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Lookin' for a partner


Probably. Exotic, you know. :stuck_out_tongue:

Strange things happen in the automotive world and they aren’t always very smart.


Are there any commercial airlines that travel to your God forsaken… I mean, idyllic, little island paradise? Or do we need to charter our own aircraft. G&W reps are preparing a presentation as we speak.


Our mad dicta…great hero will of course let you in, just don’t be sure that you’ll get out in one piece. :stuck_out_tongue:


(Let’s just say that we aren’t arguing with Thailand about anything this week so it’s possible to get here from there at least if you don’t find anything else)


You said that you do not want to have an offroader (and banned 4x4 and lockers)
is the offroad score taken into the “point scoring” as well?
i.e.: do i lose/ gain points for the offroad stat?


Yes. If you can manage good offroad scores in other ways there is nothing wrong with that. It is a score that will be taken into consideration too. Even if I’m not looking for an offroader not all roads are paved and dry…



Where is this car being built? :slight_smile:


do the rules allow a 4 door hatchback

at least it says differently up there


Wasn’t looking for a hatchback no, and some old lore threads insists that Shromet is an american brand? So I’m kind of waiting for an explanation here…


Shromet is an American Brand, but has factories in Europe as well as America. The European Radiant is made in Ghent, Belgium.


I have to admit that I wasn’t even thinking about hatchbacks, there actually was some hatches in kind of this segment like the Saab 900 and the Ford Sierra, was mostly thinking that wagons still was much of a workhorse in the 80s and wanted sedans because of that. Allowed for hatches now too and I hope I didn’t upset anyone with that?


i have no problem with that



Initial presentation on behalf of Godhap & Whent, Inc. (hereafter referred to as G&W).

G&W have prepared a vehicle that we feel fits your brief perfectly. Taken from the "Londoner" trim of the G&W Wallis sedan (1984 production lineup).

The proposed car will be fitted with a reduced-stroke version of the Overhead Camshaft, three (3) valve per cylinder, "Windsor ii" Inline six (6) cylinder 2.9 litre engine. With a decreased capacity of 2.55 litres, optimised to run on ninety-five (95) octane unleaded petroleum, available in many outlets across your nation, and worldwide. Output test figures of 206Nm/152Lb-ft and 104Kw/139hp (flywheel) or 175Nm/129Lb-ft and 88Kw/119hp on a chassis dynamometer can be considered accurate. This engine variant is equipped with a three (3)-way catalytic converter and one (1) each baffled and reverse-flow style exhaust mufflers. Sufficient exhaust gas flow has been achieved through the use of a short-cast style exhaust manifold and the fitment of a two and one quarter inch (2 1/4") exhaust pipe system. Each of your outlined parameters has been met comfortably, with only minor changes to our production vehicle.

The standard transmission for the proposal will be a computer-controlled 4-speed Automatic configured for front-wheel drive, as opposed to our traditional rear-wheel drive configuration. Although there were some costs involved in developing the new casing required, we believe the intended sales figures will offset this, and our engineers have new experience for future vehicle development programmes. In closed circuit testing, there is almost no difference in on- road performance between the standard (read: "Londoner") production version and the proposed vehicle. A 5 speed manual is available, if so desired.

Passenger compartment:
The vehicle interior is largely the same as our base "Londoner" trim. Industry standard-level equipment, including cloth-covered padded seating surfaces, can be found in the interior (as per "Londoner"). The safety equipment fitted is also of the same standard as the "Londoner". The exception to this being the entertainment package. Rather than a cassette player, as projections show it would drive production costs above the brief, fitment of an AM/FM quad-speaker radio receiver, with built-in 8-track player (Premium 8-track), was chosen. Variable ratio hydraulic power assisted steering (as per "Londoner") is also standard fitment to the vehicle.

Braking/Safety: Again, this vehicle is exactly the same as our production version ("Londoner"). Three (3)-piston front solid disc brakes of 255 mm diameter, with rear SLS drums of 275 mm diameter, and come with vacuum assistance. Four (4) occupants are provided with lap-sash style seat restraints, the rear-centre being lap-only, and seating positions are fitted with head restraints. Safety features are equivalent to late 1970's, as appropriate for the vehicle.

As a result of the combination of our trim standard features and the few minor changes made to meet your requirements, production costs for the proposed vehicle are slightly lower than those of our domestic trim.

Pictorial layout and detailed specifications are to be found on the following pages.

If, at any point, you feel a need to further discuss any potential issues regarding this presentation, necessary contact details have been provided in the accompanying documentation. We look forward to hearing your opinion regarding viability of this partnership programme.


