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Kodiak - Closed


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I admire the simplistic design. Good work, pal.


I would say you need to complicate your designs a bit. The main strokes of the style work, you just need to fill some spaces in.


Love the front!
Just a little suggestion if I may:
Play with details on the rear :smiley:


######(actual) fun fact: ‘gila’ in my language literally means ''crazy"

and i agree with everyone up top. your designs are a bit too simplistic. i’m not saying it’s bad, it’s actually works well for the bodies you have already used.
but it also give the feeling like the designer and the one supervising him is not giving enough fucks about their jobs. :stuck_out_tongue:


For some reason, the name “Buck” calls my attention. I find myself coming back to this topic just to look at it. Weird.


Minimalistic design isnt always too bad. It seems like you just need some inspiration. What if I’d send you a car of mine and you do some badge-engineering, you fit my car with a Kodiak engine and change the lamps, handles, whatever to your taste. :slight_smile:
I’d really like to try out such an experiment.


Oh, don’t worry, take your time as you need. I have a lot of 70s cars here, just choose one or two and pm me and you ll get it. Can’t wait to compare the ratings and see your changes (and maybe even improvements),