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Little Dev Update: 28. November 2016


We are not going to sell any DLC before the game is fully released.I think currently it looks like we’ll make them available to others along with the first engine pack DLC after the game is done.


V16s… because there are many bodies that can take V12s anyway :joy:


Not every single engine needs to have >0.5 litre cylinders :wink: Yes, I want to make a 3-litre V16, rev it to 12k and squish helluvalot of horsepower out of it :smiley:


Not soon enough!

sulking in the corner :cry:

:smiley: :thumbsup:


I’d try to recreate the 1953 700hp 1.5l V16 from the BRM F1 car that used 84psi of boost from a supercharger.


Now that engine design is so modular, would it be possible to get flatplane versions of the V6, V12 and the V16? :innocent:


And here I was hoping for I8’s to help cut the salt content of the forums, of which I’m currently part of.

So basically, those of us who couldn’t get a pre-order package in, the only thing we get is V10’s, and to lose all of our stuff in the process. What a wonderful ‘deal’ that is, that we get to lose hundreds of hours of designs for a graphical improvement. And then to add to that smack in the face, we don’t even get any proper long-engines out of it, no straight 8 to throw us one measly bone because we paid in for early access, taking a risk ourselves as there’s tons of games that never leave it, fizzle, and die. Sure, I respect the guys who took a big risk and preordered before there was much to the project, but at the same time, I’m asking for a hint of respect shown to those of us who also dipped in and shelled out $30 for an early access game.

Let’s face it, for every game that makes it out of early access, for every Kerbal Space Program, there’s dozens of games that never make it. We took a risk, too. For all we knew, this could’ve been a flash-in-the-pan game that fell on its face in one year’s time and left us with $30 less in our wallet. There’s been a lot of that in Early Access.

So yeah, I’m a little fuckin’ salty about that. We get the slate wiped clean of all our accomplishments and a kick in the ass because we either didn’t know about this game until it arrived on Steam, or couldn’t pay for it before it arrived on Steam.


smallish highreving V16 + two or four big turbos would work…


If they keep adding features the game will never come out and I imagine sooner or later they’ll have to shut down the company due to lack of funds with no release date on the horizon. People just have to suck it up, this is the limitations of a small indie dev.


Whoa, too much salt, too entitled.

You have fully know that anything you do prior to release is subject to being lost.


Every single patch, with the exception of the last few ones, saves got messed up, this isn’t the first and probably not the last time they do.

To repeat what Robert and many others have said: This is a currently in development game, don’t get attached to your saves because they might get wiped at any time.

Edit: I will also add, that you arent loosing your saves to a graphical upgrade, you are loosing them to an upgrade to a proper database for the save files. The current numbers of competitors showed the limits of the current lua tables system, and considering we will need even more competitors for the proper campaign woth at least dozens of regions, this upgrade is definitiveky a good one in the long term.


Haha, that escalated quickly. xD

@Madrias: You get exactly what you paid for, nothing more, nothing less. I8s were never said to be an Automation 1.0 feature.


Fair enough.

I suppose part of it is that I’m pissed off for unrelated reasons, and it isn’t right of me to take it out on the community like this. Just I’d been hoping for some good news and didn’t get any.

@killrob: Fair enough. I thought I’d read it somewhere that they were, but I could easily have misread the FAQ at some point.

@TrackpadUser: Must’ve missed the part about the database switch. Still doesn’t make it easier to swallow, but at least I’ll get to eat that side of crow for not paying attention.

As for why I’m pissed off in the first place, some fuck-head smashed up the back end of my car in the driveway and then drove off. So now I’ve got a Hyundai hatchback with a mashed driver’s rear quarter panel, broken tail-lamp, and smashed rear windscreen. Hence hoping for good news here and being on a hair-trigger at anything going wrong. As I said, I apologize for taking it out on the community.


So does that mean we can get flatplane versions of the V6, V12 and the V16? Or will that be in the engine DLC available sometime after release?


FAQ Q3 has all the answers for you there!
Edit: Sorry, misread! Flatplane versions are not coming for the other engine types, at least nothing is planned right now, but that might change if the work to get them done is minimal.


Anything but a flatplane V8 makes NO sense.WHAT.SO.EVER.
A straight 6 has a 3 plane crank, as do a V12. Why the HELL would you fuck it up with a flat plane crank?:confused:


Gday @Killrob just a quick question. Will carb intakes also have different length manifolds like dualplane and singleplane? Keep up the good work it is looking awesome


Well, you could make a flat-plane 4 cylinder as well (most inline 4s are) or a 16 cylinder flat-plane.

But yeah, flatplane with anything where the number of cylinders is not a power of 2 is not a good idea, unless you enjoy an uneven power band and loads of vibration.


And, when I can make custom engine covers and rocket covers? Is interesting.

And about the various engine angles, a more open angle can low the COG, and fit in a shorter height engine bay (but it needs to be more wider).

And, about the flatplane vs crossplane engines, it makes sense.

A flatplane crank it has issues like secondary balance and vibration issues. More noticeable in big flatplane engines.

And, with the crossplane engines, you solve this issues, but is heavier and bigger, and it features a higher COG (center of gravity).


Yamaha used in his >2010 R1 bikes a crossplane crank.