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Juice it Up! [ Rules & General ]


So, I have decided to start a new challenge which, hopefully, you guys will like.

So, what is “Juice it Up!” about?
Street/Free-Time racing and Aftermarket modifications.

Objective :

Build a car that can be modified later to be used for street/amateur racing

  • You will first build the stock car itself, and then build one example of how it can be tuned.
    Thus, the stock car needs to be something that is affordable, reliable, and has lots of tuning

Rules :

  • No resubmissions.
  • One stock car and one tuning example per user/ group of users working together.
  • Track will be only described, and will not be shown until the finals of the round (Where it will be
    shown along with lap times the cars ran on it)

Things that can get you binned :

  • Failing to meet the criteria, especially price.
  • Making a meme car and using furry mods.
  • Making a low-effort visual (a.k.a 3-4 fixture wonders)
  • Minmaxing
  • Using Automatic transmission on a racecar.
  • Making your reliability drop too low.
  • Modifying your car in a way that the ride becomes rock-hard
  • Swapping in a meme engine.

Aftermarket :

Modification price will be sum up of all aftermarket parts, with price being counted as

Each Modified part will also cause reliability penalty, the penalty being counted as

  • [ 2 divided by Additional Quality (Multiplied by 2 no quality change was done) ]

Each Modified part will increase service costs of the car, the increase being counted as

  • Trim : [ $40 divided by half of Additional Quality (Multiplied by 4 if no quality change was done)]
  • Engine : [ $50 divided by half of additional Quality (Multiplied by 4 if no quality change was done)]

Engine swaps will cost a lot and will cause big penalty to reliability. Rules for them
being following

  • Swapping the engine will cost you staggeringly
    [ New engine’s material costs (rounded up) multiplied by 3 ]
  • Swapped engine will cause penalty to reliability.
    [ (100 - New engine’s reliability) - 25 ]
  • Swapping in an engine causes $150 increase in stock car’s service costs.
  • Of course, modifications to the swapped engine will even further increase service costs.
  • The new engine must have its quality sliders at 0 in stock, any added quality counts as mod.
  • You will have to provide file with the stock version of the engine you are swapping in.

Judging System :

You can get up to 10 “points” in each category, however, those are only to tell you where the car
performed in certain areas, they do not declare winner. (OFC, they hint towards it)

The categories being :

Stock performance.
Aftermarket performance.

Stock visuals
Aftermarket Visual Tastefulness

Stock Reliability and Durability
Aftermarket Reliability

Stock Comfort
Aftermarket Comfort.

Stock Service costs
Aftermarket service costs.

Some Important Notes:

  • As using a modified/performance part already increases service costs, the formula will be:
    [ Stock Service costs + Aftermarket increase in service costs ]

  • Same goes for aftermarket reliability, the reliability penalty will be applied to your stock car’s
    [ Stock reliability - Aftermarket penalty]

  • I will not be hard judging you on aftermarket looks, since that varies between every person.
    However ricing body parts will cost you points drastically.

  • Aftermarket Comfort doesn’t need to be higher than your stock car (great if so), just remember
    that the ride doesn’t become completely harsh.

  • The reason why you’ll need to provide a file with the swapped stock engine, is because I need
    to understand what changes you made to that engine first. Remember, most engines are built
    with public and city use in mind.

  • Remember, keep things realistic.

What is considered Modification

( Items below are counted as modification, and will contribute to Service costs, Reliability penalty, and Aftermarket costs )

  • Swapping/Adding/Removing a Part.
    (Removing a part does not cause reliability and service costs penalty)
  • Adding Quality.
  • Changing Exhaust Size.
  • Changing Turbo Size.
  • Uprating the Intercooler.
  • Changing Cam/VVL profile by more than 5.
  • Changing Ignition timing by more than 15.
  • Changing Wheel size.
  • Modifying suspension.


Why do parts incur a reliability penalty? Supporting mods exist solely to enhance reliability so it makes them fairly redundant, and as you already stated, reliability is already hurt by mods.

