consideration, and also hope to ensure you this gratitude is sincere.

We would like to inform you that due to 100% engine part commonality with one of our premium production vehicles, we offer full service and inspection at any of our dealerships. We are commited to ensuring our product remains reliable long in to the future with our first foray in to post-production engineering.

With full commitment to the platform, we will continue to strive to finesse every adaptation to ensure future kits offer ever greater reliability to meet our OEM standard.

Yours dutifully,
The KGB Engineering Team


So you are offering warranty on a prototype engine.

Bold move


The kit is a prototype, the engine is exactly as standard from an '04 car.


Dear [insert name of Academy owner],

We at PMC appreciate the trials invitation for the 2007 Anhultz. Your feedback on the vehicles performance has been given to engineering. We at PMC have always prioritized the dependability of our engines and realize the compromises made to attain this resulted in an underwhelming performance. We would like to send you an example of the Anhultz platform fitted with our all new, near production, engine for the MY2008. As this is a production engine, it will carry the full PMC warranty for power train components. Installation of a demo unit will be at no additional charge in exchange for performance feedback to be used in future power train development.

PMC public relations

*I am offering the car, but mostly jumping on the reply letter bandwagon.

Is the final just a hot lap thing, or is the criteria being expanded to a CSR style judging?


In the finals, the cars will be judged based on much more detailed criteria. But it will share some similarities with CSR finals.

Just this time, my personal opinion does mean nothing, all that speaks are results and values.


Juice it Up! 1 - Final Decision.

After a long series of comparing, testing, and deciding, the victory was given to @Elizipeazie.

For :

  • Tasteful re-style of the car, while remaining subtle.
  • Albeit expensive, this car had plenty of reliability left, and quite low service costs.
  • More newcomer-friendly (and overall better) handling, with similar performance to the other model.

Those were the main reasons, to list all would take even longer.

In the end, the dark red car was chosen, much to the enjoyment of all students, including me.
Soon, twenty five of those were to stand under the roof of this academy.

Yeah, those were the times… I still remember it as if it was yesterday.
You know, back then, sitting in one of those for the first time, it was areally great feeling.
Like if the car told me “Here you go boy, you are a racer now!”

Yeah, those times when we were amateur racing school.
Things changed, but one did not.
A dark red Mimas as the official car of our academy and team.
- Damien Krenk, Anhultz Professional Racing Pilot, 2019