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Late 90s mid engine goodness (wip)


I am starting to model a car I made a picture of some time ago which is proving to be tricky (since I dont have a top view) its going to be a curvy mi engine car that would be able to fit a longitudinal V6 or small V8 and will be a notch bigger than the small MR vanilla vehicle, the intended finbal result is to make the model to a level of a vanilla vehicle


Good luck - I look forward to seeing it completed


Time for a change of method after seeing some tutorials and seeing the car will be curvier than i thought


Which one is the Vanilla car? :slight_smile:


Vanilla is the content that comes from the game without any mods.


More progress… maybe i should do those wheel arches smaller


It’s looking great! And I think you should leave the arches as they are, or have them flat, and make them morphable in-game when you skin the model. :slight_smile:


I also have to massage away some kinks and dents but getting there… i hope i can get it done good enough to become vanilla content and maybe make the great Kubboz move!


Looks awesome, can’t wait to see the finished product!


Wow this is amazing if any car company on this forum should be the best its gonna be you! lol seriously though I mean you are making cars from scratch while everyone is the painting on the canvas good job man!


MASSIVE UPDATE! I have been doing many 3-d stuff of different types, but in the mean time I haven’t forgot this beauty.

Also if there is a link I can go to to get the tools I need to make this a usable shells in game. please let me know


you might wanna check out the tutorial vids




they also have links in their descriptions to the tools you need to export from 3dsmax (32bit) to the game

edit: the tools are also available if you download the workshop toolkit from steam


omg its windows xp


in the mean time I switched to W7 :stuck_out_tongue:




moremoremore :unamused:


Any update on this beast?


not much I have to figure out the kinks in the bodywork



not much I have to figure out the kinks in the bodywork[/quote]




not much I have to figure out the kinks in the bodywork

RIP late 90’s mid engine goodness