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Little Dev Update: 28. November 2016


@vmo Thanks for the lecture, but pretty sure we all know that, you know, basic stuff :stuck_out_tongue:
The yamaha engine with crossplane crank is awesome! I wish it could be use in cars as well

If it were up to me, I’ll swap V16 and possible L8 for VR6 and W12/16 :stuck_out_tongue:
Just my 2 cents tho


Main issue with VR6s and the Volkswagen style W engines is that you can’t really reuse assets appart from conrods.

They require a different head and different pistons compared to all the other engine layouts currently in-game or planned for V1.0.


yeah I know (and I’m not expecting the devs to do them), but it’ll be so sweet to put a W12 in the non-s2000 or the non-miata bodies ;D


Actually, the conrods for the VR6 is longer than those used in I4 and V6 engines that has similar stroke.


What I’m wondering is if the DLC will eventually include odd engine types, like Chrysler’s tilted I6 that fit in lower engine bays? Very much half a V12. With the reusable assets, I figure that could also allow for tilted I3s and I4s.


Hmm, do I remember correctly that the engine bay will have variable size in the Unreal version? And will anything change in its layout (engine, transmission, diff)? Because I’d really like to longitudinal FF, but it’s really unusable in its current form with current bodies :confused: (yeah, I’m complaining about it again, but I wanted to make sth like a mix of old Saab and Audi, and it just MUST have L-FF)


Replying to you, since you were the loudest apparently, but don’t feel offended please this is more for all people.

I can understand all the salt, some people put a LOT of work into their virtual car company and car designs, which all will be lost. But if you think about it - try using savegames from B293 or B433 - i don’t think you will be lucky.
We, talking now as the side of the team, we beta-testers do our work so you can enjoy a MOSTLY bugfree experience, but we cannot find every bug. Some stuff is system-based, some other stuff is just user-cases which at times we don’t encounter because of the ways we play, tried to keep the savegames compatible for as long as possible, but as you can think off its not easy to do so. A lot of stuff can change in background, for example if you add something new to the engine designer it CAN break the saves.
UE4 will get a major overhaul on the way it handles the luas and will be crafted into a database-oriented system with SQL-Tables. That increases speed a lot, and can give you - the player - massive benefits. Faster loading times, faster game response, better file management, less occupied space (maybe) and possibly fixing some savegame bugs that exist.

The graphical overhaul is another thing - yes for some people its just fancier graphics that need more PC-Power (which is not quite true - Automation peaks at 45fps ON A GTX1080 at Full HD. Calculations won’t take any longer i suppose, can’t be as slow as it is now.
The benefit of UE4 is - in my eyes - better graphics, better performance, better modability. The price is you saved models and car company - but lets be honest - in UE4 your cars will look much better. And if we get a full HTC-Vive support for engine testing - why the hell not - i would pay for a small VR-Addition, there are some people who would actually want that.

The engine thing, the FAQ says which are in and out. Stuff like I8/2/7, VR6 ( @Daffyflyer I bet you will enjoy making the different valve-trains for a VR6), V4/2, Boxer2/8 will most probably be part of a DLC.
Yes for your non-supercharged people it might suck not getting the V16, but people paid for it and its a early bird thing that some game companies do/did. On Prison Architect you also could get your own potrait, if you got in early enough. With the new semi-modular engines updates on that side will happen more faster, which will make you more happier!

@Killrob About the DX11 thing: Most PCs should have that nowadays. The switch to Vista/7 only already meant that “old” XP Bricks are out and that most people should be around with DX10 available cards. AFAIK on UE4 you don’t need a DX-11 compatible card, but without one you won’t have effects like tessellation, reflection environment, and sorted GPU particles for example. I read about people playing UE4 games on their old GTS250 - which is a DX10.1 GPU.

All in all great update vidoe as usual - really looking forward to the UE4 port :slight_smile:

Also forgot to mention it - @zeussy aren’t all engines effectively Boolean strings with the UE4 port? XD I5 must be!


Meh, Automation peaks at 45fps (and in fact has that 45fps for quite a bit of time) also on a Radeon R9 380 at 1680x1050 :slight_smile:

And INLINE 7?! Take all my moniez for such a DLC :smile: BTW, did any company except Sisu used them in cars/trucks?


Are V16’s going to be usable for competitions? (Can you send them to other people?)


You wouldn’t be able to open the V16 if you didn’t have it unlocked.

Usage would be at the discretion of competition holders.

But I’d hope that there would be a blanket ban on things that aren’t available to all (through DLCs).


No worries then, I was unaware that there were engineering reasons for not making other engines flatplane cranked, I just wanted more variety! :grin:

But I’d still like to have them if Killrob is willing to authorise 'em! :laughing: Bogliq’s will never be the same if he does!!! :joy::heart_eyes::joy:


i’ll propose an idea, perhaps allow DLC engines to be imported by a person without said DLC, but nothing can be edited on the engine, and it couldn’t be added to any new cars. so that way it could be viewed, but it can’t be played with. i do get what you say for the competitions though, as it could be the superior choice giving an unfair advantage


That would especially make sense when multiplayer gets implemented.


Methinks this could be a coding nightmare.

Edit: as killrob explained below, methoughts wrong.


Yes, that is how most probably it is going to be working:

You will be able to view engines you don’t have.
You won’t be able to edit engines you don’t have.
You won’t be able to create engines you don’t have.
You won’t be able to use engines you don’t have in any of your own cars.


Pretty heavy


And, the V16, if I understand correctly, it will be available with the big update for the people who bought the supercharged edition, and it will be available the DLC for the rest of people once the Automation dev finishes?


A good example of a 60 degree V8. (just needs some lua editing):imp:


That’s a pretty old FoMoCo Military-Spec DOHC V8 AFAIK (Think 900+ CID at the very least)


Awesome as usual. Everything looks so nice in UE4. I guess il sink another 800 hours(unless il break 1000 in current version :stuck_out_tongue: ) when engine switch will happen. ^^

Only thing is that im sad that i didnt get turbo version when i bought Automation and it isnt possible anymore. :<