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Local Stig For Hire (for reviews and competitions)


Hi all, not sure if there’s any market for this, but anyway:

With the port to BeamNG feature it is possible to drive our Automation creations. Not all of you have access to BeamNG and not all of you that have access to BeamNG have access to a steering wheel and pedal and stick shift.

I own a Logitec G920 driving wheel, with pedals and stick shift. I am fairly consistent in driving laps on tarmac and on gravel; and I enjoy driving leisurely as well. Therefore I offer my services to those who’d like to see two or more cars compared to each other on BeamNG, driving with the wheel, in the framework of a review you are planning or for a limited competition.

I can offer my own review and pros and cons of the car as well as screenshots, the replay file from BeamNG, or depending on what we agree, a screencap of that replay (for if you don’t have BeamNG yourself).

So, contact me by PM if you need to know how a car or a few cars drive with full set up, for which reason, and what you expect in terms of output, and I’ll let you know when I’m available.


I have a G27 and can drive, but my computer is a potato and I can hardly video capture. Might ask you some promo shots lol


That’s something I’d be fine with as well. My rig is quite performant (was top notch 2 years ago).


This might come in handy for me since I don’t have BeamNG nor the capable computer for it.
Do you also push the to be reviewed cars to the limit?


That’s inevitable. However, where the focus lies (everyday driving, off-road, driving on the limit) depends on what is being requested.