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Little suggestion to bore/stroke


I just tried to recreate an existing real world engine when I noticed that it’s bore/stroke relation can’t be achieved in Automation.
It’s Honda’s small ER engine from the Honda City/Jazz of the 80s.

66mm bore, 90mm stroke inline 4 cylinder.

Right now I could either select 67.5mm bore at 90mm stroke or 66mm bore at 88mm stroke.

Would it be possible to consider opening up that “lock” a little, based on mass produced real life examples? I’m not sure what other combinations have been in that direction but my example isn’t even a hypercar or racecar :slight_smile:


Similarly, you can’t recreate most Subaru EA/EJ engines, which have a huge bore and short stroke, due to the same limitation.


I can’t speak for the developers, but I’d guess it’s a limitation of the model they’re using to calculate engine performance. If they did unlock it I’d guess you’ll start to get really weird/unbalanced/just plain wrong results.


You can always debore a variant? I have no troubles recreating a BMW M328 which ran 66 x 96mm. Same with stroke.


The bore/stroke ratio in the game represents a vast majority of real world engines, we really dont need more of it, its not a game about engine recreation. There will always be outliers that wont work within the game.


A) Thank you, that really worked out :slight_smile: Shame and drinks on me ;-D

B) I didn’t know BMW ran such a big undersquare engine, the more you know :slight_smile:


30s is the answer. Engines were different back then.


Indeed, as was pointed out, there are VERY few engines that cannot be recreated once you use the variant bore/stroke sliders on top of the family bore/stroke sliders :slight_smile: the limitations are in place to make balancing easier ( / possible :stuck_out_tongue: )