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Lexus IS200


Okay thanks for replies!

So the IS200 is on pricewise best on stock without get in a other engine/turbo swap.

I have look around here for used ones.
Cars on 300k milage are around 3k Euro range. 200k on >5k range. So I was wondering if buying a higher milage IS200 is worth the money.


Bloody hell, they hold their value where you are don’t they?!


Mine were £300 for base trim S 140k miles and needing maintenance and £700 for a Sport (has viscous LSD) 80k miles with just mild body damage.

I’d recommend you look to import a 3S Altezza at those prices if you can, I know I can get a decent condition low miles Z edition for £2k imported and through registration here.


That’s a huge price difference. 300/700 quid.
But thanks for recommendation. I would check. Importing from Japan I suggest. Maybe there are some available in Europe, Germany/UK.