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Keeping the engine in boost


For some unknown reason i decided to build highly strung stupidly powerful Turbo I4 that is useless below 5700 RPM.

Can someone with more knowledge than myself explain why it short shifts on the test track at 4500 ish RPM until it gets to whatever the first proper braking zone is before getting (and then afterwards staying) in boost for the remaining part of the run?

  1. short shifting might be caused by gearing or very early peak power, idk
  2. If you want to get full spool earlier, try to experiment with turbo sizes instead of getting the massive one

At least those two seemed to work with my problems similar to yours, but it’s independent for every config imo.


I am quite happy with the engine config as it is… the game just doesn’t realize that the car needs to run at 6000 RPM to make power… so as a result it also claims to have a top speed of about 170 kph when it will in fact hit 300+.

it is also mistaken on fuel economy and 0-100 times and the like.


How do you know all this? Especially the fuel economy…


the fuel economy is an educated guess on my part given the fluctuations i’ve seen on other cars with the same gearbox problems… the others are fairly obvious given how it picks up speed out of the slow corners on track once in boost… not even close to the 10+ seconds it claims to need to hit 100 kph.


Is there an issue with wheel spin at lower speeds?


Maybe post pics of your gearing and engine tabs, so the more experienced (and I don’t mean me) can make suggestions.