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Light Campaign High Scores


@vmo how did you manage to get basically no score with selling so many cars? Did you not mark them up at all?


Idk. Do you want the savegame?


No, just tell me if you used any markup larger than maybe 1% or something - because you sold a lot of cars so I would expect your score to be at least a few thousand, not 371.


Started 1946
Tech pool: Bottom End +2, Top End +2, Fuel system +2, Tyres +2, Aero +2 (Note, sliders set at 0 until 1960, and for cars designed for Archana)
Engineers: 4 @ Level 9, 1 @ Level 8
Cash: $1Bn
Competitors: 1.0, 1.0
Multiplier: either 0.99 or 1.01

With $25Bn total profit, the 1994 locust:

EDIT: corrected tech point distribution… a false claim may have been made


What markup?

The company tech?


The extra % of price of the Market Tab and Regional Tab.


I add a 15% min. and max. 100%.


Yes! I just finished a game from 1946 starting in fruinia score will be uploaded when my main internet is back. Difficulty 0.75 medium 3.5b competitors 100 and 5 tech points in safety and interior and 1 on bottom end.
for me it has been trail and error but now have a firmer understanding of the economics.

oh i found markups around 40-30% worked well and then around 40-70% after the start of the 90’s

Edit: another play through on fruinia again


A quick game without doing a lot micro management, Strat with double 1x on opponent, no tech, no team and hell lot of money to get 1.00 multiplier difficulty.

This little ugly car in 1997-2010 score 6453 points with 9 billion profit

And it’s successor score another 6424 points with 12 billion profit and still profit 101M at Oct.2019


is there also a record keeper for the longest selling car? because i have a contender

the one i highlighted. it’s running on it’s 21st year right now… also the name…

is this a prediction that the TESLA MODEL 3 will be a success?!?!?! :joy:

just another proof

it’'s still competitive somehow even with 40% mark up after 20 years…

finally gave up after 20 years. it could still go on, but it doesn’t make any more economical sense


Experiment on Fruinia company.

@koolkei, the LeeS PK sold for more than 30 years, still with good profit with more than 40% markup


i still don’t understand how you could get scores that high


Higher difficulty.
I’ve played with… I think… 1.10 competitiveness and 0.9 markup. I think I was around 2.00x score multiplier, but it is a wild guess.

I’ve started the company with a +5 in chassis to test the possibility to build a monocoque car since the 1946. It worked out well, since it was sold for around 20 years. Than I’ve tried to continue it until… well the end.

I’ve made a huge mistake to cut of the production of a best seller for a luxury low-sale model in 2007 (you can see my error in the graph). But after the engineering I coulnd’t revise the mistake.
I was really really close to a bankrupt in 2007. The engineering and tooling of a supercar (model 7), along with a high volume family car forced me to flatline all the research funding. I really really sweat to close.

Anyway, commuters loves me :stuck_out_tongue:


i’m also playing in 2.0x difficulty… i just suck


Don’t worry, you’re not alone :wink:


I have very likely set a new record for the light campaign, I achieved a score of 390.001 :grinning::grinning:

I did a Fruinian campaing from 1946 until 2020 with a multiplier of about 1,5x and 20 tech points. I also had a lvl 3 engineer, but that doesn’t make much of difference for gameplay at the moment. The only time the company experienced trouble was during 2007-2009, the car company was building too much stock and started a lot of expensive projects (Like buying a huge car factory of around 16 billion for a new model line :wink:). During that time, the company had to borrow a billion or two for a few months.:sweat_smile:

In 2019 I made about 86 billion USD in revenue, which means that Kinetic Engineering made more revenue than Renault did in 2016, so it became an important car manufacturer.

As proof, here are some screenshots:


Awesome! Well done :slight_smile: Soon my LP will be done but I won’t beat that I’m pretty sure.


Barely have played the lite campaign, but now I want to just so I can try to beat that score!

…and fail.


Yay, after 39 episodes the final result is in: 618k points :slight_smile: that should be pretty high up there.
Have a look here for an overview of the final game state (placing you at the relevant point): https://youtu.be/nkODAUddFAA?t=28m54s


Just managed to squeeze out 538k points. Btw I found that maxing the markup slider to 2.00 seems to always give you way better competitiveness for a given score multiplier - feels like a bit of an exploit (don’t want to complain though). My stats: Fruinia, 50M $, desirability 1.20, markup 2.00, tech 3 in bottom+top end, fuel sys, chassis, brakes, tech 2 in interior and safety; Score multiplier 2.48 iirc.