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Kyō jidōsha chōsen - Kei Car Challenge


But I adapted the lenght rule, to adapt to this body.

@Jaimz and yeah. You are alone😅


Yeah but it’s no longer a Kei Car challenge then, and with 1 body available…


Extend the deadline. I will challenge the Iron Maiden.

flees from Eddie


MV Design created the Mocca, for the japanese automaker Enula (old gamers will have good memories). Who doesn’t want a car designed by a famous studio?


I’ll see your Enula and raise you a Focer (another fictional Japanese company).

According to Google Translate, the Japanese word for “Hoon” is “Fun”. Cute.

Perhaps Kenichi is interested in driving sideways?

Presenting the Focer Funigan, with chassis tuning by LPE and styling inspired by Dream Factory Blow.

Is it any good? That depends. If you need a light delivery vehicle that drives sideways, then sure.

Does it oversteer? You bet.

What about burnouts? Yep, with a geared LSD it tears the tires off up to about 14kph.

It’s powered by a 36hp, sohc 3v 550cc triple with a “Magnum 57” sport cam, multipoint fuel injection (and by multi, we mean three), aluminum performance intake and lightweight exhaust, and VVT. The interior features standard trim and cassette, driver aids include hydraulic power steering and ABS. Alloy wheels add to its sporty image. All this for just $7420(@20%), so Kenichi can afford to buy another one after he crashes this one.




I wish I had checked the forum yesterday now, I made the ultimate fun budget car awhile ago, and it’s basically a kei car that meets all of the requirements. (it was slightly too loud because it didn’t have a muffler)

oh well


Update: because I don’t get many submissions, I decided to cancel that competition (and re-open in a future, when kei car bodies are available).

Still, as I know the effort that needs to be put in a car, I will not have forgotten them. If you want, I had thought to use them to review classic cars in Grip Hunters.


Ok for me. Have fun with the Mocca. Also, there’s a Turbo version avaliable now.

KCC-Marcus_gt500 - Enula Mocca Turbo by MV Design.car (42.7 KB)
KCC-Marcus_gt500 - Enula Mocca Turbo Track Pack.car (43.6 KB)


That would be a nice consolation. :slight_smile: