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Lagau Cars and Tuning [LORE-FREE] - ("News of MS-2 replacement and Re ; series line")


So after being away for about half a year, I think its time to be back at this forum with a fresh slate of knowledge of designing a car or two. However, it will be lore free because I dont really have that much capability on making a decent lore.

Name : Lagau Cars and Tuning Inc.
Location: France
Year Established : somewhere in the 60’s, reports say there were late 50’s prototype under the same name

Anyways, onto the car

2018 Lagau MS 1 : "Simple is Faster"


Engine is a 3.8 L V6 DOHC 2-Valve with AlSi on the Bottom and Top end. Produces 681 hp @ 8000RPM and 650 Nm @ 6700 RPM with the help of two turbo chargers. uses 98 RON fuel with Decatted Exhaust.


Chassis is full carbon-fibre monocoque with Double Wishbone Front and Rear which weighs 1298 kg. Suspension is not electronically controlled but oldschool progressive springs with semi-active dampers and sway bars which can be adjusted by hand in a track garage. Wing at the back produces over 100 kg of downforce at 300+km/h and top speed is at 342.7 km/h with no underbody to save weight. Brakes are Carbon Ceramic that helps stop the car at 29.9m from 100 km/h - 0


Equipped with Sport Bucket seats with 9" Centre Touch Screen and 4-Way Active Traction Control System and Launch Control. Dual- Clutch 6-speed gearbox and Electronic Limited Slip Differential.


Price: 157576$ @ 30% Drivetrain: 3.8 L turbo V6 (engine) RWD 6-Speed Dual Clutch Sequential with Electronic Diff (Transmission) Chassis: Carbon Fibre Monocoque with Double Wishbone setup.

some extra shots:


Those exhausts are more at home at the end of a tank’s gun barrel. Also, performance specs?


Top speed : 343 km/h
0 - 100 km/h: 3.00s
80 - 120 km/h: 1.30s
Cornering grip: 1.27g (20m) 1.33g (200m)
1.57.08 at the Automation Test Track


Oof, nice


2019 Lagau Verano Abrir Convertible

(roughly translates to "summer break")

The Verano Abrir is a convertible Gran Tourer with snap precision handling and powerful thrust wherever it goes, from the fastest of racetracks to the tightest of mountain roads. Thanks to a rear-biased All-Wheel Drive system and Electric LSD, it can handle dry and wet surfaces without much hassle. An all double-wishbone setup with Air suspension makes the handling sharp and snappy while retaining comfort and posture on the road. With a turbocharged 3.7 L V6 producing 424 hp and 576nm, it goes like stink with a top speed of 274 km/h and 0 - 100 km/h in 3.9 s. Inside, Leather seats and a luxurious center 10" touchscreen awaits you and your partner that accompanies you in your journey.

The Verano Abrir cost 71 137 $ @ 40% and currently has one trim at the moment and we are planning to make a V12 version that is more sportier and more sharper.

Additional stats:

I am just going to share the car file to anyone wanting to test this:
Lagau - Verano Abrir.car (32.5 KB)


Lagau "Re ; " series Teaser"

to be revealed in the Tokyo Auto Salon

Re ; Track 1*

Re ; Speed 1*

* - Prototype shown, not the final build


Lagau plan's for MS-1 replacement and "Re ; series" line

– We have been working on the successor on the MS-1 which will be more focused on balance rather than outright performance.

What we can tell about the MS-2 will be that the engine in the MS-2 will be 0.1L smaller than that of the MS-1. We can assure you that the power output has actually increased by 1hp. That means a smaller package with little improvement on power output.

– To accomodate the production of the limited “Re ; series” cars, the “early” MS-2’s will also be a limited production. There will be a later revision that will follow through once the “Re ; series” production ends.

Rev.1 Chassis and Design(MS-2)

– Since the MS-2 will be a limited production run for now, the car has been designed with an aluminum chassis and carbon fibre panels. The revision will return back to the all-carbon fibre chassis/panels layout est. 2019

– shots of the first production car to be unveiled together with “Re ; series” line of cars
(final production model)

(feedback on the designs are welcomed!)

A little clarification.....

- The designs found on the Re ; track 1 and the Re ; speed 1 are all finished, only the mechanicals and handling will be fine tuned, which we can hopefully make during the timespan before the Tokyo Auto Salon....