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Lets create a new BRC


Common, even its being too much work, what that community cant do? Lets re-create it.
i know that it is too much work, but for what i saw, that was too damn nice.
Dont take me bad pls
like, in a long term tournament that was hosted thru many years, what would you like to see?


A British Retail Consortium?


Business Renewables Centre?


Goooood evening everyone and welcome to the Bavarian Racing Championship 2019 edition…

(Only old Automation players will remember this one)



A new edition of Brothers Running from Cars


List of what the BRC can be:

  • Brothers Running from Cars
  • Bavarian Racing Championship 2019 edition
  • Business Renewables Centre
  • British Retail Consortium


Now, for real, lets create something like it was.
It is a long term running championship, like a RPG.
There are many teams, and they compete against each other against the years, with rules of money, ads, and other things to turn it in a more “professional” championship. A team that went at last in the 1950 champs could get a new sponsor that would put him in first at 51’ champs, basically that.
I know that it is a fucking hard job, but I think, at least, that the work would be rewarded.
Automators Unite!


What software is required for this? I bought a sega game called “motorsport manager” and the 2d version of racing looks just like the old BRC.
In my world, we would submit our cars, a pit schedule, and a racecar driver with 4 or 5 categories of a 1-10 points system like “acceleration” “braking” “overtaking” “cornering” “fatigue” or something of that nature. We would have fuel stops and tire changes like the old BRC. How hard it is to make this into a mod?


I’m kind of new to Automation (about 1 year). From what I gather BRC (if somebody could share the actual acronym that would be great) is like D&D with cars? Is the old rules thread around, or is this a from scratch thing? Good friend of mine is a D&D player, and I am a mechanic, so between us we can help write realistic rules if needed. Would still need a racing guru, I watch sports car racing, but I am far from an expert.

This sound like something fun for those pedantic enough to be dedicated to it.


I think its exactly that thing “A D&D with cars” but that cars being our automation-made cars. The old rules problably is around, but the BRC, for what I saw, was hosted before the UE4 comes around, so there are many changes since it was hosted for the last time, and every round there are more addictions, they used various simulations programs too, for what I will go in search. But at first we need to thinks what would be necessary in such a big tournament, you know?


I will play that motorsport manager to get some inspiration, and that racecar driver idea is noice, but we have to addapt it to how the time would be taken. And so need to be “random” drivers too, you know, you can change your driver if you want to pay less, like would be if you got a really nice car and no more money to use


Maybe the host makes a list of “drivers” with assorted stats (modifiers) that multiply the cars stats (the scores for drivability, sportiness, etc). Auction the drivers each season? The competitor (car makers) would have to match a driver to their car, and afford to hire them. Maybe a 1-10 scale, with a max of so many points distributed. Possible add one “sill point” per season. Older drivers cost more because of more skill? Drivers have to retire after 15-20 (barring a randomly generated crash)?

Just spitballing ideas.


I think there has been a bit of a misunderstanding here somewhat. Particularly around this:

Not entirely, it was one thing written by a chap that isn’t around these parts often anymore, not just an off the shelf make it all work dead easy job. The simulation wasn’t an open thing, for various reasons.

Also, BRC = Bavarian Racing Challenge, above mentioned member was Der_Bayer.

What’s being suggested here is a massive bloody job, it’s not just a load your files into a thing and off you go setup - certainly not something that will just happen overnight, even if you were going to go down an offshoot route and create a modpack for Motorsport Manager or something it’s still massive.


Adamd, I did not say it would be easy, it would be rewarding. Here was the old BRC, a random race. It will require models made in the unreal engine ultimately being exported to the torque engine and then ran through their simulation. https://steamcommunity.com/app/293760/discussions/2/613958868376005412/