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Lessons Learned


OK, everyone was loading their CSR99 cars, but I was kind of embarrassed. I sent the RWD version of a car I was working on, instead of the 4x4 version, and didn’t realize it until two days later. That makes 3 straight CSRs, where I’ve done something boneheaded, like not double checking my submission.
This is the one I submitted:ATI-Giusseppe Tsunami - CSR submission.car (52.6 KB)

This is the one I meant to submit: ATI-Giusseppe Tsunami - Shoulda.car (52.6 KB)

So, anyway, this car was based on the GMC Typhoon, sort of. I started with my closest approximation of a BMW M88 3.5 liter inline 6, mainly because I did not want to do a turbo. Turbos are not my forte, and especially being 1989, when the turbo tech isn’t that great. I got away from my original M3 concept, and decided to do the Typhoon instead, because I felt it would be unique.

I did some research on this, and found the Typhoon didn’t actually come out until 1991; I figured the body shape was the same, and the main difference is a high torque twin turbo V6. I could not get the 0-100 km/h time (I used metric, so all the conversions would be equal) of 5.3 seconds that the original boasted, with either engine. With the M88, I was able to match the acceleration of a 1989 M3, however. I’ve fiddled with downforce and aero, and I’m still not getting it. I set the fuel system to take 98 RON, and added a turbo and got to about 5.74 seconds. The car is 200 kg lighter than the original.
Here’s the clone, with the 4.3 liter twin-turbo V6 (closest approximation): ATI-Giusseppe Tsunami - Clonish.car (52.6 KB)
Edit: Oh yeah! forgot that the original was AWD, whereas the inline 6 is too awkward a size for AWD, only allows RWD and 4x4.


It’s BMW that owns Rolls Royce and Bentley is owned by VW.
BTW, nice car.


Did someone say, Chocolate?!