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Launcher will open, but main game will not


Yesterday I got Automation, the launcher will open fine, but once I click play the launcher closes, on Steam it says “running” but then it stops running and Automation won’t open. Help!


Really, 6 views and nobody is helping me?! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Keep it as the in-focus window and try a few times, it’s been more dodgy with the most recent run of patches.




Wait, what do you mean by “in-focus window?”


Don’t click on another window while it’s loading, it has be the window you last touched.


Still no luck, any other ideas?


Launch it directly without Steam.



The automation logo comes up, but then it closes and a BugSplat thing comes up.


All I can suggest is you keep trying. It crashes for me on first start basically every time then the second load is long (probably due to amount of cars and engines) but then it starts and it’s fine from there.


Try to verify files, to see if the download went ok.


I answered in the other thread you asked about it. I’ll need your game log, you get it via the game log button in the launcher. Cheers!