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Leeroy Custom Solutions


This is the thread where I’ll be placing my unorthodox Bogliq USA cars, as well as practice building lore for a Bogliq exclusive (perhaps) tuning company.

Please PM me any thoughts or comments you have on my cars, to cut down on clutter, otherwise leave a like (if you want to) and thanks for checking out my thread!

Website used to calculate period accurate prices: US Inflation Calculator

I use the reference point of 1 Automation Dollar = 1 2010 US Dollar :grin:


1959 Leeroy Mutineer

1959 Mutineer/Model 5 mashup shown

Leeroy Custom Solutions was a bespoke coachbuilder from before WWII. James and Jesse Leeroy founded the company to build ultra luxury limousines out of more generic brands. During WWII, no-one would give the brothers any work as they were seen as rivals to all the other brands, well all except one. Konstantin realised that subcontracting the brothers to build low volume, high intricacy variants of the GPUV and the GPDV would free the Bogliq factory to build more of the generic variants. The brothers never forgot this kindness and, after the war, offered their services to Bogliq USA as a bespoke customiser of Bogliq products. Konstantin readily agreed and the beginning of a fascinating and productive (and current to this day) partnership was born.

Same car, from the rear

All Bogliqs were available for the coachbuilding program. Some buyers didn’t trust the new fangled monocoque chassis idea and others wanted to install an engine from a different Bogliq model. Leeroy custom built each car to the customers taste but the customer was limited to the Bogliq parts bin and, later on, bespoke Leeroy Racing tuner parts, so that their warranties would remain intact. All Leeroy custom models could be serviced at any Bogliq dealer and were given a specialised service schedule based off whatever parts were used to customise the car…

The Leeroy brothers did take liberties with the original Bogliq designs, using altered grilles, special paint jobs and bumpers to help distinguish a Leeroy from their mass produced brethren but never strayed too far from the standard set by Bogliq USA!

CSR 72: Fancy on the Farm

1961, Leeroy Racing tuning kits are first released at LAMAS!

Due to increased interest in Cafe racing and impromptu street Drag racing as the 50’s continued on, a growing market for performance parts was identified by Leeroy Customs. This new market resulted in Leeroy Customs setting up a R&D centre near the Laguna Seca racetrack in Salinas, California to develop performance kits for various popular, and not-so-popular Bogliq products.

In 1961, Leeroy Custom hosted the first LAMAS (Leeroy After-Market Auto Show) at Laguna Seca to showcase their new product and stimulate interest in the performance tuner industry as a whole.

Tuning Kits

Mk I Bogliq Mutineer
The Alpha 4 mods would fit other Bogliqs powered by that engine

Leeroy Mutineer Mk I Kit

  • Power increased from 52Kw to 73Kw
  • 0 - 100 reduced from 16.3 sec to 11.3 sec
  • Q/mile reduced from 21 sec to 18.6 sec
  • Top speed increased from 144Km/h to 166Km/h
  • Laguna Seca flying lap time dropped from 2:25.14 to 2:13.54
  • Car now requires 98RON
  • Price for conversion: $280

Leeroy Mutineer Mk II
Crazy fast for an all-drum equipped vehicle!

Leeroy Mutineer Mk II Kit

  • Power increased from 54Kw to 103Kw
  • 0 - 100 reduced from 15.7 sec to 8.5 sec
  • Q/mile reduced from 20.7 sec to 16.7 sec
  • Top speed increased from 148Km/h to 189Km/h
  • Laguna Seca flying lap time dropped from 2:22.79 to 2:08.42
  • Capacity increased to 2.4L, car now requires 98RON
  • Price for conversion: $550

Leeroy Zealot Mk II
Angrier than a disturbed hornet and twice as likely to sting!

