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Killrob’s LCV3 Fruinian Supercars - Merano


So we investigated the issue with the exported car that isn’t working and it turns out it is an issue with the car exporting from campaign. Problem is that this fix will first come in the build that invalidates the campaign saves :stuck_out_tongue: so we’ll need to do something tricky and convert the campaign to a sandbox database. I’ll have a go at that and see what happens!

Edit: Okay, it looks like you can just edit the campaign save to rename your company to SANDBOX and it will work once you’ve renamed the database to the sandbox db name. That means I can reexport all the broken cars and we should be good. :slight_smile:


Yay, the cars are saved. If you want to turn your campaign savegame into a Sandbox database you just need to open up the save in DB Browser, navigate to the Companies table, and rename your company to SANDBOX.
Then rename the file to sandbox_openbeta and replace your sandbox database file with the modified savegame. Now when you open sandbox you will have all your company cars and engines there.

Edit: I have updated the Ultegra CSXR download file. This one should work: Ultegra CSRX.


Can confirm the file works now, but it seems like it’s ever so slightly different to the one in the video (slightly lighter, slightly cheaper.) Just a heads up.


I chose to export the second iteration of the car :slight_smile: the facelift, as that is the version we’ll sell. Should be okay! :smiley:


This car has alot of tearing issues


Can we use diffusers on the Ultegra because I apllied it and it didn’t change the stats of the car


Is this to modern?


Yeah it kinda looks too modern mate



Wait, we can change the aero?? yesssss


Well, if you add another piece of the same type of aero, you can remove the original one without changing the aero settings by rob.

Also, the 80’s have passed, hello 90’s.


Just a note: There seems to be an issue with the exporting of ride height. I think I corrected that for the newer cars, but some of the older ones may show a reasonable value upon importing, and then you look at them and they are buggies. If that happens, feel free to lower the car to a reasonable height. I will do that myself when I see a car like that in the competition. :slight_smile:

And another note: Yes, let’s agree that you may switch out the wing and lip for another model, just make sure to not move them, as that changes aero balance.


Your designs so far have been stunning, quite frankly - your proposals for the Avantis and Ultegra would not have been out of place in OutRun and Turbo OutRun respectively, and your interpretation of the Vega, meanwhile, looks like it belongs in OutRunners.


Thank you :grin:


You’re scaring people into not participating with your designs haha xD so let me give a bit of prep talk to all the others in here:

Winning sure is nice, but if everyone only participated if guaranteed victory, there would be no competitions. How about the following, a suggestion to view this in a different light. I’m going to rate the cars on an (as) absolute (as possible) scale, which means that even if there are some real insane crackers in there, your car would still score “good design”, it is not directly being compared to the winner but looked at for its design values. If you (maybe rightly) think you can’t win, set yourself a custom challenge. For instance “I want to score more than a 5 ‘solid design’ on average, and it is a win for me if I do”.

For others it might be a different target, again for others it might be that they want to just show their designs to a wider audience. Set reasonable targets… because we know how darn good some people are at designing Automation cars since the official design competition - and since then, they have improved.

So make sure to participate :slight_smile: Defeats the point otherwise!


The coming days the remaining 4 episodes are going to be released on an every second day schedule. That means the final one will come our on April 17th in most timezones. Once that one is out, the day after I’ll post the starting shot to the competition submission phase that will last one week plus a day or so… I’ll start judging the cars on Saturday April 27th and you can then expect the first episodes come out the week thereafter. :slight_smile:


Killrob you sound like my dad,and I love it :stuck_out_tongue:


I regard myself as a pretty good designer, but trust me, it sure is hard to make something unique after seeing MGR’s cars. Still, I’ll continue to strive to compete toe to toe with the best out there, all while bringing a more unique take. :slight_smile:



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