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Kyō jidōsha chōsen - Kei Car Challenge


1988, Inage-Ku, Chiba, Chiba Prefecture

Kenichi Nomura, a young man of 22 years, looks for a car to move, as well as have fun.

He is clear that he is looking for a kei car, since it has tax advantages over another category of cars.


What use will it give to the car, and what do you look for?

The car will normally use it alone, as well as to go with his girlfriend, Keiko on weekends. Sometimes more than two people will be on time. So the rear seats are not something primordial, in terms of space.

He will use it both by city, to travel by highway, and to have fun on weekends at night, on mountain roads.

About the aesthetic, look for something sporty. Away from the boring aesthetics of normal models, without much detail, and a lot of black plastic.

In principle, wants a hardtop with 3 doors. But it is open to other suggestions. He might even be interested in some weird model.

About mechanics, it wants something fun, agile and dynamic, reliable, and with good fuel economy. So, nothing about auto transmissions!

Things to keep in mind

  • Speed limits: Expressway: 80-100km/h; Urban areas: 40km/h; secondary streets: 30km/h; Other (like mountain roads, 50-60km/h).

  • Fender mirrors (not mandatory since 1983), have several advantages, such as lower vehicle width (remember that the streets of Japan are narrow, as well as the parking exits), require less head turn to look at them, and have lower blind spots…

  • Remember that Japan cars are RHD!

  • The Japanese prefer local brands. And kei car, is a product that is sold, very majority, only in the Japanese market. So, if you don’t have a japanese brand a) Create a new brand. b) Joint-venture with a local brand. c) Take the risk.

  • Consider the use of a 3-cylinder engine.

  • We are on a Japanese economic boom ( the last years. But you don’t know that, remember). So, think about the RON to use, and the car equipment.

  • On that era, the Japanese cars sold on Japan, were limited to 180km/h.


Kei car rules (in 1989, the rule applied is that of January 1, 1976. Here the list).

  • Maximum length: 3.2 m (10.5 ft). ->3.42 m in Automationverse.
  • Maximum width: 1.4 m (4.6 ft).
  • Maximum height: 2.0 m (6.6 ft).
  • Maximum displacement: 550 cm3 (4-stroke and 2-stroke).
  • No maximum power.
(Remember that in Automation, only 4-stroke engines are available, and some of the dimensions are not available on the game. But I added for knowledge purposes).

General rules:

  • The total car cost, can’t exceed the $14.000, with +20% margin.
  • The two fuels available on Japan, were 91 RON (89 IRL), and 95 RON (96 IRL).
  • Safety: Minimum 24.
  • Catalytic converter not mandatory.
  • Maximum engine noise: 35.
  • Engine: max. 30 PU, and 55 ET.
  • Trim: max 125 PU and 25 ET.
  • Model year: minimum 1976. Trim year, 1988.

What will Kenichi wants? (in order. From more to less)

  • Easy to drive, and fun.
  • Reliability, fuel consumption and design.
  • Service costs.
  • Practicality and confort
  • Safety.


Entries closes the 15Th July, at 10:00 (GMT +01:00) 24h time.

How to name engine and trim?

  • Car model: KCC-Username.
  • Car trim: Brand+Model+Trim name.

  • Engine Model: KCC-Username.
  • Engine Model: engine family (or whatever you want).

And submit here an ad (price recommended).

I will not accept 3-fixture Cars.

And, of course, if you have a suggestion, feel free to post on the comments section.


Cool, cool…So I guess we have to wait for a kei-car body for this challenge?


Yeah, uh, there’s no Kei car bodies in Automation ATM.

So, this challenge won’t actually work per say.


But there is.


The Honda City isn’t Kei sized


Yeah, all we have is the kei-sized Aston Martin body from 2005. So, kinda no point to this at this point. :man_shrugging:


Well, there is one available early enough, back from when a lot of people drove kei cars even in other continents.


I changed the max lenght, so, it works, at least with a few bodies. But enough to do this challenge.


Kei cars are Limited to 140kph, I should point out


But on that era?

I know that on the 1998 rules.

Anyway, thanks for the appointment!


Have to ask…I’m old, senile and don’t understand…


What difference would this make?


The first one, It says that I don’t accept low-effort cars.

And the second one, if you decide to use only one mirror, or for assymetrical position of the mirror.


OK cheers. :slight_smile:

I have 4 fixtures…am I OK? :rofl:


You like to live on the limit :joy:



Am I the only entrant?


I don’t know but I think you are the only one :slight_smile: xD


That’s probably why


Or I don’t know.Maybe making 550cc kei car is too hard for users.


Hey, didn’t saw this one. I’m making a car for it later.