Leeroy Zealot Mk II Kit

  • Power increased from 75Kw to 118Kw
  • 0 - 100 reduced from 9.6 sec to 6.7 sec
  • Q/mile reduced from 17.5 sec to 15.2 sec
  • Top speed increased from 154Km/h to 184Km/h
  • Laguna Seca flying lap time dropped from 2:07.12 to 1:59.51
  • Car now has a 2.4L V6, Car now requires 98RON
  • Price for conversion: $400, enquire for price if trim being modified isn’t an Enthuse!

Leeroy Mutineer Mk III, V6 Upgrade
Performance upgrades for when you don’t want an engine swap

Leeroy Mutineer Mk III V6 kit

  • Power increased from 100Kw to 118Kw
  • 0 - 100 reduced from 8.5 sec to 7.8 sec
  • Q/mile reduced from 16.7 sec to 16.1 sec
  • Top speed increased from 185Km/h to 193Km/h
  • Laguna Seca flying lap time dropped from 2:05.57 to 2:02.77
  • Price for conversion: $110, enquire for price if trim being modified isn’t an Enthuse!

Leeroy Mutineer Mk II, V8 conversion
Such an obvious idea that Bogliq should have done this from the factory!

Leeroy Mutineer Mk III V8 Kit

  • Power increased from 100Kw to 201Kw
  • 0 - 100 reduced from 9.2 sec to 6.5 sec
  • Q/mile reduced from 17.1 sec to 14.7 sec
  • Top speed increased from 183Km/h to 228Km/h
  • Laguna Seca flying lap time dropped from 2:06.96 to 1:57.51
  • Car now has a 4.6L V8
  • Price for conversion: $650, enquire for a price if trim being modified isn’t an Empower!

Turn-key Custom Performance Solutions

Leeroy Customs also built two cars, based off Bogliq products, that were different enough to get their own registry and identification numbers. These cars were sold direct from Leeroy Customs and had to be special ordered from Leeroy Customs or, after verification checks, through the usual Bogliq Dealer Network. These cars were serviceable at any Bogliq dealership (as well as at either the Detroit or Salinas outlets) and Bogliq honoured the Leeroy Customs warranty.

Decadence by Leeroy
A plutocrats dream…

Fills the gap left by dropping the V12 from the Model 8 Maverick Empower. A Gamma V12 graces the engine bay and a hand crafted interior completes the picture to produce a fast, luxurious cruiser with no compromises.

Decadence specifications

  • 219Kw, 5.5L V12 for effortless performance
  • 0 - 100Km/h in 9.2 sec
  • Q/mile dispatched in 16.7 sec
  • Top speed of 219Km/h
  • Laguna Seca flying lap time of 2:07.3
  • Reference price: $4,865 but rare customisation will cost more!

Tryst by Leeroy
Beauty just got hyper exclusive!!!

The ultimate expression of the Continental GT concept. Tuned V12 matched with a handmade interior, complete with a mini-phonograph! Only the elite will truly appreciate the gloriousness that is the Tryst driving experience.

Tryst specifications

  • 252Kw, 5.5L V12 for exciting, yet effortless, performance
  • 0 - 100Km/h in 6.5 sec
  • Q/mile dispatched in 14.7 sec
  • Top speed of 233Km/h
  • Laguna Seca flying lap time of 1:51.19
  • Reference price: $4,675 but rare customisation will cost more!


It’s hard to take this company seriously when every time you read it you go “LEEEEEEEROOOOOOOOOOOOY… cuuussstooooms”


Are we raiding Bogliq’s headquarters in 25 HC?


Finally!!! :triumph:

I’ve been waiting AGES for someone to notice the joke… Now I’ll have to re-name my company! :laughing:

But what to, I wonder… :thinking:


Arrowknee Motors




Regular Bogliqs = blue
Leeroys = orange

Got it. :stuck_out_tongue:




I felt Bogliq Blue would be wrong for Leeroy as well as Bogliq and I liked to use the orange valve covers in Kee, so I decided that Leeroy was getting orange as their signature colour from now on!

But Non-performance Leeroys like the special order ute will still be painted blue… Can’t make things too easy, lol!


Fus road da