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Killrob’s LCV3 Fruinian Supercars - Merano


It is never to late to join xD


Whhhy Killrob. Whhhhyyy this body


…or because it is a good challenge for you design pros :wink:



I actually love this, the round headlights are a great homage to the Titus.


My Idea for a Merano Badge


Well… i tried haha !


With the color background this is really good :slight_smile:


I thought it would make it more fancy and ofcourse now has the fruinian colors on it


I also made them for ingame
Still a w.i.p. though


Weren’t mods not permitted?
Also that’s a sicc badge


He asked me if he’d be allowed to use the specific badge he made for Merano, and I said yes, because it is a nice badge. I wouldn’t require anyone to use it, but when it gets put on the workshop you can use it too. Still looks like it needs a lot more polys! :stuck_out_tongue:


I am currently reworking the model, laat time I modded the game was the key engine version so still relearning the ropes.

Version 1 will be uploaded on Saturday
@Killrob what is a good poly count for a badge?


The artists reply was: “… … anything less than 10000.”
That should be more than enough to make it look nice :stuck_out_tongue: but probably don’t go that high because BeamNG might react a little harsher to poly count than Automation.


Hmmm… So 9001 would be a good number :stuck_out_tongue:


version 1 has been released :smile:
Please test and give me some feedback


Uhh @Killrob is this supposed to be normal XD

This was the Titus CLS model


After making two mediocre designs for Verdini and Dalius, I finally managed to come up with something viable.
Still work in progress.

@necronassassin Badges are great, no glitches noticed. And I just love how this badge looks on a colour that I’ve picked for my designs.

More pics:





UPDATE 01 now working on some of the side details


the paint looks killer on the automation track XD on the Dalius