A. Merchant


Dear Management personnel at IP-Automotive,

we recieved a letter proposing a partnership between a european company and IP Automotive to improve home market sales for your car company.

Anhultz, being focused on bringing advanced car tech to the everyday driver, would like to accept this proposal.

We designed a car based on the popular Mimas plattform focused to drivers with little experience or a relatively level learning curve in terms of driving skill.
Therefore, ease of driving has been a major concern for the engineering team at the Anhultz R&D department.

To be honest, we are not a particularly good team when it comes to presenting the proposed vehicle in a fancy way. To minimize any misunderstandings, we kept it basic and only put a full-view picture of the vehicle as an attachement to this letter. We also sent an example vehicle colored in Royal blue for intensive examination to your headquarter location.

We hope that this cooperation will spark a relationship between Anhultz and IP Automotive, which will help improve vehicle technology standards and minimize the effect on the buyer´s wallet.

Best regards,
[non-readable name]
CEO of Anhultz


Off topic and let’s pretend we’re in the real world for a while, I’m kinda getting nostalgic about this one, rear end and to a lesser extent the front and shape reminds me of the 1981 Opel Rekord my mother had when I grew up… :stuck_out_tongue: (Not that it will have any influence in the judging in Automation universe of course but I couldn’t resist mentioning what I saw, lol).


just a note:
any similarities to real-life vehicles are not intentional

i think there is some weird lorry driver sitting at your headquarter gate


No, I don’t think that there is any copying done here, and vehicles in similar class of similar age always tend to have similar design so… :slight_smile: (Except for old Saabs and Citroëns then, they mostly look like something from that mad lorry drivers mushroom induced weird dreams)


CEO IP Automotive LTD,

It has come to our attention that your company is reaching out to seek potential partnership arrangements within the automotive industry to assist in providing a vehicle to a market niche within your home country of Mamaya. We at Epoch believe that our two companies can come together in a mutually beneficial arrangement and make this happen, and we would be delighted to discuss this venture further.

As you will no doubt be aware, Epoch has been established for over 100 years, and has been focused on delivering a range of affordable, reliable and trustworthy vehicles to many parts of the world for almost 40 years. We pride ourselves in providing transportation to the everyman, and ensuring dependability in all our products.

Epoch would be pleased to extend an invitation to you to tour our headquarters and production plant when next you can, and we will endeavour to assist you with this business venture to the best of our abilities. Please find attached what we would propose as the model within our lineup that appears to best suit your needs as we understand them, although we obviously would be open to discussing any specific requirements that you may have, and how they can be implemented or adapted, or if any other models may be more applicable to your plans.

CEO Epoch Automotive

1984 Epoch M30 2.4 Executive
2.4L SOHC Inline 4
79kW @ 5600rpm
160Nm @ 3000rpm
4-speed Automatic RWD
Premium fittings + 8-Track player


Standing in a row, there was four european cars. So different, yet there was something similar with them. Cars always tend to have a flavour of the country that built them, and there was absolutely nothing asian about this quartet. And even if beauty is nothing without brains, looks is a very important thing when trying to sell a car. It is the first impression a buyer will get from it, and if it’s too ugly for him to even consider, it doesn’t matter if the car is the best in the world. And this time, IP would only have the chance to change smaller fixtures, because the design was already done by the cars parent companies, they had the dies for the stampings far away in Europe, and would probably not be too willing to change them.

The first one was a dark green sedan of what was appearantly british origin.
“It already looks dated. We’re planning to sell this vehicle for some years to come, it will be ancient before it reaches its mid-lifecycle.”
“It’s not an ugly car, it’s actually quite elegant and well proportioned, but as you say, is this really a modern car? It’s not like it has any classical british luxury car styling either, it only looks…old.”
“Reminds me of how the Vauxhalls looked in the 70s. Even they have moved away from that styling theme now”.

The next one was a blue sedan from the dutch Anhultz brand.
“Now this one looks to be from the space age compared to the G&W, it’s a sleek and modern aerodynamic shape, it’s what the buyers want nowadays.”
“It is a clean and elegant shape, yes. But I find some of the fittings a bit gaudy?”
"Yeah, it’s like it’s a beauty queen with a little lack of self confidence, the shape itself is nice but it still nedds to scream ‘‘hey look at me!’’ "

The belgian-american Shromet was the third one to be judged. It was different from the other cars, being a hatchback instead of a sedan.
“A hatchback was not really expected, but when thinking of it, there is some nice examples in this class too.”
“They sure are popular in Europe now. This one looks about the same as many other of them. Nothing to complain about actually. I think a buyer will accept it.”
"It’s looking OK, the only question is if hatchbacks will keep this boxy shapes forever now with larger sedans moving to more streamlining. How future proof is the design?

