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KATSURO Motor Company Ltd


Tanashi Katsuro was always fascinated with cars at an early age, an obsession which continued throughout his life. He worked as a mechanic at the Art Shokai garage, where he tuned cars alongside his longtime friend Soichiro Honda, who later went out on his own to produce pistons for Toyota. Tanashi, on the other hand, inherited a small sum from his father who was a wealthy real estate mogul at the time he passed in the early 40s. With his new found wealth and a passion for cars, he opened up his own tuning shop while furthering his engineering studies at the same time. The shop was doing well but Tanashi needed more capital to start a serious motor company, so he got a loan from one of his dad’s old friend who was also very wealthy but wanted 10% of the profits. He then added his inheritance and together it made enough capital to start a small car company, KATSURO Motor Company, Ltd in 1946. The company then worked on a small commuter car over the next 6 years which would set the stage for future developments…


The front headlights you are using on the car are not accurate to 1955, they are more 2000s/2010s lights taken directly from the dodge Challenger.


1952 Katsuro Model A

The first car to roll off the Katsuro Production line. A pretty basic family car that was grossly under-powered with a 4 banger producing less than 50 hp and got 20 mpg. The pure steel construction meant it was also prone to rust in some climates, but was renowned for it’s affordability and reliability, and therefore sold relatively well.


All in all, not a bad start. Early in the 50s, post-war austerity was still a thing in some countries, and basic transportation for the masses would have been an ideal antidote.


That was the idea; to appeal to the masses as the country rebuilds after WW2. I think I could rework the intro of the company to highlight it’s involvement in producing arms during the war.