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Locking Fixture Changes


I think it will be a great addition if we can lock fixtures from being morphed further. Also if possible, the ability to make fixtures unselectable.

It will help prevent accidental fixture morphing or unwanted selection when doing complex fixture layering. This feature will need to be coupled with a new UI button that can be clicked to display a list of locked/unselectable fixtures to later unlock them.


That would introduce even more fixture UI though. If you accidentally move or deform a fixture, you can always just undo that action with CTRL-Z


I know about that feature and I am really thankful that it is implemented. What it doesn’t help is accidental clicking or when you have layers of fixtures, sometimes some of them can’t be selected without moving the fixture that is on top of them.


Even when you cycle through them with , and . ?


No it doesn’t really help. I guess this specific fixture is tricky as I’ve had somewhat better luck layering with other fixtures although still can be quite difficult. Here’s a video showing what I meant to say:

As you can see, I wanted the indicator light to be layered in the head light to create a modern daytime running light. When I layer it, I can’t select it anymore. You can see near the end of the video that I’ve tried cycling them using comma and dot but still can’t select it.


This would be a great idea, and fairly easy to implement. Just create a small floating list of all installed fixtures, and as you scroll down said list, the relevant fixture would be highlighted, and you could click a small “lock” icon, which would make it impossible to select until the lock has been disabled.