Last in line was yet another brit, an Epoch.
“OK, I think it’s quite clear which one that is winning this round.”
“It’s sleek, it’s modern, it’s clean…this is exactly the kind of design our buyers are looking for.”
"If the rest is as good as the styling, this will sell like hot cakes.

If looks had been everything, someone could have glued an IP badge over the Epoch one already, but there’s yet many more things to consider, like the interior.

“Not the acres of wood and leather you would expect in a british car, but then we’re talking a different price class though. It has the stuff you’ll expect in a car today.”
“8-track player, feels quite secure in here with good seatbelts and stuff, spacious enough, but it lacks soul.”
"You can’t compare this to a hand built luxury car though. We’re looking for a premium sedan and then you get fabric interior and plastic dash like here. But I agree that it doesn’t have much extra though.

“Cars are really getting more and more like each other those days. I wonder if I’m still in the G&W?”
“But this is more spacious than the G&W, and I’m surprised about the inscription on the steering wheel. Seems like it’s an air bag in there and that’s really not something you’ll find in this price class today!”
“Safety is important, it might steal some consumers from that scandinavian brand that’s selling those brickhouses on wheels.”

“Wow! I really start to like this car now actually! Acres of space and very much more plush than the G&W or Anhultz!”
“Maybe the europeans are a step further than us in safety development, I find out that there is an air bag and pretensioning seatbelts in this one, like the Anhultz.”
“I actually get somewhat of an impression of british luxury here. Sure, no leather seats or walnut dashboard, but it is cozy and comfy!”

“After coming from the Epoch, I feel like I have stepped into a shoe that’s too small.”
“It sure is a more cramped car than the others, but on the other hand, we’re not aiming at the market that needs acres of space. You know mostly singles or young couples without children, that may need to carry a golf bag sometimes.”
“I’d say it’s about level with the G&W or Anhultz when it comes to equipment. But it’s lacking some of the safety features from the Anhultz, something to consider. On the other hand, it feels like this interior will not come apart without using dynamite, talk about build quality, even if it’s not so plush!”

There still is a bias towards the Epoch, but how does the technology look on paper?

“It’s really much more modern underneath than the bodywork does suggest.”
“Yes, 140 hp inline six, 3 valves per cylinder. Front wheel drive with a limited slip differential and a very impressive computer controlled automatic gearbox.”
“Individual suspension all around, only drum brakes in the rear though. Variable ratio power steering too. Yes, I’m a bit impressed actually!”

“Engine with very much of the same concept as the G&W. The turbocharging is the big difference but the power output is about the same.”
“Same driveline layout too, I wonder who stole the concept from who?”
"Solid rear axle though, but double wishbone instead of struts up front and disc brakes in the rear.

“A LADDER FRAME? On a car this size? In 1984?”
“And a solid axle on a rear wheel drive car. That’s pretty ancient. The chassis is almost like if it belongs under a pickup truck rather than a sedan.”
“A somewhat smaller inline four than the sixes in the G&W and Anhultz, a little less power output but the level technology wise is about the same. Actually 4 wheel disc brakes and a computer controlled 4-speed automatic even here, but no LSD.”

“A mixed bag actually. The engine is an 8 valve DAOHC inline four, not really amazing technology today, but it has double wishbone suspension all around and all wheel drive!”
“All wheel drive is the rage today, just look at the modern rally cars. Manual gearbox is sporty and feels european but why only 4 gears?”
“Still using drum brakes in the rear, yes it is a mixed bag as you say. AWD without LSD is not as useful as it sounds either.”

With the Epoch being a disappointment technology wise, it was leaning more and more towards the Anhultz now instead. But nobody had driven the cars yet… So after a shorter test drive of each of the cars, this was the conclusions:

G&W: Worst handling. Best comfort.
Anhultz: Best performance. Worst comfort.
Epoch: Slowest. Worst brakes.
Shromet: Best brakes. Best handling.

So, after the first impressions, the Epoch (@machalel) was something of a disappointment, a nice car to sit in and to look at but nothing special underneath. The other brit, the G&W (@stm316) was something of the opposite, conservative looking and austere interior, but technology-wise very modern and well engineered. The Shromet (@DoctorNarfy) was a mixed bag of old and new, that seems to be working quite well in the end though, but this far, the Anhultz (@Elizipeazie) is very much of the favourite, it’s probably the most well engineered and complete car, with both out- and inside that the buyer of today will take to his heart.

But this is only the first impressions. There has to be a long run of test drives and our engineers will have to take the cars completely apart to investigate everything, so it’s too early to announce a winner…