  1. By increasing quality, you raise the reliability in Automation.
    However, in real life, fitting car with things that are not original has impact on your car’s reliability.
    Hence why it was stated that the parts will cause a reduction in reliability.
    The penalty applied to the stock car’s reliability, and judged from there.

  2. I do not really see any supporting mods to install in Automation -sadly.

3.This raises some challenge in the… well, challenge. While not feeling out of place.


When increasing quality, it’s much like supporting mods i.e. higher quality body equivalent to strut bracing (reflected in environmental resistance). Cooling is like an uprated radiator, same with intercooler. A bigger turbo reduced reliability, but a higher quality one (say a ceramic one) is more reliable.


Yes, that might be the case. But

  1. Not always the car can cope very well with the part, eg, the part is more stressed, or the chassis is.

  2. Thats why the penalty is divided by, not multiplied. At high quality aftermarket turbo, you barely register any change in reliability, however, with cheap one, your car may end up on scrapyard.

  3. There needs to be something universal among the chalenge rounds, which will constantly provide challenge. This is it, and is not far away from real if you read the whole thing.
    Also, usually the penalty is per option in automation, which is whole set of changed parts, not just one one of them, so they are not so drastic.


I’ll wait until the first round comes up to see a more formal set of requirements.


This is just general things and rules.
This is the post that will be linked to every round of JIU!

The rounds themselves will specify conditions

First round will come soon, and it will be about engine-tuning or engine swapping a car for racing academy.


Time to replay some CSR cars. This should be a very interesting series, but the judging criteria sounds very complicated. Maybe it will make more sense, or get smoothed out after a few rounds.

Technical question, if our company lore supports a “standard” and “sport version” of the same chassis would that reduce the reliability penalty? For example, the base car has a 200 hp L4 and is RWD only, but the sport version is a 325HP V6 AWD. We would swap the engine only for a V6 RWD swap on the base chassis? This is fairly common to buy a “frame cut” engine from a wrecked car. This would require supporting documentation obviously (two production cars, and one modified submitted for verification).


It is possible to do that as long as, as you said, provide the copies of the cars beforehand.
However, to prevent someone exploting this, there will still be 1x cost of materials on the engine and the reliability penalty. The service costs increase will not be applied.

However, any willing to do this beware the fact that i will check it through-out to see if it realistically fits, not that your car has magically a 4.0L V8 variant when stock it is 1.6 I4.
Doing so will lead to bin


That’s fair. I have a 2010s car that is defiantly not a Subaru Impreza. Comes with several engines including a 3L flat 6 N/A making 200ish, and a factory tuned turbo version making over 400. Drive restrictions apply from the factory obviously, but the aftermarket cares a lot less about that stuff. That, and so many people put GM small blocks and LS engines in… well everything that a same make engine swap makes for some good references.

Most of my vehicles are parodies of something, and I’d like to keep the joke going. I’ll resist the urge to make an LS1 Fiero though.

About when are you expecting round 1 to be up?


The first round will be uploaded sometime tommorow (of my time), and the contestants will not be bringing in their own cars for that round (because of the not-yet completed sheet).

Instead, will be tasked with tuning/swapping an engine for Race Academy cars which will be provided in the round.

Juice It Up! [ Round 1 ]

<.< Srsly.


Before you say it he’s not a furry hater

You have to admit most of the furry mods are not serious for proper car tuning


Why would you say that?

I’m proud to be a furry hater :slight_smile:


Do you hate furries (the costume), furries (the community), of yiff (you’ll have to google that one). I happen to know some furries, they are some of the best people I know. Well most of the time, sometimes they are the best kangaroos, and lions, and wolves I know, but that’s beside the point.

All hate has a root.


I don’t legitimately hate furries señor, just a meme.


Ah, that’s good then. Generally I like to understand someone’s dislike. I might not change your mind, but I may reduce some animosity and clear up misinformation. Plus researching peoples opinions is interesting. I wasn’t aware furries had become a car meme. I also just learned about the Soffe cars. How far back do these things go? Oh, and whats the meme (furry)? Just making fun of the workshop guy?


Hating furries is just like a meme in general, I don’t personally care